Top Custom AI Real Estate Solutions that Every Business Must Have in 2023 and Beyond

Updated on Apr 15th, 2024

Top Custom AI Real Estate Solutions that Every Business Must Have in 2023 and Beyond

What would you do if you had a smart system that could participate in the bidding, answer your customer’s queries, offer personalized services, and manage your sales and marketing campaigns? Well, that’s what AI real estate solutions do for your business!   

Welcome to the world of real estate, where innovation is the future key to success. With the growing necessity of digital transformation services for achieving success, the real estate industry has introduced incredible trends, and AI in real estate is the biggest of all. AI real estate solutions have revolutionized the way businesses operate. With custom AI solutions, you can make things simpler, more efficient, and cost-effective.   

Whether you want to automate your transactions, enhance property listings, gather insights, or enhance your customer’s sales journey, AI real estate solution is your key!   

That’s why 82% of real estate executives consider AI in real estate a boon for the industry!  So, if you want to succeed, implementing custom AI real estate solutions is important.   

But what type of AI solutions do you need? Are there any specific AI development services that could enhance your business? Moreover, how can you proceed with AI real estate software development?   

Well, if you seek answers to all such questions, you have landed in the right place! Explore the top five custom AI real estate solutions you must have for a brighter future. So, let’s dive in!   

  • AI in real estate is a growing trend. According to trusted sources, the global spending on AI real estate solutions will surpass $737 billion by 2027! 
  • You can enjoy multiple benefits, including higher conversions, automated bidding, easy property management, and better customer engagement with custom AI real estate solutions.  
  • Companies like Zillow, RedFin, and House Canary are already generating a whopping revenue by leveraging AI development services for real estate. 
  • The top five custom AI real estate solutions that you must have includes AI property valuation system, AI real estate lead generation software, AI real estate CRM, predictive analytics software, and AI property management software. 
  • Always select the right development partner for your AI real estate software development as most of your project’s success will depend on your partner’s expertise.  
  • While proceeding with AI real estate software development, begin with market research, and opt for expert consulting to identify the latest trends and competitor’s strategy.  
  • Look for a development company that offers a comprehensive range of AI development services under one roof. It should also offer services like DevOps consulting, cloud integration services, security testing, and maintenance for a streamlined software development process.

Why Invest in Custom AI Real Estate Solutions – The Market Scenario!

AI in real estate has not remained a sci-fi term anymore! Whether you think about lead generation, client handling, property recommendation, or transaction management, AI real estate solutions have various applications.   

That’s why 42% of real estate companies use AI development services to optimize property search and acquisition. Moreover, MarketsandMarkets revealed that the global real estate AI market is expected to surpass USD 1.3 billion by 2024.   

Clearly, companies are using AI real estate solutions for enhanced business operations, including property management, investment analysis, and building maintenance. In short, AI in real estate is helping companies to improve operational efficiency and save costs.  

So, why not leverage it for your business?   

Top 5 Best Custom AI Real Estate Solutions that You Must Develop for Your Business

Top 5 Best Custom AI Real Estate Solutions

Here are the top five custom AI real estate solutions you must have to succeed in 2023 and beyond!   

AI-based Property Valuation Software

AI-powered property valuation software is revolutionizing the real estate industry. These smart solutions use machine learning algorithms to determine a property’s value by analyzing location, size, and amenities. AI-powered property valuation software provides quick and precise valuations in real time.   

Implementing AI-powered property valuation tools leads to informed property investments, pricing, and sales. It also benefits bottom business lines by avoiding overpricing or underpricing. Additionally, these AI solutions highlight properties with higher appreciation value. So, you can easily make strategic investment decisions. Overall, AI-powered property valuation software development is a smart choice for better business.     

AI-based Real Estate Lead Generation Software

Another robust custom AI real estate solution that you must have for your organization is real estate lead generation software. AI-based real estate lead generation software uses smart algorithms to help you generate quality leads. This software analyzes property listings, transaction history, and other relevant information to identify potential leads and prospects.  

 AI-based real estate lead generation software can also help with lead nurturing by providing personalized and relevant content to prospects. It helps build relationships and move them through the buying or selling process. Ultimately, you can save time and increase your chances of success by identifying high-quality leads and engaging them effectively.   

AI-based CRM Solution

When it comes to the top custom AI real estate solutions, AI-based CRM is never off the list. Whether you need to optimize customer interactions, manage property listings and details, or even handle your marketing campaigns, AI-based CRM software is your tool. It enables you to collect, organize, and analyze data on your customers’ behavior, preferences, and needs.   

With AI-based real estate CRM solutions, you can personalize your marketing campaigns, create targeted messaging, and automate routine tasks. The solution also offers predictive analytics to help you prioritize leads based on their conversion chances. All these features help you provide better customer service, increase sales, and ultimately grow your business.  

Predictive Analytics Solution

Custom predictive analytics software is an important AI real estate solution for winning the competition. It lets you gain insights into the latest market trends, customer requirements, and business operations. The robust AI real estate solution uses data mining, machine learning, and statistical algorithms to analyze large data sets. It then forecasts future trends, patterns, and behaviors for property valuations, investment decisions, market analysis, and risk management.   

You can get insights into demand and supply, prices, occupancy rates, and property performance in specific locations or categories. 

That’s why companies like Zillow and RedFin use custom predictive analytics software for better growth and business value. 

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AI Property Management Software

AI property management software development is a popular trend in the industry. Many large and small businesses have today implemented this custom AI real estate solution to gain huge benefits.   

But what exactly does it do for your company?

Well, AI property management software helps you automate and streamline your property management tasks. This software integrates with various tools and features like accounting, tenant and lease management, communication, and rent collection to enhance efficiency, reduce errors, and improve tenant satisfaction.   

Equipped with smart ML algorithms, the custom AI real estate solution analyzes data and provides predictive insights. All that helps you make informed decisions on rent pricing, property maintenance, and rental property investments. That’s why companies are actively investing in AI property management software development!

Custom AI Real Estate Solution

How to Develop Custom AI Real Estate Solutions for Your Company?

Developing AI solutions for your real estate company can be a complex process. It requires you to know about AI development services and software engineering.  

Well, that’s what experts are for! You can partner with a reputable custom enterprise software development company to streamline your development tasks.    

Now whether you go for insourcing or outsourcing is your choice. But here are some crucial steps you must follow for quality AI real estate solutions:   

Identify Your Business NeedsIdentify Your Business Needs

Before developing AI real estate solutions, you must identify your business’s requirements. Determine which processes you want to optimize. Which data do you need to analyze, and which customer pain points do you want to address? This will help you identify the AI solution best suits your needs.   

You can ask yourself questions like:

  • What specific operations do I need to optimize?
  • How can I track the RoI of custom AI real estate solutions?
  • Do I need any specific AI development service that can enhance my existing processes?
  • What are the latest market trends that I must adopt?
  • What are my competitors doing to achieve better results?

Answering questions like these will help you frame an effective development strategy. You will better understand your business requirements and can create a roadmap!   

Experienced Development CompanyChoose an Experienced AI Software Development Company

After business analysis, you should partner with an AI development services provider. Your chosen partner should specialize in real estate software development. You must choose professional experts having experience in ML, RPA, computer vision, etc.    

That’s because your product’s success depends on your development partner’s expertise. So, your chosen company should know how to handle next-gen tech integration. It should also be versed with the hurdles during the development process. Then you will get a quality product in less time.   

An experienced AI real estate software development company also offers digital transformation consulting. With that, you can explore your organization’s best solutions, services, and technologies.  

You can discover your business concerns and resolve them through AI development services. An experienced company will also help you with data collection, model training, etc. Hence, always opt for a reputable company that understands your business requirements. It should also have years-long experience in delivering custom AI real estate solutions.   

Decide the Best FeaturesDecide the Best Features for Your Project

Features play a crucial role in defining the success of your custom enterprise solution. It helps you resolve your business concerns, gain efficiency, and generate new revenue models. Although the exact features always vary per your AI solution and business requirements, there are some common functionalities that your AI real estate solution must have.  

But choosing business-focused features can be daunting. It can be challenging for those new to the real estate software development market.  

That’s where experts come into play! As a leading real estate software development company, we have listed the top features you can incorporate into your custom AI solution!  

Predictive Analytics

Your custom AI real estate solution must have predictive analytics modules for better business operations. Predictive analytics provide accurate predictions of future market trends and potential real estate investments. This feature is particularly useful for investors looking for lucrative real estate deals.

NLP-based Chatbot

You must integrate an NLP-driven chatbot into your real estate solution for better customer support and smooth business operations. An NLP-driven chatbot analyzes and learns from your data and customer interactions. It then leverages that to produce desired results for your business. You can use chatbots to automate customer support operations by offering quick results in their preferred language. Moreover, you can also generate custom reports with the help of an NLP-driven chatbot.

Property Valuation

Property valuation is a unique and must-have feature for AI real estate solutions. The software uses self-learning algorithms and data analytics to provide accurate and up-to-date property values. This is particularly useful for homeowners looking to sell their property or investors looking to purchase real estate.

Personalized Search

Your custom AI solution should enable users to find properties that match their specific criteria. This feature is useful for people looking to buy or rent a property that meets their needs and preferences. The users can easily use their voice commands or specific keywords to find suitable properties.

Smart Recommendations

Your custom AI real estate solution must have a smart recommendation feature to offer a personalized recommendations to your customers. The AI real estate solution uses machine learning algorithms to analyze a user’s past search behavior, preferences, and search history. It then provides accurate and personalized property recommendations to your users. By offering smart recommendations, you can save time and effort in the property search process.

Intelligent Bidding

The AI real estate solution should have built-in intelligent bidding capabilities that allow you to place offers on properties smartly. The system should analyze market trends, property values, and other relevant data to suggest optimal bidding strategies that increase the chances of successful bidding. This saves you from making mistakes and wasting time bidding on properties that do not meet your requirements.

Automated Contracts

This feature automates the process of creating and managing contracts. It uses blockchain technology to ensure that contracts are tamper-proof, secure, and authentic. Buyers and sellers can electronically and securely sign contracts, eliminating the need for physical signatures. With this functionality, you can ensure smoother and quicker transaction processes and higher customer satisfaction.

Automated Marketing Modules

You should have automated marketing modules that enable automatic property promotion across multiple channels. It should develop and execute marketing campaigns, advertisements, and promotions for properties listed on the platform. The system should also personalize messages and market the properties to the right audiences. All that will lead to better engagement rates and higher conversions.

The Right Tech Stack is ImportantThe Right Tech Stack is Important

Apart from all those features, your technologies greatly affect your AI solution’s performance. Hence, it should be your priority to include the latest yet reliable technologies that could help you in the long run.   

Here’s what we use for AI real estate software development:  

There are several AI tools and APIs that can be used for AI real estate software development, including:  

  • Zillow API – provides access to Zillow’s vast database of property information, including sales history, property details, and current estimates of home values.
  • Google Maps API – provides mapping and geolocation services that can be used to visualize available properties and their locations.
  • TensorFlow – an open-source machine learning framework that can be used to develop predictive models for property values and sales trends.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) APIs – such as Google’s Cloud Natural Language API or Amazon’s Comprehend API- can analyze real estate listings and extract key information.
  • IBM Watson – a suite of AI tools and APIs that can be used for various applications, including developing chatbots for real estate customer service and analyzing market data to predict trends.
  • OpenCV – an open-source computer vision library that can be used to develop computer vision applications for real estate, such as detecting and analyzing property features from images.

All in all, it is always the best option to consult with an expert to choose the best features and tech stack for your project. You can book a free 30-minute consultation with our experts today!  

UI UX is ImportantUI/UX is Important

UI/UX is the most important element when it comes to custom AI real estate solutions. While creating a custom solution, you must focus on the user interface component.   

That’s because even if you have advanced features that are not accessible by your users, they will be useless to you! Hence, you must hire talented UI/UX developers that can offer you simple yet intuitive designs for your custom AI solution.   

Well, you would not need to search for talented UI/UX professionals if you partner with an experienced custom enterprise software development company. An experienced company always has talented UI/UX developers available for your project 24*7. So, choose wisely!   

Proceed with DevelopmentProceed with AI Real Estate Software Development

Once you have finalized your designs, features, and tech stack, the next and most crucial step is the development part. You must begin developing your custom AI real estate solution with all the verified ideas and the latest market trends.   

Your chosen AI software developers must collect and prepare data that is relevant to your business needs. They should also develop ML models that analyze data and provide business insights.   

However, before proceeding, you must ensure that your AI software development partner follows the Agile methodology. But why is it so important?   

Well, with the Agile method, you can easily have a quality product in less time. The Agile method offers constant updates on your product after every development stage. You can monitor the complete development process of your product. You can even suggest changes anytime during the development.   

Your project will be divided into various sprints. The suggested changes can be introduced in the next sprint without affecting the previous one.   

In short, you can alter your product without affecting the pre-decided development time. So, always choose an AI software development company that follows the Agile method. Well, at least Matellio does!   

Test and DeployTest and Deploy Your Custom AI Real Estate Solution

Finally, the last step of AI real estate software development is testing. Your development partner must test your solution to eliminate glitches and performance issues. Well, you might think that when we have created an MVP and verified every development step through the Agile method, why is testing even necessary?   

Here’s your answer!

No matter how streamlined your development process is, your product has unidentified bugs. So, when companies do not invest in testing, they experience glitches.   

We are sure you do not want that for your custom AI real estate solution! That’s why always ask your development partner whether they offer testing services. Choose the one that offers testing as an integral part of the AI real estate software development package. You can always opt for automated or manual testing per your project requirements.

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Focus on Continuous ImprovementFocus on Continuous Improvement

Any custom enterprise solution you build needs support and maintenance services, and custom AI real estate solutions are no exception. They need to be continuously improved to stay relevant and effective. You should regularly monitor your AI solutions’ performance and update them with new data and features. This will help you improve your AI real estate solution’s accuracy and effectiveness.   

Hence, always partner with a company that offers reliable maintenance services. Your development partner must offer features upgrade, testing, UI/UX enhancement, and platform migration services to help you stay abreast of the latest technological advancements.

All in all, developing custom AI real estate solutions can be a challenging task. But by following the steps outlined above and partnering with the right AI development services provider, you can make it a piece of cake for you!

AI Real Estate Software Development

That’s Where Matellio Steps In!

As a leading real estate software development company with expertise in AI software development, we can help you transform your ideas into reality! Whether you need RPA services, ML consulting, or even recommender engine development, we have experts for every business need.  

You get a wide array of AI development services with us, including consulting, market and competitor analysis, MVP development, testing, product development, maintenance, and more. We even offer cloud migration, security testing, DevOps consulting, Staff Augmentation, and legacy software modernization services for your organization.  

So, don’t miss this golden opportunity to convert your brand into a profit-generating venture. Fill out our form to kickstart your project with a free 30-minute consultation right away!


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