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Property Evaluation App Development for Portio  

Project Introduction

The web app by Portio is all about easing the trouble of noting everything down. Once you input the data, the app calculates and presents you with all the facts you need to make an informed decision. Whether one is an agent or an end customer, Portio solves the trouble of keeping tabs on everyone.
The users are categorized as lookers and spotters. Lookers are people searching for quick rentals for themselves, while spotters are the ones wanting to rent out properties/vehicles. Users can also use the chat feature within the app to negotiate or put in special requests.

Industry Brief

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Real Estate


Website Development

After the 2008 recession, the property has achieved one of the highest booms any industry has seen. Finding and buying properties has become a side business and a hobby for many, but the evaluation required for it needs intricate note-taking. With a tool like Portio, it is not only easy to determine the profits in a deal but also to keep notes of what part of the property needs what kind of investment.

  • Property Valuation 
  • Determine Property Value 
  • Cost Calculator 
  • Property RoI 
  • Refurbishing Cost Calculator 

Technology Stack

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Highlights for Web Development for Portio

Multiple Listings

You can use the app for storing and determining values for many properties.


Users only need to answer a few questions to attain an analysis report.


The website application can be accessed and used from anywhere.