How Artificial Intelligence is used by Mobile Apps

How artificial intelligence Is Used by Mobile Apps

The steep uplift in the demand of users for easing the simple to complex tasks with the use of mobile apps has expanded to the corporate as well. As technology advances, the business app emerged with the innovative features and excellent performance which witnessed immense growth in the enterprise app development process. Coping up with the pace, many entrepreneurs jumped over the mobile app bandwagon with the aim of expanding the business and improving customer satisfaction.

The emerging technologies such as AI, VR, and IOT has given a paradigm shift in the way mobile apps were used to be considered. The market demanded the integration of an array of futuristic technologies for the development of an intelligent app which insisted the demand for the seamless integration of AI and its associated terms into mobile app development. Now, AI has grown much far than the simple chatbots and reached an impressive state where it is assisting the developers in better communicating with the client to provide the interactive experience. The next six minutes you will be understanding how artificial intelligence is affecting mobile apps and how AI is used by mobile apps.

Stats and facts:

Today Artificial Intelligence (AI) is incorporated in the smartphone in such a way that it has become an integral part of our lives without even letting you notice. You need to order food, the smartphone will tell you the best available restaurants within proximity.

  • One of the leading technologies among funded startups.
  • A number of businesses investing in the ML have improved significantly and almost doubled over the last year.
  • Machine learning is used by almost 40 percent of the companies to increase their sales and marketing.
  • Machine learning has made 2/3 rd companies of US exceed their sales target.
  • European banks have increased product sales by 10 percent

How AI affected Mobile apps?Mobile app development company

AI is the most popular terms today in the mobile app development process, No matters where you are in the development, AI is certain to make a significant impact. The emerging AI has enabled the interaction between devices and unlocked the possibilities for the future.

User Experience and better engagement: AI has become an actionable tool to keep users engaged based on the response and behavior pattern of users. AI tools extract a lot of user data and then utilize that for the improval of app. The user interaction is further improved by AI bot which was earlier accomplished by standard customer service. By 2025, around 95 percent of all customer interactions will be driven by AI.

Automation: There is a common misconception, that AI completely replaces the human interference. But in fact, the role of AI is to replace the tasks which can be automated and enable humans to make better decisions. For example, the constant research and trials for automatic-driven cars sense the hinders over the road and steers over the route provided in the navigation system. Putting attention over the ongoing RnD of AI integrated mobile apps, the Voice recognitions tools understand the voice converts it to the comprehensible form for application.

Personalization: The personalization is an important outcome of AI integration. It calculates the past behavioral pattern of users and provides a high level of personalization assessing, What works best? The amazing app AmazonGo, pay attention to the user behavior and anticipate user expectations. This all become possible with the help of Algo working behind the scene which works on the learning and improvement pattern leading towards the better with every step.

Relevance: AI enabled apps like eBay, always keep the interface relevant to user activity. The app uses the structured data influenced by AI to present the homepage based on the previous activity of users.

Hows artificial intelligence is used by Mobile phones

Every business success relies on basic terms for engaging the new users and retaining the existing ones. The mobile applications are made more efficient, robust and intelligent, and here we will learn how the apps are integrated with AI.

  • The reasoning is one of the most popular ways, AI tools are supposed to work in. This part of artificial intelligence makes the estimated calculations of human behavior and take the steps. The real world application of AI with reasoning is the calculation of the fastest route to save yours from traffic.
  • The most popular e-commerce websites are working over user behavior and the ability to recommend the choice of next products.
  • Security is the primal concern for users and developers. The apps are made integrated with the security checks to assess the uncommon user behavior and save the application from being attacked by malicious software.

Above are the simple ways for the integration of AI into mobile app development. An app can intuitively behave with the help of Artificial intelligence. The AI integration assists the app to read the user behavior and presenting them with an impressive level of personalization with the enticing content and relevant recommendations.

  • The commuting app puts the estimated time of arrival and cost to the user with the help of AI.
  • A few healthcare apps are so powerful to forecast the possibility of headache and recommendation to avoid it.
  • The great apps are being built with the capable sensor and genetic data, to customize the highly personalized workout program.

First started with the contextual searches, now has reached to the new heights for ranking the services and products. The algorithms collect the searches of the user and put recommendations on the basis of recommendations. The modern applications are now using this powerful data to rank the products and few platforms on the basis of their searches and social media responses.

Giants of the market like Amazon put the list of choice for users every time he interacts with the internet. Machine learning puts the recommendation for individuals for creating custom aids for each individual. Some service provider apps like Netflix and Youtube also leverage the power of Machine learning for providing the trending and recommended videos. Another example of the way to integrate the mobile app with AI and ML is the security services.The mobile devices are more becoming private devices, therefore security is now a big concern. Eye detection unlock system and integrated fingerprint unlock technology is widely used as the biometric tool

Though AI is now permeable in almost every industry verticals, still we have collected here a few most relevant and vibrant examples.

Journalism: Pushing a strange myth furthermore, I would say, that World is bigger now. You may laugh at this, but yes, the world is bigger now. Journalism is one of the most affected areas with AI. A Journalist needs to cover the stories and now this liberal world has readers who just want to know almost everything from every nook and corner of the world. A person sitting in Malaysia might invariably be interested in the news of league being played in Cape Town. Therefore, easing the task, AI has penetrated the areas where human capacity fall less. Now the journalism has started to use AI for generating the stories based on data. The innovative companies are now tapping into the vast reservoirs of data and producing the informational pieces.

Productivity: The aim of all-around development is productivity. The productivity increases the use of smart technology which is when integrated into the development process. Google G suite and Microsoft Office 365 are the best examples of productive apps. Another tool of Microsoft offers OfficeGraph which collects the key interaction data between the user and the components. where Delve lets user sieve the data, which is of use and curb down useless information.

ChatbotWhat once started as the new enticing term, has now transformed into the common requirement of all progressive applications. The chatbots are programmed in a manner to respond to the human in a similar fashion. The old chatbots used to respond just a few common sentences but with AI, now the target is to assimilate the human.

Speech Recognition: Conversational User Interfaces are the game-changer in the industry which is replacing the old known term Graphical user interfaces. Although the speech recognition tool is not new, an advancement in the associated tools along with some tweaks has made this capable of beating the old tools. Biometric is the most prevailing example of AI in a mobile app.

How Matellio can help in building the AI enabled the mobile app and the integration of AI into existing apps?

AI enabled mobile app

Matellio is the renown partner for building intuitive and interactive apps for users. The AI base apps offer great assistance to users and Matellio understands the importance of user’s behavioral pattern recognition for delivering the high-quality app. The competent developers here are experienced enough with the apps based on problem-solving algorithms for various sectors from game to retail transactions.

The collection of data is not enough, what matters most is the analysis of data and its processing to deliver the high-end results. The advanced stories of the innovative apps show the prowess of automating the reasoning capabilities and providing the optimized outcomes. The company has experience in meeting the complex requirements of the enterprise app solutions while integrating the advanced AI tools for intuitive behavior.


The feature-rich app can prove to be a game changer for the enterprises and startup where they not only meet the expectation of the clients but also get the capacity of generating the top end marketing strategies as per the analyzed and processed user behavioral data assessed over the time.


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