Benefits and Features of Web-based Employee Scheduling Software

Updated on Jan 4th, 2024

Employee Scheduling Software Development

We have come so far in terms of advancements in technology, but when it comes to human resource management for a business, we still follow those traditional methods with average efficacy. Just like any other field, advanced technology has come up with a solution that allows businesses to manage their workforce to achieve maximum efficiency. That solution is known as employee scheduling software. Sometimes it is difficult to get the right employee scheduling software for a business. Think of the many companies that hire people alternately, and there is no way you can dispute that. Retail companies, restaurants, hospitals, customer service organizations are just some of the companies that require automated solutions when scheduling employees. 

Leave behind the task assigning process; there are still a million tasks left to manage, such as keeping health records, updated contracts, etc. Enterprises are now using these web-based employee scheduling software to organize the shifts for the employees to get the maximum output and enhance the overall value of the business. Various entrepreneurs are realizing the importance of such a piece of software and are enthusiastic about building one. Before getting involved in the process of software development, one should know about the benefits and features of online employee scheduling software. Let’s start with its introduction. 

What Is Web-based Employee Scheduling Software? 

Web-based employee planning software helps you create and maintain a list of employees without problems with the operation. This staff scheduling software is extremely valuable as a time management tool that reduces administrative work and improves the productivity of employees in industries. This software keeps track of employee vacation periods, sick leave, compensation time, and more. It informs employers when a potential conflict situation is detected. It reviews all employees’ past activities and prepares and manages payroll accordingly. 

In short, it effectively monitors task management, although it may not directly increase employee performance. Task management feature is required for smaller businesses that struggle to control administrative costs. These units may employ part-time staff, who may be students or work elsewhere at other times. Managing these schedules requires flexibility, and this employee scheduling software can perfectly manage their schedules. Planning takes place in various industries such as retail, healthcare, government, manufacturing, etc.

What Does the Market Say About Employee Scheduling Software? 

The global market has a positive response towards employee scheduling software as it has become the necessity of every enterprise on the planet. The total valuation of the market is significant as compared to the previous years. The market validation is important to know as it gets you a sense of where you are investing your capital. In the year 2019, the global market of online employee scheduling software was valued at 334 US million dollars, and experts believe that it will be valued at 534 US million dollars by the year 2025. 

As of 2021, the market is displaying significant performance in terms of growth, demand, and revenue generation. If the utilization sector of automatic employee scheduling software is to be divided, here are the enterprises level that is using this software 

  • Small Business 
  • Midsize Enterprise 
  • Large Enterprise 
  • Other 

The web-based employee scheduling software comes in different shapes and sizes, but here are the most used types of this software in the market. 

  • Cloud-based 
  • Mobile APP 
  • Installed-PC 
  • Other 

Implement Web Based Scheduling Software

Benefits Of Web-based Employee Scheduling Software 

Employee scheduling ERP software offers a wide array of features that offer huge benefits to businesses. It offers a number of savings opportunities, as it simplifies the administrative process and simplifies solutions. To clarify, the employee scheduling software simplifies the work of the human resources department by keeping accurate records of all employees. This, in turn, reduces costs and increases productivity. Here are some more benefits associated with the software: 


The software is counterfeit resistant and also very user-friendly. It simply means that everyone can easily access it, but only through secure passwords. It comes with many security measures to curb misuse and hackers. This safety measure ensures that workers do not gain hours for which they have never worked or take days off without notice. 


The effectiveness of software does not end with the recognition of conflicts. It’s designed to offer suitable alternatives for completing shifts if you need to change someone’s schedule. Something that would have taken hours to discuss and consult is done in a matter of seconds. In addition, it is essential as it can delegate projects to staff. 


You can program the software to understand the rules of your organization. Rules such as working hours, labor costs, and staff availability on certain days can be handled well with employee scheduling software. Therefore, he uses this information to determine the right shifts for the right employees 


Since the software is web-based, it can be accessed from anywhere, making it more feasible for your employees and other staff. They can easily take their schedules and confirm their availability remotely. If the mobility factor is not there, the software struggles to deliver efficiency. For instance, the employees had to come to their workstations to confirm their schedules or login into their accounts.

Efficient Calculation of Working Hours 

With this ultra-modern piece of technology, you can now leave behind those spreadsheets to calculate the working hours of every employee. With an open-source employee scheduling software, you can integrate a card punching machine at the gate or any feasible location where employees scan their ID, and it records the time automatically. 

Highly Scalable

It is a known fact that any business looks to increase its workforce and various types of software are not good with expanding boundaries. Employee time scheduling software is highly scalable, and it can grow with your efficient workforce. The performance of the software will not affect the overall efficiency of the software in any way.

A Happy Workforce 

When employees come on time and complete their work on time with full dedication, it gives a sense of satisfaction. By the use of such software, the workload will be less on the employees that make them leave on time to their families. When the employees of a business remain motivated and happy at heart, the production and efficiency remain at the top of the chart. 

Features Of Web-based Employee Scheduling Software 

The features in an employee scheduling software can vary from business to business. However, the benefits remain the same to some extent. The features depend on the requirements of the business; you can get it customized as per your business requirements. 

For instance, one manufacturing business needs the feature that records the allocation of materials; on the other hand, one software business needs the list of allocation of projects. Both features are different but are enhancing the efficiency of the businesses. Here are some top features that are present in almost every software of this genre.

Overall Work Management 

This feature lets you see the overall functions being performed at the business. It lets the business manage all the work from one place that enhances efficiency as one doesn’t have to collect reports and deduce the results manually. 

Automatic Shift Management 

Most of the time of any HR department or the team lead goes into choosing the right candidate for the right job. But this feature lets you match the right candidate for the right work by comparing their credentials. This saves time and money as assigning the right task to the right employee can work wonders.

Employee Management

The most important task of this software is to manage the workforce; this feature takes care of the same. Let’s understand it this way, suppose a team of a basketball players is playing a match, and one of their team members is missing, which results in poor performance of the team. The employee management features ensure that no member of the team is missing without any prior information. It allows employees to apply for leaves beforehand so that businesses can assign someone to their task. 

Overall Communication 

When the whole team is brought under one roof, or in this case, on the same platform, the communications are improved instantly. When there is a great flow of ideas through the team, it really boosts the business’s overall performance. Apart from the performance, when various team interacts with each other, it gives them a sense of confidence that automatically enhance the work quality.


The software is cloud-based that allows you to access it anywhere without installing any hefty software on your system. The same goes with the employees; they can track their attendance, leaves, etc., from anywhere on the planet without the use of any hefty application. Apart from the installation, being cloud-based saves you from those mind-numbing spreadsheets; you can download the reports of any section, anytime.

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 The Bottomline 

Developing an employee scheduling software comes with a bundle of benefits and features. These features often deliver automatic updates and allow you to conveniently access the system from anywhere, provided that you have an Internet connection. There are a number of options to choose from; it all depends on your business requirements. The use of such software helps propagates the business towards prosperity as it transforms the workflow. 

The software does need some getting used to; after all, traditional ways are hard to get rid of. But once the staff of any business is used to the working of this software, they will experience a huge change in the overall workflow of the business. If you are thinking of building an efficient online employee scheduling software, you got to have a diligent development partner. 

Matellio can help you in building efficient employee scheduling software that will fit like a glove with your business requirements. We have a team of qualified engineers with vast professional experience that makes us capable of fulfilling your varying demands. We have delivered several automatic employee scheduling software that is ruling the market with excellent feedbacks and reviews. We offer a range of hiring models that makes it easy for you to hire developers. Let’s connect over a 30-minute free consultation call and get started with your unique idea! Fill the form now! 

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