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Leverage the cutting-edge services offered by Matellio to roll out a custom payroll software that simplifies your HR operations while keeping you in compliance with federal, state, and local payroll regulations. Automate federal tax calculation, payroll operations, and data entry tasks while reducing the administrative burden with our payroll software development services.
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    Automate Your Business Workflows with Custom Payroll Software

    Matellio has been a leading workforce redefining the HR and payroll operations of many Fortune 500 firms. As a leading software development company, we aim to bring innovation and automation to your administrative workflows. Maintain accurate financial data while automating your data entry operations and comply with all the state/federal regulations. Transform your tedious HR operations with our state-of-the-art payroll software development services, from tax filing to custom paychecks and paystub modules.
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    Automated Operations

    Automate all your HR operations and streamline your hiring tasks while promoting innovative workflows for your business.

    Data Security

    Keep all your administrative and employee-related data secure and integrated by using the best security tools with our experts.

    Compliance Risk Management

    Gain access to federal/state regulations, privacy laws, and security legislations while eliminating payroll thefts and frauds.

    Accurate Details

    Streamline your paycheck functionality by accurately tracking the working hours and project details with a payroll solution.

    Features of Top-Notch Custom Payroll Software

    Discover various advanced features that ensure success for your payroll software development.
    Payroll Management

    It allows the company to customize or change the payroll calculations and ensure timely payment of all employees via their preferred mode of payment.

    Compensation Management

    Easily handles all the direct or indirect payments of employees, including their compensation, cost of living, bonuses, etc., regarding the work they perform.

    Tax Management

    Reduces the tedious work and human errors by automated tax calculations and automatic filing, ensuring timely payments of taxes without incurring penalties.

    Integrated Accounting

    It helps your business quickly post all the payroll entries and different sub-heads of payroll management to your general ledger.

    Leave Management

    You can easily track each of your employees’ working hours and keep track of their leaves while calculating their salaries.

    Reimbursement Claims

    Using this intuitive module, the employees can easily apply for reimbursement claims such as medical, housing, transportation, etc.

    Payroll Compliance

    It lets employees seamlessly access the system and keep all their data, such as payroll history, pay stubs, W-2 forms, etc., at their fingertips.

    Earning Management

    The employees can manage their total earnings by calculating the working hours and overtime pay while deducting the applicable taxes.


    Whether on any occasion or birthday, you can get real-time alerts of everything important related to your employees with a custom payroll solution.

    Need Exclusive Features for Your Custom Payroll Software?

    Explore the best features and tech stack for your project that aligns with your goals over a free 30-minute consultation.
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    Our Payroll Software Development Services

    Explore our cutting-edge software engineering services that promote digital workflows for your business.

    Other Payroll Solutions We Can Build for You

    We offer a wide range of custom fintech solutions satisfying the modern-day business challenges.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How much does payroll software development cost?

    Developing a custom payroll software undertakes many factors into consideration, and we could only offer you an accurate estimate after analyzing all those factors. For instance, the type of features you opt for, designing services, testing approach, and more impact your overall development cost. Hence our expert consultation service is the best way to get an exact quote for your project. You can book a free 30-minute expert consultation for your payroll software development!  

    2. How do you build a payroll system?

    We follow the agile development methodology to develop your custom payroll solution:  

    • Validate your ideas and requirements  
    • Offer dedicated developers  
    • Create an MVP with the best features and designs opted by you  
    • Validate the prototype from your side  
    • Start your development process  
    • Create sprints and test them at each stage  
    • Final testing  
    • Deployment  

    3. How much time will it take to develop a custom payroll solution?

    Like the cost, time estimation to develop a custom payroll software depends on the aforementioned factors. You can share your requirements with our expert business analyst team and book your free consultation. In addition to estimating your idea, our experts help you analyze its feasibility, determine the areas for improvement, and help you deploy a solution for your organization that’s best-in-class.  

    4. Do you offer a dedicated project manager to monitor my payroll software development?

    Matellio provides certified project managers who have been working in this domain for many years. We will assign your project to an experienced project manager, who will oversee all the aspects of your project and ensure that all quality and efficiency related to your expectations are met entirely.  

    5. What sort of businesses can use a custom payroll solution?

    It does not matter what kind of services you provide; our custom payroll software has all the features necessary for the growth of your business.  

    • Architect  
    • Accounting Firms  
    • Healthcare  
    • Real Estate  
    • Education  
    • Wholesalers  
    • Legal  
    • Travel Agents  
    • Consulting Firms  
    • Manufacturing  
    • Restaurants  
    • Telecommunication  

    6. How can I hire payroll software developers from Matellio?

    You can easily leverage our flexible hiring models, namely the turnkey, time and material, dedicated developers, and custom hiring to hire the best developers at cost-effective prices. You only need to fill out our consultation form below, and our consultant will handle everything from there.   

    7. What other digital services do you offer?

    We offer a wide range of professional software engineering services from idea validation, market analysis, and MVP creation to web development, app development, next-gen solutions development, UI/UX, testing, and after-sales services. You can easily leverage our free consultation services and flexible hiring models to hire the best developers for innovative product development.

    8. I already have a payroll web solution. Can you help me create a mobile app for the same?

    We can help you with a custom payroll application matching your requirements and business standards. Whatever your ideas, we promise to bring them into reality with our next-gen technologies and experienced developers. You can even avail a free consultation with our experts by filling out our form below!  

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