Benefits of AI in Legal Audit Management Software 

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

benefits of ai in audit

The legal sector is experiencing several changes in the general working methodology due to the effects of modernization and the advent of several technological breakthroughs.  

One such technological advancement is AI! In the legal sector, AI is growing in importance. 

Audit Software Market size is growing at a faster pace with substantial growth rates over the last few years and is estimated that the market will grow significantly in the forecasted period i.e. 2021 to 2028. (Source)

Today in this blog, we’ll discuss how law firms can benefit from AI-based legal audit management software.  

So, let’s get started! 

What is AI Audit Management Software? 

AI audit management software can be used to manage audits and solve problems. It offers a comprehensive and highly integrated solution for managing the complete life cycle of audit management procedures.  

AI audit software gathers data over time to assist lawyers in making judgments, developing future contract strategies, and identifying fresh insights into the contract provisions. Some other benefits of AI in audit software are as it gives lawyers more assurance during contract talks, which improves client results. 

How is AI-based Audit Management Software Useful for Law Firms? 

Two major benefits of AI in audit software are as they save time and money. These savings are made possible by minimizing work duplication and enabling increased data capture accuracy. Additionally, it provides a solution for keeping all of your crucial data in a single area. To ensure you never miss an upcoming audit, reports may also be readily generated, and customized to your needs, and notifications are set up via email.  

With the aid of AI capabilities, auditors can improve the quality of their audit services while performing more advisory tasks like comprehending entire ledgers and reporting. Below we’ve listed the benefits of AI in audit software. So, take a look! 


1. Elevates Insight’s Quality 

Thanks to a strong audit structure, data can be sorted and analyzed regardless of the number of data points you’re working with. Advanced AI audit software can report on and analyze audit data from various audit projects and teams, providing deeper, higher-level, and higher-quality root-cause insights. These revelations will lead your company to make data-driven and more strategic decisions.  

2. Saves Time & Ensures Higher Productivity 

You can easily choose how you want that information to be given to and viewed by management, and any other authorized users with the help of AI-based legal audit management software. This provides you with a system to support all types of audits in your business. 

To reduce time and increase production and efficiency, audits can be automated in all aspects. Audit checklists can be kept as you make them and used for any subsequent audits. To avoid wasting time starting over every time, saved audit checklists can be edited, updated, or saved under new titles. You may easily print out lists to ensure your offline record-keeping complies with legal requirements.  

3. Better Consistency 

The lack of structure in documents makes it possible for your teams to use various strategies throughout various audits. You will have an organized methodology that your teams can readily follow as soon as you move audit work from documents to AI audit software. 

As a result, you can constantly report to your executives while giving your staff a comprehensive perspective of all audits on which to base value-added activity.  

4. Ensures Proactive Monitoring 

An AI-based audit management software’s main purpose is to identify each employee’s major divisions’ operations and compare them to best practices to assure the caliber of work. If any data becomes out of alignment, notifications will be sent to the task’s accountable and responsible parties.  

5. Real-time Analysis 

Organizations can use AI to analyze more contracts in real-time, continuously, and in-depth. The commencement date, payment amount, and renewal and termination choices, among other pertinent provisions, can all be automatically extracted from contracts using AI audit software’s NLP features by auditors. These conclusions allow auditors to examine and assess contract risks more accurately.  

6. Easy Cluster Analysis  

A far higher level of precision is guaranteed when AI is used in auditing software. A business’s extensive documents library can be more precisely categorized into various themes, understood links between documents, formed inferences, and found similarities between documents using AI-based legal audit management software. As a result, it is simpler to classify, organize, and search business records when a deep dive is needed. The concept of cluster document analysis is very important for legal firms and other business services that depend on their limitless document archives. By comprehending and arranging data and information, data and clusters are identified based on similarities and significance.  

7. Smart Audit Trail 

By delivering tailored suggestions depending on keyword searches and taking into account a larger range of parameters to produce more accurate results, improved search capabilities made possible by AI, that will revolutionize the way auditors store and locate information. Through the expanding deployment of cutting-edge image analysis, this will also apply to images and videos. The process of identifying information and files containing a specific text string will be replaced by a set of findings and solutions based on an understanding of what you are looking for. Furthermore benefit of AI in auditing software as it will assist in delivering better and more pertinent content recommendations that are tailored to the task you’re attempting to complete.  

8. Ensures Higher Security 

Security is a crucial factor when working with sensitive legal documents. A legal audit management solution with AI is ideally suited to offer document security at scale. For instance, utilizing AI in auditing software has the potential to locate sensitive and personally identifiable information (PII) in documents, flag such documents, and then handle them differently. Making sure that no papers are left in unprotected areas can be done through automatic classification and processing. It is also possible to discover and warn potentially counterfeit documents using anomaly detection. 

9. Reporting & Tracking  

The auditors and their auditees are reminded via AI-based audit management software a few days before the audit is scheduled. The software alerts the auditor of the new audit on the first day and keeps the audit flagged on their system until it is finished. This makes it easier for auditors to fulfill their audit duties. Changes can be made when they become necessary while the audit is taking place because the software enables auditors to make changes even while the system is running. A list of concerns and problems with a detailed description of the steps required to remain compliant will be provided to the auditor after the audit management software has finished its cycle. When these duties are finished, the software may track and recognize that fact.

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What Else can AI in Audit Software do?  

Some other benefits of AI in audit software are: 

  • The analysis of process documents and expanding the audit data sample size both have room for improvement. 
  • The audit process is carried out considerably more cheaply and quickly with the aid of effective AI audit management software. Automating the audit process by using AI in auditing software allows for continuous monitoring and more accurate data collection. 
  • Since auditing generates a large amount of structured and unstructured data, NLP-based algorithms can be employed to find problems grouped by subjects or areas of interest. 
  • Since AI audit software is smarter than humans, every piece of data is captured and tracked. This data are transformed into business insights by an audit tool regarding how well the organization performs in relation to its goals.  
  • Given the hours spent auditing and evaluating, the audit time may be cut by more than half. 
  • Every transaction and journal entry will be examined by the AI audit software, which will also determine whether processes are being followed. Any transactions that were made incorrectly or erroneously, or transactions that were risky in nature, will be flagged. As these transactions occur, the AI-based legal audit management software will flag them to let the auditor know which transactions need to be reviewed. 
  • The audit data report is automatically generated by the AI-based audit management software, which also lessens the need for humans to chase down the report from each department manually. The paperwork and hassle of juggling piles of papers have also decreased as a result. 
  • The software is helpful in supporting the entire audit lifecycle, which includes planning, scheduling, creating standard protocols, creating reports, reviewing them, making suggestions, and putting those recommendations into practice. 

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The benefits of AI in the legal business are numerous, and the future is already here. AI is now able to help attorneys complete tasks more quickly, more effectively, and more affordable. The AI-based audit management software has countless applications in sectors like the legal industry that rely heavily on documents. Data security risks are frequently exacerbated by the increasing number of legal papers and files.

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