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Streamline your internal & external audit operations while enhancing the ISO compliance & OHSAS compliance via custom audit management software. Get in-built reports, meaningful risk-management data & smart auditing tools tailor-made to your business requirements by leveraging our software development services.
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    What is

    Get Business-specific Custom Audit Software Solutions

    Seek technological help from our experts, specifically catering to the types of legal firm you own.
    Small Law Firm

    Eliminate tedious paperwork while automating your auditing process with a dedicated solution.

    Medium-sized Law Firm

    Expand your audit services by leveraging AI-driven audit tools and pre-built audit forms.

    Large Law Firms

    Automate your audit process while getting smart insights on resource optimization.

    Get Custom Legal Audit Software Solutions

    Automate Your Audit Process with a Dedicated Solution

    Automate your inspection process by leveraging our experts' dedicated audit management software. Gain a competitive advantage by getting real-time insights and risk-analysis data for your audit process. As a leading legal software development company, we offer multiple tools and technology solutions that facilitate an error-free audit process and reduce the risk of non-compliances in business operations. Get in-built audit reports and legal compliance forms that reduce your audit time and save costs.
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    Standard Audits
    Standard Audits

    From compliance management to auditing features, EHS management performs a wide variety of audit operations.

    Automated Operations
    Automated Operations

    Automate your audit process, including data management, to generate an audit report, resulting in cost savings.

    Data Security
    Data Security

    A cloud-based legal audit management solution can store a vast amount of data accessed through any device.

    Regulatory Compliance

    Following all regulations is important for any business; keep your compliances in check with robust legal auditing software.

    Distinctive Features of Custom Audit Management Software

    Leverage a wide array of advanced and user-friendly features to build your audit software development success.
    Inspection Tool
    Inspection Tool

    Enhance the overall productivity of your legal business by efficiently inspecting with customized tools while assigning the auditing routines to employees.

    Audit Planner
    Audit Planner

    It's better to be prepared for anything, especially when it's a business audit; easily schedule your future audits and integrate them with the auditor's repository.

    Document Control
    Document Control

    Documents hold any confidential data of any legal business, store them centrally, track the revisions, and ensure timely updates for a good result in audits.

    Business Intelligence
    Business Intelligence

    Knowing about the performance of your business is important; get 360-degree visibility of your business performance to drive your overall operational efficiency.

    Electronic Signature
    Electronic Signature

    Enhance the security standards of your legal business by enabling a secondary password that only allows authorized users to access a selective set of documents.

    Permit Management
    Permit Management

    Control every aspect of the business, including who has permission to access documents and the processes. Digitize the key permits, track every request, and more.

    Compliance Calendar
    Compliance Calendar

    Compliances are subject to change, automate their updates, send alerts through emails, and track the overall status of the audit reports related to your legal business.

    Issue Analysis
    Issue Analysis

    Issues are likely to happen in any business process; integrating robust tools in your business such as gap analysis, 5 WHY, and more to enhance the overall productivity.

    Audit Reporting
    Audit Reporting

    Get instant and detailed reports of the audits and check the result-oriented insights to improve the overall process for the next audit of your legal business.

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    Get in touch with our experts to discover advanced features and tech stack over a free expert consultation today!
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    Our Audit Software Development Services

    As a leading audit software development company, we offer services that promote innovation and growth.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What about data loss in my audit software development? Are there any periodic backups built-in the system?

    To ensure availability, customer data is stored in multiple locations in the data centers of our hosting provider. We have well-tested backup and recovery procedures to recover from a major disaster. Customer data and our source code are backed up every week. In the event of a failure of this system, the team will be alerted.

    2. What is the cost of developing custom audit software?

    Matellio software developers provide efficient software solutions to legal businesses, including audit software, compliance assessment, mobile legal applications, etc. Our developers create custom audit software for businesses of all sizes. Still, to determine costs, we need to analyze several parameters, such as features, technology, development method, number of resources, and more. To assess the legal compliance software development and validate the ideas, book a 30-minute consultation with our experts!

    3. What is the ROI of implementing custom audit software?

    In addition to the benefits associated with audit software development, the audit management system also helps you save a lot of capital and time that would otherwise be wasted on the fines and penalties associated with failing to maintain compliance and other regulations.

    4. How can I hire dedicated developers from Matellio for my audit software development?

    Hiring dedicated developers from Matellio for your software development needs is extremely easy; we follow a simple process for hiring our team of expert developers.   

    • Fill out our consultation form.    
    • Discuss your needs and ideas with our experts    
    • Hire a dedicated team of developers
    • Choose a suitable engagement model
    • Start your healthcare software development

    5. What engagement models do you offer?

    We have been in the software development industry for more than a decade, and with our experience, we have designed flexible hiring models for our clients. We serve businesses regardless of their size; we have covered you whether you are a startup or a Fortune 500 company. See our engagement models:   

    • Turnkey model    
    • Time and material-based model    
    • Dedicated developer model    
    • Custom hiring model

    6. Can I customize my reports as per my convenience?

    Indeed, Matellio delivers a range of pre-built reports that cover your data reporting needs and keep all the data centralized.

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