Benefits of DevOps Automation in Project Development

Updated on Aug 31st, 2022


In recent times, the software development industry has experienced remarkable growth. Nowadays, the buzzword in the software development industry is DevOps Automation. 

The most important reason behind it’s popularity is that it saves you time. Rather than spending a lot of time on manual tasks, organizations can use DevOps automation to speed things up. As a result, continuous integration and deployment becomes faster. The necessity for coordination among team members and human execution and repetitive activities are eliminated through automation. 

What is DevOps Automation? 

DevOps Automation is a practice that allows professionals to automate tedious operations while working on various aspects of the DevOps cycle, such as design, development, delivery, release, and analysis. The goal of DevOps automation is to reduce menial tasks and accelerate time-to-market.  

Also, DevOps automation enables QA, operations, and dev teams to collaborate instantaneously.  

As per the research by Marketsandmarkets, during the projected time frame, the DevOps market is estimated to increase at a CAGR of 24.7 percent, from USD 2.90 billion in 2017 to USD 10.31 billion in 2023. 

Why Must Startups and Businesses Consider DevOps Automation for Their Project Development?

Automation has become a need and a critical step for businesses in various industries. Automation facilitates the development and delivery of a product by speeding up the procedures involved. To improve the speed with which software is developed and deployed, automation is required. 

DevOps automation isn’t just for development and operations; it has the power to transform the entire organizational culture. It is easier to fulfill business objectives using automation. 

Businesses that implement DevOps automation and use DevOps best practices and tools may efficiently handle any complexity while also meeting customer needs.  

The most significant advantage of DevOps automation is that it improves the speed and flexibility you can deliver and modify applications by eliminating bottlenecks and automating manual activities. Furthermore, automation introduces process consistency, which decreases the risk of human error or supervision when executing manual operations.  

Also, DevOps automation brings together the tools/technologies used by app development teams at various stages of the software development life cycle, resulting in increased transparency, faster releases, and easier deployment.  

Business Benefits of Using DevOps Automation!

DevOps automation provides various benefits, such as:

Ensures faster development cycles 

DevOps automation is a set of techniques for ensuring continuous delivery and quick feedback cycles. Businesses stand to benefit greatly from shorter development cycles since not only is coding quality increased, but also turnaround time is lowered. Automation, infrastructure transparency, and integration enable frequent deployment, allowing businesses to be more productive and lucrative.  

Increases cross-functional expertise, which is supported by flexibility and open methods, allowing for a quicker time to market. Because everything is watched and recorded in a timely manner, nothing escapes the developers’ notice, resulting in fewer errors. Small team sizes make working with incremental steps easier, less hazardous, and simpler to test and distribute. Using CI/CD pipelines rather than manual releases, DevOps reduces development time.  

Easy bug detection 

Traditional Operations teams spend more time addressing issues than DevOps teams. It’s because automation helps developers spot bugs early and quickly, allowing them to work on them without wasting time. Agile ideas include modular programming, iterative development, and reducing large codes into manageable pieces, among others. This simplifies the bug discovery procedure.  

Lower costs 

DevOps automation lowers costs by decreasing network downtime. Outages are expensive, especially for new projects. Development teams will write cleaner performing code with continuous integration (CI), continuous deployment (CD), and automated testing as errors will be found and resolved earlier in the process. DevOps automation also speeds up release cycles, allowing for many deployments per day that would otherwise need manual tasks. This enables even small teams to work efficiently while reducing costs and complexity.  

Improves team’s productivity 

DevOps automation frees you to focus on activities that systems can’t, such as idea-generating, issue solving, brainstorming, and improving pipeline processes. This enables development teams to manage better, plan, collaborate, and make decisions by leveraging their personal and interpersonal abilities. Teams can also start emphasizing business logic-related tasks to better their day-to-day processes with DevOps automation.  

Improves customer satisfaction 

The main goal for businesses to implement DevOps automation is to be able to provide high-quality services to consumers or end-users faster. The easiest approach to keep ahead of the competition is to focus on benefits that revolve around good customer service and improved income. Speed and efficiency can come from a variety of sources, but at the end of the round, what matters is increasing customer experience. Today’s customers want a better experience across all platforms and business touchpoints. Problems can be identified at the early stages of the development process by concentrating on collaboration with various teams and bringing multiple feedback. As a result, time spent debugging is reduced, and customer experience is improved.  

Ensures greater stability and quality 

DevOps automation ensures that everything is in command, modification is tracked, and everyone understands how each delivery affects quality. DevOps speeds up software delivery, but it also improves development and quality. 

Because of its ability to generate frequent releases, DevOps automation has been proven to provide higher stability, which means that finding and fixing issues is much faster. As a result, there’s much more time to concentrate on quality and new ideas.  

Improves QA 

DevOps automation opens up the possibility of automating some of the more time-consuming aspects of project delivery and maintenance. You can employ automated solutions for performance monitoring, testing, and assuring code quality in addition to integration and delivery. There’s also the option of automating compliance checks with the Policy as Code technique. These solutions not only save QA efforts but also lower the possible errors. It’s a fantastic approach to boost your company’s performance and profitability.  

Higher scalability 

DevOps automation enables scalable and elevated deployments. In order to meet resource utilization, businesses must configure systems in such a way that they are flexible and permit scalability when demand is high. Due to its key advantages of open communication within an organization, reduced recovery times, and efficient deployment with minimal bottlenecks and code faults, DevOps can help you scale up. Scalability becomes easier for businesses when goals are communicated, risks are addressed, and automation is well-implemented.  

Continuous delivery 

Continuous delivery and agile project development are aided by implementing DevOps automation throughout the business. Continuous and iterative delivery allows for the constant and efficient deployment of new value propositions in regular intervals and lowers risks.  

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As you’ve seen, the reasons and benefits of implementing DevOps automation for your project development. Now, let’s move forward and discuss, 

How to Hire DevOps Engineers?

There are four ways to hire DevOps engineers: 

Let’s discuss the benefits of each option to hire DevOps engineers in detail.  

Benefits of hiring from freelance websites:

  • Best for short term projects 
  • Access to a large pool of experts
  • No extra costs 

Benefits of hiring through recruitment firms:

  • No need to worry about the recruitment process 
  • Easier to find the right candidates 

Benefits of hiring DevOps consulting services: 

  • Subject matter experts 
  • Reliability 
  • Hassles free process 

Benefits of hiring dedicated DevOps developer: – 

  • Best for short term projects 
  • Saves cost 
  • Scalable 

Why Choose Matellio as Your DevOps Service Provider?

Matellio’s DevOps services help you break down barriers across teams, resulting in increased efficiency and greater profits. Matellio’s DevOps Engineers will examine your current procedures and skills in order to create a roadmap for establishing a DevOps practice. We prioritize maintaining a higher level of security and incorporating automation into your business.   

With various tools, our well-designed and innovative DevOps methods have merged the development and operations teams of our global clients. It has enhanced their productivity, allowing them to cut the time it took to deliver software solutions. As a consequence, our clients can get their products to the market faster than their competitors. They’ve also become big players in their respective sectors, thanks to speedy and effective DevOps consulting services.  

Our seasoned team has adequate expertise to connect the development and operational teams so that they do not work in silos but rather collaborate and understand challenges and possibilities. As a result, they may bring value to the development process by using the best DevOps methods. Continuous development, integration, testing, release, delivery, and monitoring are all parts of it.  


There are numerous reasons why DevOps automation is important in today’s IT landscape. The advantages of DevOps automation can improve your company’s & business’s revenue and team’s productivity.   

Furthermore, in order to accomplish all of this, you must ensure that your company’s procedures are completely integrated with this approach. On this path, professional DevOps consulting services could be a great help.  

We’ll help you, learn about your needs and requirements, and get you started. To know more about our DevOps services, get in touch with us. Our professionals will lead your team through the DevOps automation implementation process, ensuring that you deliver the greatest solutions. 


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