DevOps Consulting Services

Empower your business with expert DevOps consultation and implementation services that enhance the cross-function of various teams. Matellio offers DevOps as a service with continuous integration, delivery pipeline automation, and more.
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Enhance Your Business's Capabilities with DevOps

Reduce time to market
Reduce Time to Market

Enhance the marketing strategies of your project with a reduced timeline.

Continuous Release
Continuous Release

Automate the process to develop the software and apps with DevOps services.

Eliminates Hurdles
Eliminates Hurdles

Efficient task collaboration between various teams ensures seamless workflow.

Asset Security
Better Security

DevOps implementation services ensure top-level security of the complete process.

Highly Collaborative Team
Highly Collaborative Teams

DevOps implementation eradicates communication hurdles between the teams.

Enhanced Productivity
Enhanced Productivity

With enhanced communication and collaboration, you get enhanced productivity.

DevOps Consulting Services We Offer

Leverage the efficient DevOps Services delivered by Matellio to enhance your business and get a competitive edge!
Azure DevOps Consulting Services

Our Azure DevOps services take all the necessary backups and disaster recovery processes and deliver you the highest availability with the least possible down time.

AWS Configurations
AWS DevOps Consulting Services

AWS DevOps services from Matellio deliver you core principles of collaboration, automation, etc., that enhance the productivity of your business.

Enterprise DevOps -Solutions
Kubernetes Consulting Services

Achieve project delivery at scale by automating deployments. We ensure the excellent quality of our services regardless of the public/private cloud provider.

DevOps Integration Services
DevOps Integration Services

Leverage the capabilities of an experienced team of DevOps developers and build quality software products with continuous integration.

DevOps Automation
DevOps Automation Consulting

With our efficient DevOps services, automate delivery cycles, ensure low-risk, quick deployments and rollbacks which ultimately boosts performance.

DevOps CI CD Services
DevOps CI/CD Services

Developers and experts at Matellio deliver consistent, stable, and SLA-based cloud and local deployment services to ensure an optimized workflow.

DevOps Automation
DevOps Server Management

Everything including DevOps practices needs an upgrade from time to time, our experts make sure to manage the infrastructure efficiently.

DevOps Security Integration
DevOps Security Integration

DevOps implementation does require a great extent of security to ensure continuity in the workflow. Let our experts help secure your business effectively.

DevOps Support Maintenance
DevOps Support & Maintenance

We understand your need to get over the competition, that's why we have expert DevOps support and maintenance at your fingertips.


Matellio makes sure to deliver top-quality DevOps services that are fueled by cutting-edge PAAS mechanisms and enhance your business.


Our DevOps experts use a set of tiny individual services capable of running their own processes and communicating with other available services.

DevOps Cloud Computing
DevOps Cloud Computing

Enhance your business's capabilities with the integration of DevOps with cloud services to achieve better efficiency and productivity with Matellio.

Core Technologies We Work Upon

puppet enterprise

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    What is

    Why Choose Matellio for DevOps Consulting?

    Explore the qualities that make us a leader in DevOps consulting apart from our expertise.
    Competitive Edge
    Competitive Edge

    Our experts are always updated on the current industry trends and the technological developments and deliver services that keeps you ahead.

    Flexible Engagements Models
    QA Recommendations

    Beyond regular reports, we offer detailed assessments & suggestions to make your projects more efficient through our reliable QA services.

    Efficient Planning
    Efficient Planning

    Our DevOps experts evaluates your current parameters & derive a detailed DevOps assessment by leveraging powerful planning tools & more.

    Enhanced Security
    Enhanced Security

    We leverage ultra-modern security tools and follow standard security guideline to make sure that our development environment and your data is fully secure.

    Process Automation
    Process Automation

    Our expert DevOps developers use the best automation tools in the market in order to automate the entire process which includes quality checks, QA, and more.

    Deployment and Scaling
    Deployment and Scaling

    We understand your business needs better hence, we offer hassle-free scaling of the team as per your demands, and business needs to serve you better.

    DevOps Implementation Process

    Here’s how you can proceed with us to integrate DevOps in your business operations!
    • 1

      Analyze Requirements
      Map Expectations
      Identify Constraints
      Devise Strategy

    • 2
      Create Roadmap

      Design Approach
      Define Tools
      Test Automation Approach
      Design Automated Solutions

    • 3

      Upskill Your Teams
      Introduce IaaC Approach
      Assist in Deployment
      Solve Challenges

    • 4

      Monitor the Process
      Maintain Infrastructure
      Proper Load Distribution
      24x7 Support

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    For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions that reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is DevOps and how does it work?

    In simple terms, DevOps is about removing the barriers between traditionally siloed teams, development and operations. Under a DevOps model, development and operations teams work together across the entire software application life cycle, from development and test through deployment to operations. Hire DevOps developers with great experience from Matellio to ensure great results.

    2. Do you provide development system documentation?

    Indeed. Matellio ensures your full involvement in the development process and provides detailed SRS documentation with notes to facilitate understanding. Our complete documentation is self-explanatory and organized in a stream so you can better understand it. Hire developers from matellio for result-oriented DevOps consulting Services.

    3. What engagement models do you offer?

    We have been operating in the field of software development for more than ten years, and with our experience, we have created flexible recruitment models for our clients. Whether you are a start-up or a Fortune 500 company, our flexible engagement models are best suited to your business needs. See our engagement models: 

    • Turnkey model 
    • Time and material-based model 
    • Dedicated developer model 
    • Custom recruitment model

    4. How can I hire dedicated DevOps engineers from Matellio?

    Hiring DevOps engineers from Matellio for your software development needs is extremely easy; we follow a simple process of hiring our team of expert developers. 

    • Fill out our consultation form. 
    • Discuss your needs and ideas with our experts
    • Choose the right engagement model
    • Start your DevOps implementation

    5. Is the data related to my business protected in your organization?

    Absolutely. We make sure all your data and your sensitive information are secure. Therefore, we sign the NDAs to ensure that no member of our management or employee leaks your valuable information. Our security and quality of work makes us the top DevOps consulting service provider.

    6. Are Agile and DevOps the same?

    No, agile development methodology is not the same as DevOps operation. However, Agile development methodologies can be used as the part of DevOps strategies.

    7. What are the benefits of DevOps implementation?

    • Ensure faster deployment 
    • Stabilize work environment 
    • Significant improvement in product quality 
    • Automation in repetitive tasks leaves more room for innovation 
    • Promotes agility in your business
    • Continuous delivery of software

    8. What are some popular DevOps tools?

    Here are some of the most popular DevOps tools in the market:

    • Selenium
    • Puppet
    • Chef
    • Git
    • Jenkins
    • Ansible
    • Docker

    If you need more information, please book a consultation call with our experts. 

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