Cart Abandonment Software: Cost, Development and Features

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023


Undoubtedly, recovering abandoned carts is one of the most important problems that online marketers must deal with! There are many reasons why people leave items in their carts abandoned, but you should try your best to entice them back so they can complete their purchases.

The most common reason for missed sales in online commerce is cart abandonment.

Don’t worry; it can be resolved!

The ideal method for raising conversion rates is cart abandonment software. Using the correct cart abandonment software can prevent many sales that would have otherwise been lost.

We’ll discuss why people abandon their shopping carts, the advantages of cart abandonment software, and how to develop cart abandonment software.

  • Maintaining consumer engagement is made easier with cart abandonment software. To assist your company in gaining back abandoned users, it provides tailored abandoned cart mails, alerts, follow-up emails, and other features.
  • Push notification, product management, pop-up messages are some of the key features of a Cart Abandonment Software.
  • Cart abandonment software enables you to monitor the purchasing behavior of registered users and visitors, and it notifies you via email when a user abandons their shopping cart. 

Why Cart Abandonment Software is Essential for eCommerce Businesses?

For all online shops, cart abandonment is a challenge. Every time a shopping cart is abandoned, a potential sale is lost. For example, consider a customer perusing your website in search of the ideal things to purchase. They fill their cart with many things but abandon the checkout process, leaving your website.

They don’t revisit your website… and even if they do, they probably can’t recall what they had in their carts when they left. Simply put, this is cart abandonment in action. It is terrifying and infuriating, especially if you run an eCommerce marketplace.

Now, let’s check,  

What Leads to Cart Abandonment?

Have you ever wondered why potential customers leave their shopping carts empty in your online store? Here are a few reasons:  

  • Making a new user account is required. 
  • Payment security worries. 
  • Checkout needs to be more protracted and clarified.
  • There are issues, bugs, or crashes with the website.
  • Incompatible with mobile devices.
  • High hidden costs  

Moving ahead, let’s check some,

Key Market Stats

According to statistics, the current average cart abandonment rate is 68.8% 

Compared to the UK or Europe, the US has a considerably higher cart abandonment rate. The high recovery rate, however, indicates an enormous scope to utilize cart abandonment software.  

According to the reports, an $18 billion loss occurs annually due to abandoned carts.  

As you can see, the abandonment rate is high. Additionally, the causes of cart abandonment are relatively simple to resolve. All you require is effective cart abandonment software.

But what is shopping cart abandonment software?

Let’s find out!

Cart Abandonment Software: Quick Overview!

It is software that keeps track of a user’s activity on your website to gather emails, monitors consumers while they are there, waits for when they abandon their carts and send them an email.

Cart abandonment software lowers the volume of abandoned carts, which boosts your sales. Popups, emails, etc., remind your departing visitors to complete their orders successfully.

With the help of shopping cart abandonment software, you may also identify challenges users encounter when using the website, visitor trust, and confidence concerns, cross-sell and promotional chances, product offering opportunities, and cart problems that stop users from completing the checkout.

With shopping cart abandonment software, you can: 

  • Customers who have abandoned their carts can receive emails automatically, including discounts and coupon codes.
  • When visitors don’t finish their purchase, shopping cart abandonment software sends follow-up emails to remind them.
  • Cart abandonment software enables you to monitor the purchasing behavior of registered users and visitors, and it notifies you via email when a user abandons their shopping cart.
  • You can easily and quickly personalize your emails with it. Furthermore, you can launch many email campaigns to revive lost purchases.  

As you’ve seen the overview, market stats, and benefits of using abandonment cart software; now let’s move forward and discuss:


Critical Features of Cart Abandonment Software

Following are some features that you can consider in your custom abandonment cart software development. 

Update-InformationUpdate Information

With the help of this feature of the shopping cart abandonment software, you can add and modify different localized product details to online stores, such as translated product descriptions. Information about the merchant, like its language, currency, and time zone, is also available. The whole customer experience will be improved, leading to more complete purchases.


You can use this functionality to send consumers a post-purchase survey to find out how they felt about your checkout procedure. What difficulties did they face? Did they feel confident making the purchase? Will they shop from your eStore once more? You can also use surveys for retargeting cart abandoners and learning why they left the website.

Push-NotificationsPush Notifications

You can use the push notification functionality to send pre-written messages to website visitors who depart before making a purchase. Cart abandonment software can collect enough information about the consumer even if they have yet to begin the checkout process so that you can retarget them.


You don’t have to use our standard email templates! This feature allows you to create fully configurable email recovery templates. Inject warm content, humorous call-to-actions, unique designs, and more to let your brand shine. Create a style and feel that will encourage clients to quickly finish their unfinished business.


You can configure this functionality for order management confirmations and tracking. With this feature, you can chat with numerous customers at once. It also has attractive widgets and visibility settings that let you make yourself directly accessible only when you wish to. Additionally, you can include a share button that enables buyers to send links to your products to their contacts.

Popup-MessagesPopup Messages

This feature allows you to design a unique, fully responsive popup that displays a targeted message. This can involve requesting an email address to be added to an email list, offering a special discount on quick purchases, inviting customers to chat with live customer service, and much more.

Real-time-Data-CaptureReal-time Data Capture

This feature allows you to collect consumer information even as they are browsing your website. Real-time data capture functionality enables your company to take consumer information even before they arrive at the checkout page.

Product-ManagementProduct Management

This feature of cart abandonment software offers simpler management of product specs, where you can work on product descriptions more quickly. This enables you to position your products online for more sales and visibility.


The reporting features give you a valuable understanding of what the product is doing for you. The frequency of campaigns issued, the average order value, the types of clients who replied, conversion rates, and other crucial metrics can all be examined using this function.

Multiple-Marketplace-IntegrationsMultiple Marketplace Integrations

By connecting to several marketplaces, this integration functionality allows you to build a seamless omnichannel experience. You can reach a larger target market as a result, which increases orders and successful sales.

Product-ListingProduct Listing

Thanks to the link with external databases, this functionality enables you to trade product listings and quickly add fresh offerings to your store. In this manner, you may download product data streams, enhance them, and then publish them on the store’s website.

As we’ve discussed the benefits and key features of abandonment cart software; let’s discuss:

How Can AI Aid in the Recovery of Abandoned Carts?  

Along with improving and optimizing the shopping cart experience, shopping cart recovery is an essential strategy for addressing cart abandonment. Despite your optimum attempts, some users will always abandon your online store by checkout out without buying anything, therefore you can never completely avoid cart abandonment. In order to try and win back a buyer who has somehow left your eCommerce store, here AI-based cart abandonment software comes into play.

Artificial intelligence is used by eCommerce companies to reduce the rate of online shopping cart abandonment and increase revenues. A user’s virtual gestures can be analyzed by AI and machine learning algorithms to predict when they are going to abandon their cart. They achieve this by using advanced analytical algorithms that quickly and accurately evaluate a vast set of data.

By understanding the process that results in cart abandonment on your eCommerce platform, you can interact with users in a way that keeps them on track.

Get in touch with an expert AI development company providing AI-based software development services if you want to offer genuine user experience for your users, make shopping approaches more constructive, more competent, accessible 24/7, answer frequently asked questions (FAQs), and boost effective shopping.

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How to Develop Cart Abandonment Software?

There are several key steps in the abandonment cart software development process, such as:

Do Requirement Analysis

When developing or enhancing cart abandonment software, you must connect with the tech teams to understand the needs. Business stakeholders and subject matter experts are consulted throughout the requirements phase to provide these metrics (SMEs).

The development team must know the project goal’s needs before developing an effective solution and appealing software design. The planning phase is aided by understanding numerous technological factors that may influence the development process. These factors include time, resources, and anticipated development teams products like ROI or projects, costs, and profits. The retail software development company can identify challenges or potential risks of the project and build ways to reduce them using requirement analysis.

Design UI/UX

To build the software per the project requirements, this stage uses a thorough understanding of software architecture. UI/UX developers build specialized software designs that establish transparent workflows and standards.

With the formation of the final prototype, a project’s whole structure is established at this stage. It entails specifying the solution’s functionality, core hardware and software components, structural capabilities, and operational procedures to achieve the business’s goals. The software developers move on to the actual development phase when the design phase is finished.

Build a Team

A diverse team’s structure and professional quality significantly impact an enterprise software development success. To build a solid cart software, you need to include the following roles in your development team: 

  • UI/UX designers 
  • Front-end developers
  • Back-end developers
  • QA testers
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager 

It is crucial to match mindsets and psychological tendencies with different people and find skill sets that work well together, as we can’t emphasize this enough. Each level of the team must be in sync. As numerous intricacies are involved in creating a successful team, it’s also beneficial to work with a top staff augmentation company.

Development Phase

The process having the most significant complexity, importance, and depth, with the most substeps, is development and coding. The team responsible for writing the software ensures that the code it produces complies with the client’s requirements and standards. If the previous stages of the software development life cycle were followed, this stage should yield positive outcomes.

Do Extensive Testing 

The testing phase is among the most crucial. The software cannot be delivered with any level of quality without testing. To assess quality, numerous types of testing are required, such as: 

  • Unit testing
  • Performance testing
  • Security testing
  • Integration testing 

Automating tests is the most excellent technique to guarantee that they are performed frequently and always considered for convenience. The testing step results in improved software that is prepared for deployment.

How Much Will It Cost to Develop Custom Cart Abandonment Software?

Well, estimating cart abandonment software development cost is not an easy task. As it depends on various factors like:  

  • Features you want to include in your abandonment cart software.  
  • Technologies & frameworks used for the development.  
  • The hired retail software development company  

Apart from the above-listed, there are many other factors that may impact cart abandonment software development cost. If you want to know the exact cost estimates for custom cart abandonment software development, then it would be best to consult with a leading staff augmentation company.



One excellent strategy to hasten customer recovery and cut down on the time and effort required for your marketing team to accomplish their job is to use a shopping cart abandonment solution.

You’ll see a relative decline in cart abandonment and an increase in recovered carts by effectively foreseeing the customer’s thoughts, personalizing your communications, providing transparency and assistance when necessary, and providing people with choices to complete a purchase in the manner they’d want to.

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