How to Develop Cloud Based POS Software?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023


Running a business in today’s competitive marketplace is a daunting task. Many businesses nowadays are attempting to maintain profitability and competitiveness while operating on thin margins, managing shipments, and inventories across many locations, among other things. 

For businesses, cloud based POS software is a fundamental requirement rather than a luxury. In a remarkable variety of ways, from inventory and monitoring to management tools and customer service, cloud POS software will help you run your business more efficiently.  

But why must businesses invest in custom POS software development? What are the advantages of POS software for businesses? Let’s find out! 

  • Your employees can manage their tasks remotely by logging in to the cloud POS software via their computer, smartphone, or tablet. 
  • The market for cloud POS software development surpassed USD 3 billion in 2021, and it is forecasted to rise at a CAGR of more than 20% from 2022 to 2028.  

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss all cloud based POS software development, including features and how to develop one for your business!  

What is Cloud Based POS Software? 

A system used by retail, restaurant, and other businesses to track sales, inventory, purchases, billing, etc., is known as cloud POS software. Without needing to install anything, cloud based POS software can be accessed and utilized using browsers. 

Additionally, all cloud POS software data is kept on remote servers and accessible from anywhere at any time. Your employees can manage their tasks remotely by logging in to the cloud POS software via their computer, smartphone, or tablet.  

Every business can benefit from cloud POS software’s comprehensive capabilities. Two industries that benefit most from cloud based POS software are:  

  • Restaurant businesses – Installing cloud based POS software can simplify restaurant management and boost profitability.  
  • Retail businesses – Retail businesses handle numerous tasks that might be challenging to keep track of while operating on narrow margins. However, they can manage all of these tasks effectively with cloud POS software.  

Why Must Businesses Invest in POS Software Development?

Well, portability and a massive decrease in human mistakes are two benefits of cloud based POS software. Furthermore, there are a variety of next generation technologies and third-party integrations available, to further enhance POS software functionality and user experience. Businesses just need to list down the features and choose a reliable pos software development company to own a custom built pos system for their business. 

Key Benefits of Using Cloud POS Software: 

Improves customer experience 

Retailers can offer a better customer experience thanks to POS systems. As a result, store employees can quickly locate the products that customers are looking for. Even better, the tools enable businesses to design self-service kiosks where clients may look for the products they need independently.  

Ensures greater security 

Cloud POS solutions guarantee that all customer data is correctly and securely maintained. Instead of being stored on computers, all the data is kept in the cloud. Therefore, the risk of losing important data due to viruses or malfunctioning systems is completely eliminated with cloud POS systems. Also, the cloud enables developers to safeguard user’s and business’s data from the risk of cyberattacks by enabling remote monitoring and maintenance.  

Early security breach is also provided by auto updates and scanning; however, you must hire DevOps developers and cloud engineers who can take appropriate actions before any security breach.  

Easy reporting & analytics 

You may compile thorough and precise sales reports by putting a cloud POS system in place. The reports were created to show information on sales volume, top-selling items, profit margins, and many other things. By using the cloud based POS software, you may reduce human errors that frequently happen while entering sales data, resulting in information that is totally correct.   

Easily integrable 

Due to its great flexibility, cloud based POS software is the best option for SMBs who wish to offer their customers loyalty or reward points and the newest payment options. It’s critical for SMBs to have a fully scalable payment system that can quickly and easily adapt to changes in payment technology and new payment ways as their businesses expand.  

Apart from the above mentioned, some other benefits of cloud POS software development are: – 

  • Cloud based POS software can be accessed anywhere at any time using a browser or mobile device 
  • As cloud POS software complies with legal requirements and the best data security standards to safeguard your transactions, your data is kept safe in the cloud 
  • As it wouldn’t need specific equipment, networking, etc., cloud POS software is a cost-effective solution 
  • With custom POS software development, companies/businesses may connect with numerous payment gateways and accept multiple payment types including credit/debit cards, and more 
  • The productivity of your company/business will increase with cloud POS software because you won’t require technical expertise to administer, update, and repair your systems! But you need to partner with a top POS software development company.  

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As you’ve seen, the benefits of custom POS software development for businesses. Now, let’s check,  

Must-Have Features You Need to Consider during Custom POS Software Development!

Key features that you can also include in your custom POS software are: 

Real-time analytics

With this functionality, managers can use a cloud POS system to gather and analyze data in real-time. This enables them to make important decisions based on information that could significantly improve the efficiency of your business’s operations.  

Sales monitoring

This functionality allows cloud POS software to generate extremely precise sales reports. For you to better understand how well your business is performing, these can be planned to track your yearly, monthly, weekly, every day, and hourly cash outflows and revenues. By doing so, business managers are able to manage inventories, develop estimates based on sales trends, and identify sales trends and unnecessary product purchases.  

Track employees

This function automates the accurate payroll calculation and also the tracking of employee progress and attendance. It clears up any misconceptions between you and your employees, promoting greater transparency and productivity.  

Record sales data 

Every transaction is recorded using this function of a cloud based POS system, but more advanced techniques also provide analysis and reporting to provide useful sales intelligence. These features can help you move from making informed to data-driven decisions. 

Inventory management

Your inventory can be tracked and inspected in real-time, thanks to this functionality. Similar to automatic updates, it can display changes in the supply of various products immediately. It can also track the movement of stock between different stores.  

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Barcode scanning 

You must be able to set up and print barcodes using your POS software so that you can maintain inventory records. When stocking a new item, you can create a special barcode for it and enter the product’s information into your custom cloud based POS software. To keep track of your stock levels, scan products as they are added to your inventory and once more when they are sent to another business or sold.  

It would be beneficial for you to partner up with a top POS software development company to add unique functionalities like those mentioned above and many more. 

How to Develop Cloud Based POS Software? 

Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to develop custom POS software for your business!  

Start with a plan 

Planning entails evaluating the entire project to identify its shortcomings and potential advantages. Also, you need to start assembling resources so that you can decide on the best course of action for your custom POS software development project. This makes it possible for you to avoid starting a project that might not produce the desired outcomes or result in financial waste. Planning also enables you to be better informed, which increases your likelihood of avoiding any major problems in the future.   

Making a design 

Among the most important stages in the custom POS software development process. The design phase is when the real solution-thinking happens, resulting in a detailed architecture that satisfies certain project requirements. 

Designers build designs that adhere to predetermined guidelines and standards, have a clear overall solution/product design, and contain a defined database structure and design. The complete project structure, including the final prototype and mockups that will be used in later stages of the custom POS software development process, is created during this phase.  

Start the development

The work after the design stage is properly divided into numerous units and modules after the design documentation for the software that has to be developed is received. The beginning of actual coding happens at this stage. The phase’s primary goal is for the developers to create flawless codes.  

Test the product 

The development and coding of the custom cloud based POS software are now complete, and system testing can start. The cloud POS software has been thoroughly tested at this step and is then made available to the general public for input.  

How Much Will It Cost to Develop Cloud Based POS Software?

Well, there’s no predefined cost to build custom POS software. The cost to develop an efficient cloud-based POS software depends on various factors like: 

  • Features & functionalities
  • Architecture 
  • Complexity 
  • Platform 
  • Type 
  • Hired POS software development company 
  • Tech stack used 


Cloud-based software is the way to go in a digital environment where technology is continuously changing. Traditional POS systems simply cannot offer the mobility, simplicity, productivity, and reliability that cloud technology does.  Whether you’re searching for a cloud POS system or a solution to assist you in running your business, the reality is that you need to concentrate on the essential features that will enable you to do so.  Contact us to start with developing a custom cloud-based POS software for your retail business.  


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