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Want to manage your sales more efficiently? We are a leading retail POS software development company, providing POS software across domains to help businesses make the most out of every sale.
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    Why POS Software for your Business?

    With a POS solution for your retail business, you will get real-time updates of the inventory data and can use it for varied research and analytical purposes. POS software system integrated with CRM and other legacy software will be easy to use and powerful enough to manage multiple store locations for your business in an automated fashion. Matellio, as a POS software development company, has hands-on experience of working on POS development and has successfully completed the development of POS terminals, dashboards, and applications for many businesses.
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    Integrated Sales Records

    Collect all your sales data from multiple stores into a centralized repository to manage finances and derive insights optimally.

    Simplified Invoicing

    A POS system integrated with accounting software of your business will simplify invoicing for your business.

    Enhanced Security
    Better Security

    A dedicated POS system will keep all your sales, commission, customer, and inventory data secure from unauthorized access.

    Inventory Management
    Inventory Management

    Integrated with the inventory management system, the POS will automate stock maintenance with enhanced turnaround time.

    Features of POS Software

    Build robust and feature-rich POS solution that efficiates your sales, inventory, and resource management operations

    Employee Admin

    Compound your human resource management operations with your POS solution to streamline both processes for improved efficiency.

    Loyalty Management

    The POS software will enable you to manage membership rules and offers, and streamline customer relationship operations.

    Data-Backed Decisions

    Centralized Data

    Monitor and control all your sales data from different POS terminals in a centralized repository to eliminate inconsistent data.

    Centralized Dashboard

    Get a complete overview of the available inventory and the sales data to enable all your sales staff to make quicker decisions.

    Customer Billing

    Create invoices for your customers with provisions for membership special discounts, packaging and delivery charges, and return label.

    Multi-Store Admin

    Get robust Point of sale software that operates on data from not one but all your multiple stores to facilitate inter-store transfers.

    Returns Management

    Allow your team to manage the returns from the POS software to enable them to serve your customers better and in less time.

    Commission Manager

    By integrating the HR operations with sales on your POS system, the software will help you manage the commissions effortlessly.

    Sales Report

    Create sales analysis report to better manage supply and demand cycles of your store all thorough your custom POS software.

    Looking for POS Software Consultation?

    Share your requirements with Matellio and get the utmost help with a tailored POS software development.
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    Custom Retail Point of Sale Software Solutions we offer

    Explore varied PoS solutions and services Matellio offers for retail industry

    Custom POS Software Development Services we offer

    Innovative and Result-oriented Services for Point-of-sale Development Solutions.
    POS Ecosystem Consulting

    We offer bespoke consulting services from creating a brand POS Software to integrating 3rd Party solutions with existing POS solution

    accounting integration
    Accounting Integration

    Integrating your accounting solutions with POS software will help you automate your bookkeeping and invoice management processes.

    POS NFC App Development
    POS NFC App Development

    To make your POS solution more efficient, we create custom NFC enabled applications to facilitate your customers for contactless payments.

    pay at table solution
    Pay at Table Solution

    Empower your restaurant customers to make payment right from their table to check out easily and with safer contactless payment solution.

    3pi integration
    3PI Integration

    We offer integration services with third-party APIs so you can smoothly run your Point-of-sale operations without unnecessary overheads.

    loyalty software
    Loyalty Management Software

    Increase your repeat sales and revenue per customer by investing in a tailored POS solution equipped with referral, transactional, and behavioral rewards.

    Beyond One-Size-Fits-All: Custom POS Software for Diverse Needs

    Custom POS software designed for unique business needs, ensuring tailored solutions beyond generic offerings.

    AI-driven sales analytics and seamless customer transactions.


    Streamlining guest services and operational efficiency with smart technology.


    Offering secure patient billing and efficient data management.


    Simplifying financial transactions and management.


    Ensuring quick, reliable transactions and guest management.


    Optimizing checkout, inventory management, and customer engagement.


    Providing consistent customer experiences across all retail touchpoints.

    Transportation and Logistics

    Enhancing ticketing, scheduling, and financial operations.

    Our Success Story

    VirTry-A Virtual Trial and Shopping Experience

    Matellio’s solution included real-time fitting using the phone’s camera, picture upload and editing, role-based access, and a customizable shopping experience.
    Real-time Fitting

    A live trial option through the camera of the phone for a real experience.

    Upload Pictures

    Upload any of your pictures and try the products you like on those.

    Role-Based Login

    Three role-based logins based on different capabilities for different users.

    View Case study

    Pharmao – Streamlining Online Medicine Delivery

    Matellio’s solution included features like prescription upload, live chat with pharmacists, integrated online payment, and order tracking.
    Prescription Upload

    Upload the prescription required to order certain medicines directly on the app.

    Live Chat

    Users can chat with pharmacists for questions and special instructions about the order.

    Online Payment

    Users can pay on the app directly without having to access third-party applications.

    view case study

    SofTap - Beauty and Lifestyle App For Fashion Professionals

    Matellio’s solution was an app that allows users to upload photos, try different cosmetic styles in real-time, and receive personalized recommendations.
    Upload Pictures

    Click & upload your or customers’ latest pictures to find out the look that suits best.

    Virtual Try On

    Try various looks and take an informed decision to slay your show.

    Content Suggestion
    Receive Recommendations

    Simply log in to your SofTap account & order, find colors, shapes & get advice for corrections.

    view case study

    Hear the Difference We Make

    ``Matellio has finished the first version of the app, and the client is happy with the quality of their work. The team is very professional — they adhere to deadlines, follow the budget, and communicate efficiently. Also, their broad expertise allows them to handle different types of tasks and issues.``
    Chris Johnson Chief Revenue Officer, My Life Legacy
    ''Thanks to Matellio’s work, the client now has an amazing platform, and they’re close to rolling it out to over 1,000 different agencies across the US. The team is responsive and communicative, and they deliver on time and on budget. Additionally, they take ownership of projects to make them succeed.''
    Walter Lautz CEO, Foresti
    ''The client is impressed with Matellio’s services. They’re cost-effective, and they have capabilities that are not found in the company’s previous vendors. Their project management skills are also good, and they have a wide network of resources that allows them to accomplish any task given to them.''
    Justin Labagh Owner, iPracticeBuilder
    ''Their team remained responsive and adaptable amidst changing requirements, and also created more detailed specifications which enhanced development efficiency. Their communication and timeliness were impressive, as well as their ability to promptly fix issues during testing.''
    Wei Lian CEO, Yiupai Inc
    '' The fact that Matellio treats projects as their own is outstanding; they truly want to see their clients succeed.''
    Walter Lautz CEO, Foresti

    Other Retail and Ecommerce Solutions that We Can Build for You

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can you export my data from my old POS to a new POS?

    We help you make a secure backup of your previous data and integrate the same in the existing or newly developed POS system.

    2. Can my employees easily learn your POS system?

    We offer POS solutions that are easier to operate and implement and seamlessly integrate with your processes.

    3. How long will you take to start the POS project?

    Once you discuss your requirements with us, we can start with the process starting with business analysis followed by development and rigorous testing. 

    4. Can you share more details about your post-launch support and maintenance?

    Matellio provides a one-month free post-launch support and maintenance. Clients can purchase flexible support and maintenance packages once the free support ends. 

    5. How much would it cost to build a retail POS Solution?

    The cost to build an application depends on various factors like features complexity, technical requirements, technology usage, region of development, and much more. For a precise estimation, share your detailed requirements with us. 

    6. What is the process of retail POS software development?

    To create a custom POS software to facilitate your retail business’ processes, we follow these steps: 

    • Consulting
    • Development
    • Testing
    • Deployment
    • Migration
    • Updation 

    7. What is POS (Point-of-Sale) API?

    POS API helps the businesses to accept credit and debit card in-person payments from anywhere, anyone through square point using a mobile app. 

    8. Will the POS solution be able to integrate with my existing accounting software?

    Yes, Matellio develop software tailored as per the individual requirements of clients. The POS solution would be capable of integrating with your existing systems that will save both time and cost. 

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