Cloud Solutions For Web App Development: How And Which One To Choose?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

Cloud Solutions For Web App Development

Cloud-based services market is growing very fast. This is because you have to spend less time, energy, and money on building your own infrastructure when you create app programs. Cloud computing services like storage, database, servers, analytics, and intelligence are all provided at a low operating cost. Opting for Cloud solutions has become very popular.

Cloud-based services have seen major growth globally over the years. Gartner has predicted that the revenue from public cloud solutions worldwide in 2018 alone which was roughly $305.8 billion will go up to around $411.4 billion by 2020.

By 2021, it is predicted that the revenue of public cloud services will go beyond an estimate of $278.3 billion.

Cloud Services Companies

Cloud-Based solution

Cloud Services companies offer development of applications, management of applications and deployment of applications.  Even technologies that are modern like artificial intelligence; IOT, big data analytics, web, and mobile app hosting choose to use the cloud-based services.

These companies offer their services to companies, individuals and governments also. Some of them even give their subscribers the facility of a complete virtual group of computers. Depending on their requirements these are given at any time. Sometimes, these Cloud services companies provide a platform that is like an actual computer with it having hardware like CPU, GPU, SSD, RAM, pre-loaded apps, and an operating system.

Their services include computing, networking, machine learning, storage, and the Internet of Things. They also offer tools for security, development and cloud management. They also offer software developers the facility of developing an application that works on app engine.

When you are looking for an appropriate cloud solution, you should keep in mind that the cloud services company should have expertise in cloud management, development, and give you good cloud-based services along with the provision of a good cloud computing system.

Web App Development

An internet connection is required to operate web-based applications. It uses HTTP as it’s a communication protocol. Very often web-based applications work via web browsers only. It can be an application that is client based which can be installed on a desktop. However, the processing can be done using an external server for the internet.

Some examples of the web-based applications are online calculators, flash games, spreadsheet applications, and word processors. They can be accessed from anywhere, have limited scalability and availability, and the user data and business processes are stored at only one data center.

Advantages of Cloud Service for Web App Development

  1. Cloud solutions are being employed a lot for web app development so that customer demands can be met.
  2. They provide a secure gateway
  3. Cost efficient option
  4. Provision of a virtual server
  5. It can be increased as your needs grow
  6. Connects easily to AWS services
  7. Provision of control and flexibility to configure as per user needs
  8. Server management is easy as key resources like security and networking can be automatically configured

New technology should be utilized to improve user experience and that is where the future exists. Cloud computing companies have to keep up with the times. You can sign up for a cloud service model like PAAS, SAAS, and LAAS which will promote business growth and bring more efficiency and flexibility. There is a lot of competition and hence cloud computing companies have to make sure that the delivery of their services and innovations is better than other companies. And some of the other benefits are

  • Cloud-based services are affordable, scalable, and secure.
  • Cloud Service Models Available for Web App Development

The 3 cloud service models are

  1. Software As A Service (SAAS)

  2. Infrastructure As A Service (LAAS)

  3. Platform As A Service (PAAS)



SAAS gives access to cloud-based web applications very quickly. The vendor has control over the whole computing stack which can be accessed via a web browser. You can use these applications by paying for the license subscription or free but with limited access. These applications work on the cloud. SAAS does not need to be installed or downloaded in the computer infrastructure that already exists. Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox, and Google G Suite are some examples of SAAS. The pros of adopting SAAS are

  • The services are accessible anywhere
  • They are affordable and are ready to use
  • SAAS is a very good option for small businesses which do not have the budget or resources to have their own on-premise hardware



LAAS provides cloud computing resources over the cloud. A cloud service company that provides LAAS gives you full computing infrastructure like servers, storage, networking hardware along with support and maintenance.

Businesses can get cloud-based services, according to their needs, without installing hardware in their office. Google Compute Engine, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure are some good cloud service companies that provide LAAS. The advantages of going with LAAS are

  • It has enhanced scalability
  • Its deployment is simple
  • The cost is minimized
  • The pricing is flexible which will depend on your business needs

LAAS is the most flexible cloud model and is completely the right option if control over hardware infrastructure is required because it helps you to manage and customize according to your needs.


PAAS is a cloud base where different applications can be tested, developed and organized for your business. The execution of PAAS simplifies the process of business software development. The servers, networking, and storage are managed by the platform provider or the company.  AWS Elastic Beanstalk and Google App Engine are good PAAS service providers. You have to subscribe to this service. Some of the advantages of using PAAS are

  • Enhanced collaboration
  • Multiple programming language support
  • Minimal development time


Hence, these are some of the solutions for web app development because cloud computing systems and all cloud-based services will be in place without the headache of building a separate infrastructure for it. And cloud services shall be chosen according to business needs and the given financial budget.

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