Cost and Key Features to Develop App Clipboard Like Clipt

Updated on Nov 26th, 2021

Cost and Key Features to Develop App Clipboard Like Clipt

When was the last time you emailed yourself that humongous data and then got frustrated because it crossed the general limit of 25 MB? Or how many accounts have you created on different instant messengers to share data across your devices? We bet both situations happen to you more often than you’d like to expect.  

When it comes to sharing information with oneself, either accessing it later in free time or simply entering it into a form opened in a different device, there has never been a seamless way to do that. This is why, even though pretty simple in its functionality, Clipt has become a widely popular mobile application among the masses.  

It befits all the benchmarks that lead to successful innovations. It solves a common problem. It is quite simple to use. It enhances productivity. All the traits necessary to make your utility mobile app development story an indubitable success. So, before we get into all the features and costs required for you to develop your clone app, let’s learn a little more about the app itself. 

What is the Clipt App, and What Does it Do? 

In simplest terms, clipt is the app for seamless data transfer from one device to another. Developed by One Labs, the app solves the major inconvenience for people who use various digital devices to collect and share information. The app is available as a chrome extension for Windows and Mac PCs and Android mobile phones and tablets. Once installed in all the related devices, the app allows users to create an entire ecosystem where information can flow freely. 

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The app does it via a seemingly seamless clipboard that allows information to transport freely from one device to another. Of course, for this to happen, the app has to use some kind of cloud platform. And the app does that with the most popular one- Google Drive. So, for the app to function, the user needs to register the installed apps with the same Google account.  

So now, whenever users want to share information, including some string, files, images, etc., they can select that data, use a basic interface to share it through the app, and eventually receive it on all the different registered devices. 

The app makes the entire process quite effortless. Moreover, it doesn’t limit the size of data to be shared. As long as the data does not cross the limit of your Drive’s available memory, you’re good to go. 

How does the App Work? 

The one-of-a-kind app has been designed to simplify the transfer of data from one device to another. This is why a peer-to-peer connection is a must for the app. However, the way it establishes such a connection is quite unique and effortless compared to its predecessors. Most data sharing productivity apps rely on technologies like Nearby sharing and Bluetooth to transfer information. Clipt, on the other hand, uses Google Drive to accomplish that. 

So, when you first download the app on your Android device (the app is yet not available for iOS users), it asks you to sign in to your Google account. Once you’ve done that, you are asked to install the app to another mobile device or install an extension to your desktop/laptop web browser.  

After installing the extension on the desktop, or the app on another mobile phone, you will be shown a success screen stating the connection with one device has been implemented. 

Now, the app is all set to help you transport files, texts, and other data from one connected device to another. To make it work, you can simply copy a text in one device and then just as easily paste it to your other device. The app sends notification whenever there is an entry to the clipboard of the app, so that you don’t even have to paste it manually. Simply clicking on the notification will do the job for you.  

A very similar approach is used to share files as well. You can pick a file from one of your devices, and then when you share it through the app, every other device installed with the app will be able to download it directly from the app notification. Other key features through which the app is making lives easier can be better understood with its few, simple, yet impactful features. 

Key Features to Develop a Clipboard App Like Clipt 

The rising popularity of the Clipt app doesn’t lie in the multiplicity of its features. It’s the simple innovations that make the app such a hit among the audience of varied demographics. Here’s a brief introduction of the app’s salient features and how you can add them to your clone app. Key Features to Develop a Clipboard App Like Clipt

Google Drive Integration

Google Drive Integration

The app works through common Google accounts by transferring data to Google Droves. The app stores transferred data into the Google account, and you can download it directly on any of your connected devices. The app maintains a history of the last ten transactions, so as soon as the eleventh entry is made, the first transaction history would disappear so will the data from the Drive's cache.

Clipboard Management

Clipboard Management

The eponymous feature of the app allows you to copy information on one device and then seamlessly paste it into another. Connecting through a common Google Drive account, the app creates a mutual clipboard for all the devices connected through the app. So, for example, you copy a complex OTP password from a text on your phone, you can then simply paste it in your web browser window just as though you've copied the text from the same device.


Training Screens

The app has brought a relatively new concept among users. This is why it's extremely important to train them even if the app's interface is highly intuitive. The training screens on the clipt app guide through the entire process, from signing in to different devices to showing how all the different kinds of data can be transferred. The app ensures complete education to its users, and you must do the same for your clone.

Transport Files

Sending files from one device to another has never been easier. You can simply select the file from the file manager, image from the gallery, and then select the share option from right there. You will get Clipt among the apps that can be used for the sharing purpose when you do so, and then with just a click, you will have sent the file to all the connected devices. To share files, you can also use the in-built file manager on the app.

Sending Sensitive Information

Sending Sensitive Information

Since the app uses your personal Google account to transfer string data from one device to another, it provides a safe way to send confidential information easily. The app itself doesn't store any data at all. The data on your Google Drive is also removed automatically after enough transfers have happened. You can also manually delete the transactions you don't feel comfortable having there in the history. All this makes sending sensitive information like passwords an easy deal for the users.

Interactive File Manager

Interactive File Manager

The app provides an explorer window to search and browse through the data on your device. This is done in order to facilitate sharing by searching data from the app's window itself. However, this also unintentionally helps users end up with a dedicated file management system that they can use as easily as a native device explorer. Talk about killing two birds with a stone!

Transfer Text Messages

Transfer Text Messages

The multifunctional app also allows you to share text messages from one device to another seamlessly. You simply have to select the text, go to the sharing options, and pick the app's name from the list generated. And just like that, you will have sent the text message from one registered device to another. For this feature to work on your app, make sure you include permission for the app to read text messages on the devices when asked by the user.


Transfer History

Unlike the regular digital clipboard, this seamless multi-device one can store up to 10 transfer details (including copied strings, passwords, messages, files, etc.). So, now you can transfer multiple files and copy multiple things on your clipboard without having to switch from one device to another and paste them all together. You can even copy or collect data from multiple devices before pasting or downloading them once in one device.

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How Much Will It Cost to Develop a Clipt Clone App 

Developing a P2P data-sharing app depends on various factors that can always keep the overall cost of development variable. Mostly, if your app has more tailored features, it will cost you a bit more than one with simpler features. However, it also depends on the technology. Suppose fewer features require more native functionalities and have complex business logic. In that case, their development cost will easily outweigh features that are myriad in number but much simpler to develop. That being said, there are many other features that can help you decide on an estimated cost to build a Clipt clone app. 



Usually, hybrid apps are quicker to develop and hence can cost less than native apps. Moreover, the publishing costs of even native apps differ from one another. This is why you should always consult your business expertise to understand the cost related to the development of mobile apps in terms of their respective platforms.


Both the location of the app development and that of target audience plays a crucial role in determining the overall cost of development of a utility app. It’s taken that developing a productivity app in developed regions will cost you more than outsourcing skills from emergent nations, where you can hire developers at five times lower rates.


Project Timeline

Another factor that contributes most to the cost of development is the project's urgency. Now, building a secure and reliable app like Clipt is going to require many skilled professionals. If you want them to just drop everything and complete your project immediately, they're definitely going to charge you more for that.

From features to location, so many variables are counted when it comes to calculating the app’s development cost. This is why it’s ideal that you directly connect the base with a utility mobile app development company to get an exact quote. 

Want to Know the Exact Cost to Develop a Clipt Clone App?

Wrapping Up 

When it comes to creating modern-age solutions, Occam’s Razor stays true- “Simplest solutions are often the best.” Out of all the productivity apps launched in recent times, Clipt has garnered the most popularity. With its simple solution, the lightweight app can help anyone who uses multiple devices for their day-to-day work. It’s a solution that no one knew how badly we all needed. This is why if you’re planning to invest in even a simpler solution with similar functionalities, you’re already on the right track. Simple clipboard management and data transfer app can simplify the daily lives of so many people that you’ll have no hardships targeting and growing your audience base. 

Matellio experts, too, are of the opinion that now is the best time to invest in such a simple, seamless, and secure solution that allows users to send data easily to their personal devices. Besides, our skillsets and experience also enable us to see how many of the app’s features can even be further improved with just a little customization. The blank screen of the app started to leave out much potential to make a clone app even more user-friendly. The other share-utilities like Nearby Share and iBeacon can also be used to improve the app’s functionalities further, making it more inclusive. Furthermore, there is currently no such app for iOS users. By speeding up your app development process with our refined agile methodology, we’ll enable you to acquire a substantial number of audiences in less time. 

As a leading on-demand P2P file sharing applications development company, Matellio can help you build a Clipt clone mobile app in no time. Our skilled Android and iOS mobile app developers are well-equipped with the latest technologies to add as many useful features to your app to get it ranked among the top productivity apps easily. In case you’re still wondering how long it can all take or whether your ideas are even feasible or not, fill this form now to get a quick call from our solution experts today! They will guide you to the entire project’s timeline and how long each feature will take to develop. This way, you can even plan your marketing and launch strategy for the app well ahead of time.

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