How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Voice Changer App?

Updated on Mar 22nd, 2024

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Voice Changer App?

These days, creators are using voice changers for their videos due to the growing concern about privacy. With the help of innovative solutions like voice-changing apps, users can fool their family and friends by altering their natural voice into an uncaring and anonymous one. The use of voice-changing software by gamers is widespread. A voice changer app changes the tone of their voice to give it a slightly amusing sound. These voice modulation apps create humorous films and videos that are then shared on social media.  

Nowadays, the demand for such apps is increasing rapidly. If you are interested in developing such apps with more advanced functionalities, then this is the right time. But how to develop a voice-changing app, and how much will it cost?  

If you are looking for answers to such questions, this blog is for you!  

Today, in this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about voice-changing mobile app development. We’ll also cover the benefits, advanced features of voice-changer apps and how to develop a custom voice-changing app from scratch!  

First of all, let’s start with,

  • You can record your audio with this application and then alter the audio by adding special effects.  
  • Making a new tune, recording their Reels, and enjoying with their pals are some of the various motives of individuals to check out voice changer applications. 
  • There are three major monetization Models for voice changer apps, the subscription model, advertisement and a freemium model. Explore the blog to know more.  
  • App’s complexity, Features, Tech stack used, region of a hired the top mobile app development company, the platform chosen are some of the key factors affecting the cost of voice changer app development.

What Are Voice Changer Apps?

Apps that modify your voice allow you to do so quickly and are voice changer apps. If you want to trick someone or pass the time, you can add several effects to your voice. These voice-changing apps make it simple to transform the voice into a man, woman, beast, bird, ghost, and far more.   

The voice will get better, enabling you to give it various intriguing effects that you might need, such as hilarious, scary, romantic, slow, and rapid. You can change your voice’s age from young to elderly and from old to young boy or girl with these apps as well. 

As you’ve seen an overview of the voice changer app, now, let’s move forward and discuss about that.

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Key Features to Consider During Voice Changing App Development!


Below are some potential features you can consider while voice-changing app development. So, take a look!   


This feature of the voice changer app enables users to build and utilize speech filters, sharing all their recordings. It also offers a variety of filters, such as monotone voice, helium voice, Lord voice, and many more. Additionally, users can slow down or even reverse the pace at which they speak.   

Prank Call

Prank Call is one of the most excellent features of voice changer apps for playing amusing and practical jokes on their friends. This functionality allows users to dial an infinite number of free practical jokes with entertaining voice effects. Thanks to this, users can choose from various prank situations to annoy their buddies. You should include this great function in your voice-changing app right away if you want your app to succeed.  


Users can use this functionality to record their voice using the microphone for your demo or presentation. Then, create a noise-free, high-quality voice from their recorded audio. Without expensive recording devices, a studio, or a silent room, this feature makes it possible to produce audio of professional quality.  

Offline Mode

Users should be able to interact with your platform through your app even when they are not online. To let them use their preferred filters even when there is a weak internet connection, you can allow them to download filters while they are online.   

Transcribe Voice

Users can turn their recorded audio into an editable script using the voice changer app’s functionality. Users are also allowed to enter one hand. Just like editing a word document, users can add or remove pauses, remove superfluous words, and rearrange the sequences.   

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Remove Words

Naturally occurring filler words and sounds are frequently present in randomly recorded voice audio. They might, however, prevent anyone from producing the ideal demonstration or presentation. Using this feature, users can detect filler words, transitional phrases, etc., in their voiceover after it has been converted to text in the voice-changing app and remove them before creating a new voiceover.   

High/low Pitch

The High Pitch Effect causes the voice to sound noticeably higher in pitch. This effect enables the transformation of a woman’s voice into that of a little girl and a male voice into that of a female. The low-pitch effect deepens the voices in your clip. A woman’s voice can indeed be made to sound like a men with this effect, while a little girl’s voice can certainly be turned to sound like a woman’s.   


With this functionality, users can either remove the voice from the audio or mute it for a certain section of the script. This is especially helpful if they’ve spoken a few additional words and want to either delete them or mute them. This functionality also offers the freedom to mute or clip any amount of voice or text, be it a single word, a phrase, or a paragraph.   

Login- Users can sign up for your personalized voice-changing app using Facebook or email. Your business strategy will ultimately determine whether to include the signup facility. Furthermore, the app uses a freemium business model, which necessitates registration before use and, more importantly, grants access to content for a trial period before a subscription is purchased.  

Push Notifications

Users of the app will be able to receive notifications from this feature when new app upgrades are made available, among other things. The function enables the app to notify users of something intriguing. The user is kept abreast of updates to the app store in this way. The user will be announced through notification if the subscription package is degraded in any way.  


Ensure your voice changer application is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. Additionally, you can focus on iOS and Android users to increase the reach of your app.  

As you’ve seen the key features of the voice changer app; now, let’s discuss,  

How Voice-Changing Apps Can Make Money?

You can utilize various monetization models while developing voice-changing apps. We’ll talk about a few of them in the coming section. So, take a look!   

Subscription-modelSubscription Model

By using this model, you may give your app’s users access to various content for a set fee. Your app’s price strategy should reflect the advantages that customers will experience.   


You don’t charge your users any fees under this model. Instead, you make money by running advertising. Users must view adverts to use your app.   

Freemium-modelFreemium Model

With this type of business strategy, you can first provide free filters before charging a higher service fee for exclusive filters. To establish the first connections with your app users, adopt this model.  

As of now, we’ve discussed the overview, features, and monetization models for voice-changing apps; now, let’s move forward and discuss the real deal of this blog!  

How to Develop a Voice Changer App?


You need to take a few essential steps to make your voice-changing app development initiative a big hit. The key development steps that you need to follow are:  

Do Some Market Research

Analyze the demands of the audience. The region where you wish to launch your app will largely determine how it works. You can miss this information if you don’t do a preference study. When creating a voice changer app, it may help you spot potential pitfalls or provide you with insights that will help you stand out from the crowd.  

Choose Platform

Ideally, a voice changer Android app and an equivalent iOS application should be created. These are two of the most widely used mobile device platforms in the entire world. Despite this, as most companies have stretched resources, sometimes you have to make a decision. In this situation, it is advisable to consider the region where you plan to launch your project. 

Design UI/UX

Designing user interfaces is crucial. Your users will be drawn to and kept on by a user-friendly but attractive, logical, and contemporary design. The value of employing highly qualified UI/UX designers from a top app development company cannot be overstated. 

Build a Team

You need a group of experts from various fields to build any application. The interface has to be developed, and someone else needs to take care of the server component, design, project management, testing, and promotion. You require collaborators who can make your idea a reality. You need the following members in your team:  

  • Android app developers
  • iOS app developers  
  • Project manager  
  • QA testers  
  • Front-end developers  
  • Back-end developers  
  • Business Analyst  
  • UI/UX designers  

Choose the Right Tech Stack

You may require a sizable stack of technologies, depending on the type of application you want to develop. Below are the ideal technologies you can use to build a voice changer app:


Do Not Forget to Test Your Product

Testing is done naturally during the development process, but it is crucial to do so once the entire application has been created. Your app is prepared for market release once the QA engineers’ have found bugs or issues resolved.   

Lastly, let’s discuss,  

What is the Cost of Developing a Voice Changer App?

So, we are at the most awaited section of our article – the cost of developing a voice changer app.   

Now, like other custom mobile apps, the cost of a voice changer app depends on multiple factors. For instance, one of the factors is the features. A simple voice changer app that only allows users to alter the pitch of their voice may be relatively straightforward and inexpensive to develop, while a more complex app with multiple voice alteration options and additional features, such as the ability to record and share audio clips, may be more costly.  

Another important factor to consider is the voice changer app development platform you want to target. If you want to target Android or iOS users, creating a single app will do the work and will be less costly than a voice changer app developed for a cross-platform audience.  

The size and experience of the development team also impact the cost of creating a voice changer app. A larger team with more experienced developers may be able to complete the project more quickly and efficiently, but it will also likely come with a higher price tag. On the other hand, a smaller team or an individual developer may be able to deliver a basic voice changer app at a lower cost but may need more resources or expertise to handle a more complex project.   

However, if you opt for our needs-based scaling services, you can easily hire/reduce your app development team per your project’s needs.  

In short, the cost of developing a voice changer app can range from a few thousand dollars for a basic app to tens of thousands of dollars or more for a more complex app with a wider range of features and multiple platforms. 

Apart from those mentioned above, some factors affect voice changer app development costs. Hence, the best way to get a free cost estimate for your custom voice-changing application is to opt for our consulting services. You can book a free 30-minute consultation slot to discuss your ideas with our experts and get a free no-obligation quote for your project.

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To conclude, we can say that developing a custom voice changer app can be a profitable idea. However, considering the factors involved in its development and monetizing it can yield much more promising results in the long run. Hence, you must follow the best app development practices to optimize your efforts.  

Connect with a professional app development company that validates your idea and helps you at every stage of your app development. Contact us today to begin your voice changer app development journey with a free consultation.

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