Cutting-Edge Technologies to Make Your Travel App Unique

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

Cutting-Edge Technologies to Make Your Travel App Unique

Don’t you like traveling? I know your answer will be yes! All thanks to the cutting-edge technology-empowered apps; everyone loves traveling now as the hassles are eliminated. Moreover, travel apps are becoming more user-friendly, entertaining, and fascinating. But, are all travel apps the same? The answer is, no!

So, what differentiates the best travel app from the so many available in app stores? Read further to find out!

1. AR Capabilities in Travel Apps

Marketers often use the tagline, ‘try before you buy’; and who doesn’t want to try before buying! However, it wasn’t easy in the travel sector to test the product before buying. So, travel industry faced challenges in reaching out to the customers and trying to convince them to convert. The developers of the top augmented reality apps have brought the most significant turning point in the history of the travel industry. Apps with augmented reality capabilities give virtual tours of tourist destinations. If the user interested in knowing the history of the monument or city that he is visiting, he is no longer limited by the tour guide’s experience. An AR app can give all the information that the traveler wants! Similarly, AR apps help the users experience the hotel rooms and facilities without actually visiting it.  This is not all! To explore local food at a tourist destination, the user needs to point his phone towards it and get access to its reviews, menu, etc. AR-based apps also eliminate language barriers when traveling to foreign lands. The user can get all the required information and help in his language without knowing the native language of the place. Travelers persistently fear getting lost in a foreign land. The AR navigation apps will rescue from such critical situations as well. Vacations are a mix of amazing real and virtual experiences now, and the top AR apps have made it possible!  

2. Capturing Big Data

The traveling app can collect so much user data. This data helps the business to create customer profiling. The customers are segregated based on their profiles. Customer segmentation is then used to offer seasonal discounts to selected customers.  Big data speaks volumes about the customers’ preferences. The right analysis of this data can help businesses offer selective deals for specific preferences such as alternative accommodation if the preferred one is not available. Big data, when used intelligently, can help build a custom tour package for the traveler.  Disruptions are the biggest fear of travelers. Big data can be used to predict disruptions by studying data patterns. It can help predict flight cancellations due to bad weather and seasonal problems like heavy snowfall. Big data analysis can also be used to predict the best travel times. Or, if travel is anyway inevitable, it can prepare the traveler for the disruptions so that he can plan his schedules accordingly.  

3. AI Empowered Travel Apps

AI is empowering the travel industry like never before. Artificial intelligence is all set to replace humans in the knowledge and information required to respond in critical business situations. Big data undoubtedly is crucial for making business decisions. But, ever wondered if the decision making itself becomes automated? Here’s where AI comes into the picture.  As already discussed, big data helps analyze customer behavior. Effective analytics is about customer segmentation using analytics data. What can the app do with this data? The AI-empowered app can send personalized recommendations based on the customer’s past searches and app behavior. Can you expect a human to respond to each customer’s app behavior in real-time? Machine learning-based apps learn from each interaction with the customer and improve the customer experience using that learning. So, the responses start becoming more and more relevant and accurate.The customized response is also quick and eliminates human error. The AI-based intelligent virtual travel assistants, chatbots, or voice-based assistants resolve customer queries in no time. The app can also suggest price forecasting for flights and hotels. The customer can thus plan alternative travel dates on cheaper tickets. To trigger a conversion, AI apps instantly create the perfect deal for every customer based on the season, preferences, and available options. Travel apps are finally learning and delivering to changed traveler behaviors!

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The best travel app stands apart from the rest. And, cutting-edge technologies help build amazing travel apps that can make the customer’s travel experience memorable.The top cutting-edge technology travel apps have the right blend of features, the convenience of use, and perfect customer experience. But, for the developers, it is not easy to build an app that meets the purpose and engages the customer. So, why don’t you help the developers by suggesting what you want in your travel app? We will help bring your dream to reality. Contact us now!

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