How to Develop Homework Help App Like Brainly?

With the advancement of new technologies and trends, it is undeniable that traditional learning methods are being replaced by e-learning and homework-help apps. Mobile apps are a great example of technological advancements that assist students in making learning more exciting and rewarding.

Many individuals are interested in studying on the go, and mobile solutions are becoming more popular. According to Statista, over 43% of US students use mobile applications for homework, and 80% believe that using mobile educational apps would help them enhance their knowledge.

Brainly has emerged to be one of the most popular homework apps, offering insights and other study materials to everyone, including students, instructors, and parents.

As a elearning app development company, we have prepared this article for anyone who wants to run an educational business or is looking to start one by launching an educational app.

In this blog, we’ll discuss one of the most prevalent categories of educational apps: homework-help apps for students.

We’ll also discuss how to develop a homework-help app like Brainly.

  • Brainly’s approach is based on collaborative learning, where students can ask questions, get answers from their peers, and contribute to the community by answering others’ questions.
  • Brainly app covers a wide range of subjects, including math, science, history, and language arts. Students can ask questions about any topic related to these subjects.
  • The app incorporates gamification features to encourage users to engage more in the community. Users can earn points for answering questions, and these points can be used to unlock new features.
  • Brainly also offers premium features for users who want to access additional benefits, such as faster response times and personalized tutoring.

What Is a Brainly App?

For parents, students, and teachers, Brainly is the world’s most popular learning and homework-help platform. Brainly allows users to get and offer support with complex homework difficulties and queries, allowing them to move from questioning to understanding.

For both students and professionals, an app like Brainly serves as a knowledge-sharing platform. Brainly delivers fast answers to any subject, including math, history, English, biology, advanced placement, health, business, computers, technology, and several languages.

Students can ask questions and receive specific replies via text, image, or voice. It leads individuals from inquiring to understanding and beyond by making education conveniently accessible, searchable, and even engaging.

According to CrunchBase, Brainly has raised $148.5 million in funding so far.

How Does a Homework App Like Brainly Work?

The app can provide homework support and assistance by employing AI technologies. There are numerous resources available, including videos, links, definitions, and Q&A.

Students need to click a photo of their homework, and the algorithm will handle the rest. This app is the best way to explore content on various subjects, particularly science and math.

Top Key Features of an App Like Brainly

If you want to develop a similar homework help app like Brainly, then you have to work more on its functionalities, or you can directly contact a top mobile app development company to identify top must-have features for your app.

Keep in mind that features can make or break your app. You need to be very careful while choosing the feature set of your custom homework app.

To help you in this, below are some key features that you can include in your homework help app like Brainly; take a look!


Parent Account

Parents can join their child’s Brainly learning experience by creating a Brainly Parent Account. The Parent Account can be linked to your child’s account to help them with homework, monitor their progress, and view their strengths and weaknesses. Any enhancements you purchase for your account will be transferred to your child’s account for free.

Multilingual Support

You must determine the primary and secondary languages spoken by your target audience when designing an educational app. You must then translate the app into those languages to ensure that none of your intended audience is left out.

Payment Gateway

Flexible payment models can make app monetization easier. To make revenue generation simple, the best educational applications accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other payment methods.


If you’re making an interactive app for kids, you’ll almost certainly need to include a gaming feature. Individuals, on the other hand, can benefit from gamification as well. Students of all ages can stay focused and engaged by including gaming elements.

Push Notifications

Push notifications to assist you in keeping your scroll position and improve the number of times users visit the app. They can also generate a sense of urgency and encourage conversions. Make your push notification more lively by adding a text or video message. You can also include the user’s name and preferences to make them more tailored.


Create a Worksheet/Card

Teachers will build a worksheet based on the curriculum and share it with parents and learners. In addition, parents can review their report cards and discuss them with their child’s instructor. It will assist parents in recognizing their student’s strengths.

Content Customization

The content maker should be able to use various plugins to tailor the learning content. Learning efficiency can be improved by features such as text translation, emphasizing key features, and quick download of learning materials.

Smart Filters

The filters give users a good idea of how diverse the community is. Filters for school level, as well as primary and secondary grades, are available. Users can further refine their search by subject, and the app offers a wide range of options.

Offline Mode

Many students do not have access to the internet at all times. Offline way, where students can download a set of modules in one sitting, can keep students interested in the app and give the program benefits even when they are not connected to the internet. Every module they download will provide you with exact statistics on how successful the app is and how students respond to each lesson; this data is essential for course updates.

Conduct Tests

The aptitude to examine students is one of the most important characteristics of teachers. Online tests can be organized through the app. You can make a test with many questions and answers, multiple-choice questions, yes/no questions, and so on.

As you have seen, the features that you can include in your custom homework help apps are like Brainly. Now, let’s discuss the main component of this blog.

How to Develop a Homework App Like Brainly?

You need to take a few steps that you need to take while developing a homework app like Brainly. Here are some suggestions from our mobile app developers for making the development process simple.


Do Some Research

Before developing educational apps, you must first figure out what you want to do. The foundation of discovery is determining who your target audience is and what their needs are!

It would help if you chose who your app will be served to and which platform will be the most appropriate. Is your target audience more at ease with tablets, smartphones, or a desktop web app? You could also consider cross-platform app development, which allows you to deploy the same app across different platforms.

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Design UI/UX

We all agree that the educational mobile app should be simple and easy to use, but how do you make that happen? As a result, you ensure that the educational mobile app’s UI is functioning correctly.

It should be basic, uncomplicated, and easy to comprehend. In order for users to return to the app, the design must be enticing and lively. Students and lecturers should find it intriguing enough to pay attention to the intricacies. In today’s world, users pay attention to even the finest detail in a mobile app.

Build a Team

Developing an app like Brainly is not an easy task. You need the right talents and expertise in your educational app development team.

To build an app like Brainly, you need the following members in your development team: – 

  • Android app developers
  • iOS app developers
  • Front-end/backend developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA testers
  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • DevOps Engineer

Choose the Right Tech Stack

You need to be mindful during choosing the technologies to build an app like Brainly, as it can directly impact the app development cost.

We’ve listed technologies we use to develop a custom homework app like Brainly. Take a look! 

  • Languages – Kotlin, Java, Swift, Objective C, Python 
  • Frameworks – NodeJS, Laravel, ReactJS, AngularJS, VueJS 
  • Database – MySQL, MongoDB 
  • Payment Gateway – PayPal, Stripe

Build MVP

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, which is basically a software product with minimum basic features, which enables businesses to test the viability of their idea. During the research phase, you can chalk out features and sort the basic features to include in development. MVP approach is best when you want to test your idea and attract investors. For the education sector, it’s better to consult an MVP development company for the initial stages, they can guide and help launch a homework platform like brainly.

Test the App

Testing is an unavoidable part of the app development process. Software testing’s major purpose is to verify that the application is not only easy to use and understand but also error-free.

Furthermore, bug-free software is essential for client satisfaction. Overall, quality assurance is an inescapable part of the eLearning app development process that assures that each product delivers outstanding value.

How to Monetize an App Like Brainly?

When it comes to monetizing your custom homework app like Brainly, you have a few approaches. However, the two most effective methods are: –

FreemiumFreemium Model – The most popular revenue approach for homework help apps like Brainly is freemium, where you provide users with a limited model and encourage them to buy the full version if they want it. However, the free version should be fully functional as well.

Paid-AppsPaid Version – By providing an appealing layout and engaging functionality, you can establish a fair price and profit from a premium edition of the education app.

How Much Does Developing an App Like Brainly Cost in 2023?

Well, no mobile app development company can determine the exact app development cost before knowing the requirements.

The cost of developing a homework app like Brainly depends on various factors: – 

  • Features & functionalities 
  • Tech stack used 
  • The hired eLearning development company (If you chose to outsource development) 
  • App’s platform  
  • App’s complexity 

If you want an in-depth quotation for developing an app like Brainly, then contact us. Our expert app developers would love to assist you.



Homework apps like Brainly are the new big thing in the education industry as the educational industry becomes more reliant on technology. Nowadays, individuals have begun to choose apps over all others.

Today is the time to invest in developing a homework-help app like Brainly. You must develop an app like Brainly that includes all the features mentioned above, plus anything more for which you can take a competitive edge.

If you’re interested in developing the ideal homework app, hire dedicated developers from us to get started. Share your requirements, and we’ll set up a free tech consultation to help you convert your idea into a reality.

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