How to Develop an App like Heymelody?

Emerging technologies in the current times are delivering more sophisticated apps and devices that simplify the daily tasks of people. Wireless accessories are one such category of devices such as EarPods, wearables, and more. Apps like HeyMelody simplify the process of managing these wireless devices easily and monitoring their performances for better results.

HeyMelody app has been published by OnePlus; a mobile phone brand to manage the functions of their wireless EarPods range; Buds and Buds Z. Since, OnePlus and OPPO’s products share some of the traits, this app also supports and manages the functionality of EarPods of OPPO’s brand which are OPPO Enco W51 earbuds and the OPPO Enco X.

These apps fall into the tools category of the Google Play Store/App Store, and their development has been on the rise since the evolution of wireless EarPods. In the coming years, an app will be managing all the functions of all other wireless devices or accessories, and entrepreneurs are really excited about them. If you are thinking of developing an app like HeyMelody, this may be the right time as a number of wireless devices are being developed, and not every smartphone can manage them efficiently; ergo, an app will be required.

What is HeyMelody?

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HeyMelody can be explained as an app that helps in a firmware upgrade or setting up the functions of wireless EarPods. Since the app has been developed by the OnePlus company, hence it only supports their EarPods along with two new versions of the EarPods manufactured by OPPO. The reason behind that is simple as OPPO and OnePlus are owned by the same company, BBK Electronics.

There must be a question in your mind, why do we need such an app? Well, the simplest explanation is that these tiny wireless EarPods are designed to fit into your ears for better accessibility and make your experience wire-free. Since these devices are small in size, manufacturers are unable to install a display in them; even if they do, it would be so difficult to use them. Hence, an app like HeyMelody is important as you can manage the settings of these EarPods, see the current battery percentage for each earpod along with the case, upgrade the software, and much more.

With an app like HeyMelody, you can easily diagnose the devices for better efficiency. The app also has the option of easy connection; it allows you to save all the wireless devices in the app and connect to them just with one tap and manage them individually.

Why Invest in the Development of an App like HeyMelody? 

The global market of tools like HeyMelody is displaying significant improvements in terms of user base and revenue generation. The market is supposed to cross the revenue figure of billions in the coming years. A number of entrepreneurs and electronic companies want a similar app for their range of wireless devices.

Mobile app development of such tools has created a spark in the productivity of users that own such devices as the app tells them about regular battery updates along with other functionalities. The productivity or tools mobile app development delivers a lot more features and functions that the wireless EarPods fail to deliver.

The market trends of 2022 dictate that more than 30 percent of the population of smartphone users prefer to use wireless EarPods, and they would love to use an app that simplifies the management of their wireless audio devices. The number of users of wireless audio devices is going to increase at a significant rate by the year 2023.

Development Process 

The development methodology of an app like HeyMelody should be simple yet result-oriented. It is recommended to hire a reputed and reliable mobile app development company with a large pool of qualified resources and follow an agile development methodology to develop your project. However, the development process of an app like HeyMelody is not as complicated as you may think. 

Let’s break down the entire process into simple steps and stick to them for predefined results that suit your business goals.

Market Research

In order to develop a working plan for mobile app development, you need solid data sets regarding various parameters of the market. These data sets can only be acquired with detailed market research. The parameters that your market research should be based on include the number of competitors, business strategies, features, and more.  

You can perform market research in three ways; the first option includes setting up a marketing department in your company or handing over the task to your in-house marketing team if you have one. The problem with this option is the lack of feasibility as setting up a new department for a single project is not a good option from a financial point of view.  

The second option, however, is much simpler; you hire a marketing firm and tell them all your requirements along with the key parameters that you need, and they will perform the research on your behalf. You will save a lot of time by implementing this method. However, there’s a third option that includes purchasing a marketing report which consists of all the data as per your requirements. There are a number of marketing websites on the web that deliver such services. 

Plan the Process

Now that you have accumulated all the required data sets start working on an effective plan that should contain the detail of each step. It takes a lot of planning to design an effective development process that yields suitable results. Gather your stakeholders or your core members and discuss all the steps and integrations that you want to integrate into your project. Discuss all the features, tech stack, developing an MVP, budget, and more. 

Features to Consider

When it comes to selling an app, features are considered as USP. Users always look for the advanced features and functionality in any app like HeyMelody. Put your market research data to use in defining the features of your mobile app development. Here are some of the features that you should consider integrating into your app.

Create Profile Allow users to sign up for the app by providing their personal details. Make the process simpler for gaining the user’s trust.
Dashboard Allow users to get an overview of all the functions and features and access them in one place.
Device Management Allow users to manage all their wireless devices; they can either add/delete them.
Auto Remove Permissions Allow wireless devices to get disconnected when out of range or in a dormant state.
Payment Management Allow users to manage their payment methods and make payments from the app easily.
Alert Messages Alert users in case of any update or alert regarding the battery of the devices and the connection state.
Deny/Reject Permissions Allow users to deny or accept pairing requests from any compatible wireless devices.
Settings Allow users to manage all the accessibility options of the wireless audio devices connected to the app.

Tech Stack to Consider 

The functionality of features is solely dependent on the type of tech stack you choose for your mobile app development process. Make sure to research the tech stack integrated into the existing apps of the same category. However, tech stacks come in various shapes and sizes, and they can affect your budget quite easily. If you are confused about the tech stack, ask your mobile app development to integrate the best one for you. Here is a generic tech stack that apps of such category use.

1.Develop an MVP

The majority of mobile app development companies suggest developing an MVP to get better results in terms of success. MVP is the abbreviation for a minimum viable product. The role of MVP is to shorten the time to market, attract users, and more. An MVP consists of minimum viable features, functions, a launchable version that can be extended further.  

The main intent behind developing an MVP is to get the user’s feedback on the app so that it can be improved easily in the final version of the app. Think of it as a test product to get a report on the performance and judge what lies ahead for your project. You can get a competitive advantage by getting early market access with an MVP. Our certified developers have wide expertise in developing an MVP that fits like a glove with your business goals. For more information on the subject, book a free consultation call with our experts.

2.Test and Launch

Now all that is left; testing your app from every angle possible. Ask your developers to perform a series of tests and remove every possible error and bug from the app. No one likes an app with a glitch or bugs. At Matellio, we follow an agile development methodology to develop a flawlessly engineered app, and our developers deliver you an error-free project that suits your brand’s reputation. 

When the product is error and bug-free, move to launch the app. If you have developed an MVP, the launching process doesn’t take much time; however, you still have to put a marketing strategy in place to market the app precisely. Putting out a beta version for finding out the user’s opinion is the best option.

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