How to Develop a Question-Answer Mobile Apps Like Quora?

Updated on May 29th, 2021

Let’s see around and vault an undeniable truth that the internet has proven itself as a maelstrom of relevant or irrelevant information. You don’t need to draw books from the shelf and mark relevant answer of either instantaneous or routine queries. Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia has shown that internet users possess immense knowledge that can be organized and curated valuable information repositories. The exponential growth of mobile app development services and aggravated significance of community question-and-answer (Q&A) sites paved a new way for internet users to crowdsource their search for specific and detailed information through their platform. In the last few years, several community-based QA services have stepped in the market allowing peculiar and targeted services to its users, but Quora reigns a favorite spot. Quora is a question and answer platform where people can easily ask, answer, comment or vote for an existing answer.

What is Quora and how it works?

Quora is a question-and-answer platform that enables community members to ask questions, give, edit and share answers. A piece of extensive enriched information on different business fields organizes every search effectively and made a space where the same group of onlookers should share their experiences. In other words, it’s a web stage, where the clients discuss questions and answers about different issues. Furthermore, It possesses a basic objective of sharing potential information or knowledge so that one gets determinant about the remedial source for their instantaneous queries. Despite prominent contemporary competitive entrances, Quora significance is mounting up. The pristine quality and relevancy of the user-generated content make it so popular among the users.

How to Develop a Question-Answer Mobile Apps Like Quora?

The prime reason behind the extolling success of Quora in between prominent website like Facebook, Instagram etc is the people’s ability to discuss queries about numerous subjects on a single platform. It enables them to extend their interest as well as able to hedge an opportunity to know the other Quora community member’s experience and opinions. A survey beclouded the data that shows 630 million visitors by starting of  2019 and nearly 20 percent of the total traffic was from Quora mobile application. It’s growing significance can’t be overshadowed, so it becomes quintessential to know what factors contribute to the Q&A mobile apps and makes it ideal for people.

1: Multiple Devices and Platforms:

Due to the high proliferation of the devices, the people use them interchangeably and that erects the need to have the application that supports all their devices, which includes smartphones, tablets, and Laptops. In a broader sense, today in between rigorous competition it’s suggestive to develop the application that is compatible with every device so that you can stay in the sprint. Different devices possess difference in dimension so, they require different page layout of every application, which the user uses. Additionally, mobile app development services have efficiently used platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows that is extensively used to operate these devices. So, they must smell the need for the compatibility of the app across multiple platforms to assure better accessibility while developing Q&A mobile apps.

2: User’s Credibility:

The foremost aspect of the Quora policy is its dedicated commitment towards the credibility of the users’ account. Unlike, other apps the community members can’t use pseudonyms instead of their real names and that garners the trustworthiness of Quora’s blogs or discussions. Additionally, the user can ensure credibility through various sources while discussing different topics on its platform. It makes their platform stand out due to the genuineness, standard, and relevancy of the information supporting the users’ response and identity. So it’s better to ensure credible account information through cross-verification to avoid future disruptions.

3: Content Moderation Policy:

Due to the stringent and dedicated content moderation policy, the Quora promisingly offering high-quality content to its community users. Additionally, its unavoidable fact, the huge size of primarily makes Quora unable or would consume too much time to moderate all content for its users. So the viewers are target fully included in its moderation policy where they can make suggestions and corrections in the answers and that would be visible to the authors. The authors would be able to either to accept or reject these suggestions. The Quora is laden with another feature where the viewers can report the factually incorrect answers, spam, plagiarized and non-identical content to Quora’s standard. So, it becomes a mandatory feature to be inbuilt, apart from simple upvote an downvote and like and dislike option in your app. So, the content moderation policy keeps the entire content so relevant, genuine, informative and updated for all community members.

4: Answer Recommendations:

Every app paves the successful route once they learn to engage the audience for long and that augments its importance. Usually, Quora uses different methods for user engagement and one of them is to sort the most relevant questions according to the users’ preferences and that results in a personalized experience. Furthermore,  it also assists the users in identifying the best answer by sorting the answers based on the view-upvote ratio. It wondrously transfigures its platform into a vivacious state, where every community member address the basic objectivity of the platform. The users would find some of these questions and it’s best to answer on top of their homepage in the mobile apps. So, unequivocally you need to consider it sincerely for the successful journey to develop apps like Quora.

5: Top writers Identification:

 Undoubtedly the fundamental reason behind the adaptability, usability and its popularity is the availability of useful and quality content. In other words, the entire Quora model revolves around the significance of its content, therefore, It knits a necessity to work upon the quality of content while developing similar platforms. When you dive in the historical facts and stories, Quora comes up with a plan to identify the top writer to encourage more users to write. The process keeps on progressing and every year Quora recognizes a handful of the top writers and award them with some gifts and badges. The basis behind determining the top writers is the viewers’ engagement and view-up vote ration with their answers. So once you decide to follow the utmost and prominent strategy of  Quora, you would experience similar ramifications like Quora.

6: In-application searches:

Evidentially, more than 3/4 of the total traffic to Quora comes through the organic searches from search engines. here,  It has also an in-application search engine therefore, the users can look up numerous questions, topics, and discussions within the platform. The frequent searches within quora augment time and the page views on the platform and it comprehensively extends its visibility and viability.  It simplifies the due process of searching for a specific topic, where the users can tag the questions with different topics and then use these tags for making of a group of the questions based on topics. It offers unique opportunities to consider social factors and other contextual information through the elephantine repository of information.

7: Relevant Information:

Proffering relevant information to the Quora community members or users not only saves their time but transfigures them loyal. So, while looking for any information, the users would search it on your platform instead of others which embellishes their propinquity to your objectives. The role of  Content organization has been a crucial segment of Quora and it revitalizes the existence of content’s objectivity for the users. So, to make your users feel that they would miss out on something significant, you should encompass relevant information for them.

Tech Stack to Build a Question & Answer Mobile apps:

It might be noticed that in the current marketplace social channels or websites like Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, etc have flooded with enormous users’ data and that also proves their meticulous efficiency in hedging it. So, If you would like to develop apps like Quora, you need to reaffirm about the choice of programming language because Quora completely relies on the participation of users.It racks up various factor while choosing programming language apart from being simple, reliable and flexible language. You may consider languages like C#, PHP, Java, and but Quora creators preferred Python. Python comprising a simple syntax, solid ecosystem, great readability, and efficiency weighs it more than other programming languages. Furthermore, Python possesses extensive standard library and guarantees expeditious and easier development of programs.


Choose developers from Matellio:

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