Top Reasons Why Python Development is a Good Choice for Enterprise Projects?

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

Top Reasons Why Python Development is a Good Choice for Enterprise Projects

Enterprise projects are dynamic and vast with the growing demands of organizations for hassle-free and smooth functionality in the long run. It may be attendance and payroll or presentation and sales, Python Development can come handy for each and help in developing an app for the same.

In a survey conducted by Stack Overflow this year, it was found that in comparison to other languages, Python has been loved by almost 73.1% of users worldwide; as published by Jaxenter.

Features of Python

Python Software Development is the most loved for developing applications over all operating systems and platforms after Rust due to the following reasons

  • Simple to learn: Python as a software development tool does not demand any technical knowledge like C++ or JavaScript by the software developers. They can use the software for developing enterprise projects without any special expertise.
  • The unique feature of expressiveness: In comparison to other languages used for developing enterprise projects, Python Development is considered more expressive than others as applications developed by Python are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Open source tool and free of cost: This particular software development tool is also free of cost and is not a paid tool and hence does not require any investment to install it.

Also, the software is open-sourced and hence the source code is visible to the public. There also is no need for a license to use the same.

Top Companies making use of Python

Due to the above features, various companies have chosen Python over other software development languages. Some of these are

1: Instagram: The Python Software Development for social networking applications like Instagram is mainly done by making use of the Django framework for the web. This makes the app highly robust and durable for businesses and personal use.

2: Google browser: Python language was used in developing the Google browser mainframe due to the following reasons.

  • Memory remains tight and has very low latency.
  • Rapid delivery is more.
  • Program maintenance is easier.
  • Python has its origin dating back to the late nineties in comparison to other languages

3: Spotify: Python Development has also been done for the music app Spotify. This app supports a huge library of song or playlists with a huge number of subscribers too. The backend support for this huge and dynamic framework is done by Python even though it is a WordPress website.

4: Netflix and chill with Python: The world’s trending largest internet television network has been developed by Python due to the very fact that it can support libraries and has a vast network of software developers. The problems of runtime errors can also be solved easily through the library of developers to provide subscribers with a seamless watching experience.

Advantages of Python Development


The above applications function through the help of Python due to various advantages that the coding language generally has

1: It is highly flexible and scalable: Python Software Development is highly flexible or scalable nature when it comes to the development of software or applications on a large or small scale. The paradigms that are mostly supported by Python in this regard are

  • Procedural  paradigm
  • Functional paradigm and
  • Object-centric paradigm

One more unique feature of the Python is that one common language and coding is used for developing all types of applications whether large or small. This even supports WordPress other than JavaScript-based websites making it modular for use.

2: Support by multiple libraries: Python developers have access to a variety of libraries in a way that they can make use of the modules which have already been researched and developed into. This benefits the developers in getting the desired output quicker without the hassle of quality and features.

Some of the libraries that support Python are

  • Pandas specialize in data structures which enable high performance and developers can use various modules for analysis through it.
  • Numpy like its name enables a certain Python developer in scientific or numerical computing.
  • Keras enables the developers to do machine learning and neural writing through it. The library has made Python famous for its very feature.
  • Tensorflow library helps in developing major features like image recognition or face detection with the help of Google.
  • The scikit-learn library helps various Python developers in data mining apart from machine learning and analysis of data.

3: Prototyping becomes faster with Python: If a particular prototype needs to be created, then use of Python Development for the same by various developers shall be done in such a way that coding and development is done in a faster and proper manner that the prototype can give the feel of the real or the true application or the website. It is also tested that if Python is appropriate for the same.

Deciphering or reading the codes of Python is much easier: The programming language used in Python is equal to that of simple English. It is for this very reason that Python is universally used for writing and developing codes in a very easy and lucid manner. Also, the work developed by others shall not seem like a foreign language and code reviews can be acquired easily. Apart from this, the debugging process of the language also turns out to be faster in a way that the application or website can reach the market faster.


Python Software Development is very robust and durable as compared to other software development languages. The most famous mobile applications and browsers have opted for the particular coding language for developing the websites or the app in a way that the end user or follower remains content and happy with the use of their interfaces and graphics.

Also, problems have been faced by many organizations which used other coding languages apart from Python for developing applications for their operations and activities.

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