Investments In Employee Training and their Long Term Impact On The Organization

Updated on Dec 20th, 2023


“Instead of considering training as a part of the expense, we consider it as a part of our success journey.”- Reena Bhansali (VP-Human Resources, Matellio Inc.) 

Investments in employee training play a pivotal role in organizational growth. While employees count upskilling and training as critical performance motivators, organizations count as a practical step to fill the skill gap and open doorways to new revenue models. No wonder 68% of the global companies invest in upskilling and reskilling the employees to help them adapt to changing work-life behavior and learn new technologies.  

Matellio is no exception. As soon as a Matellio family grows, the key focus is around some of the most advanced projects in the industry and helping resources avail training that makes them capable of pursuing those projects and grow forward on their career path. Not only this, but employees receive regular training on soft and hard skills on a requirement basis to ensure each aspect of their personality is taken care of.  

When asked about the Importance of Training for Employees and the Company, Reena stated, “We invest most of our time in training our employees. This process has not only helped us to furnish our employee’s skills but also to outperform our competitors.”  

“Training is more than just teaching new skills but also gives employees a trust that they are being valued in the company. Loyalty is all that we understand at Matellio.” 

“We follow a commitment to bestow training to employees at all the levels of our organization. Undoubtedly, training takes time, resources, energy, and money, but also, we are well aware that training increases employee engagement, retention, and loyalty. So, we include training in our annual budget as for us, investing in an employee means long-term investment for our company.” Reena continues. 

However, continuing seamless training sessions for employees is not easy. Especially in the post-COVID arena where employees are disintegrated, they work with the best possible IT infrastructure at home and miss the personal touch. Moreover, workplace disruptions coupled with technological and market changes make the situation all the more challenging. The sudden shift towards a remote-first environment implies a steep learning curve that is too concise.  

But, Matellio, along with its team, has a fantastic way of dealing with such challenges. 

Reena says, and we quote, “It was all sudden. The entire world was shut down. It was daunting for not just the company but employees as well. While companies were laying off employees, it was inevitable for the employees to panic. However, our strength was staying together and taking every small and big initiative to overcome these issues and provide best customer satisfaction and employee experience, while ensuring growth.” 

“Every member of Matellio came out of their comfort zone and handled both  home and office responsibilities to their best. We conducted all the training or sessions online via Zoom and never let them face any responsibilities alone. Everything we used to do during normal days, i.e., the pre-COVID-19 situation from Company Induction to providing a buddy to comfort the employee in the new environment, has not been missed during these new normal days.” 

Matellio stood thereby its employees, connecting them with the best trainers online and best guidance at every step to keep them away from difficulty. Reena’s transparency about the company shows that they take everyone together, considering every employee is aligned. Right? 

Achieving this wasn’t easy, but Matellio did it. With employee training uncompromised, Matellio also fulfilled its promise to customers, providing quality products in expected timelines. 

Reena says, “Matellio agrees that customer satisfaction is a must, but along with that, we also believe that taking our employees alongside gives us double the results and benefits. The skills that we help our employees in refining help our company deliver the top-notch services that directly assist us in meeting the customer’s requirement and their satisfaction level.” 

“There is always a link between performance and learning, and the bigger picture is that Matellio understands it very well. Performance and learning are an integral part of the fact for providing out-of-the-box services. ” 

All heard from the management; even employees have a lot to talk about the training program at Matellio. One of our teammates says, “Who among us does not want to grow on every scale? Every member from Matellio craves knowledge and appreciation they receive from the management and the client. Every employee in the Matellio knows that this is the platform where they can grow themselves and set a tremendous benchmark.” 

“We have seen employees coming out from the cocoon and fly like a butterfly, and this is what makes Matellio stand where it is now,” concluded Reena confidently. 

Certainly, Matellio is a place to grow. As we wind up feeling proud, we believe that with a lot more coming up in the future, Matellio’ites will have holistic growth, powered by up-to-the-minute skills and the best workplace environments and ethics. Agree? 

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