Navigating the Future: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) in Telecom

Updated on Mar 1st, 2024

Navigating the Future: Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) in Telecom

Since time immemorial, connectivity has been a huge struggle for mankind. But with exceptional innovations, we have come a lot far. One such phenomenon is enterprise mobility management solutions. Naturally, when we speak about connectivity, the industry that appears at the forefront is telecom. That’s why, now, we can see a transformative blend of this industry offering EMM solutions.

However, how exactly are they doing so? EMM demands a complex set of technologies. Even if telecom enterprises are ahead of their tech game, they do need an extension of expertise to devise solutions or offer services that are perfect for their consumer base. But again, how are they doing it? If you’re intrigued, then this blog is your perfect guide to take your telecom business to newer heights with EMM services. That said, let’s unravel the subject and understand what next steps you should take.

  • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) has a growing importance among telecom companies. It allows them to offer secure and efficient solutions in a world where connectivity is paramount. 
  • EMM provides several benefits. They include device management, data security, and remote compliance to help enterprises effectively manage mobile devices used for business purposes. 
  • EMM empowers telecom firms with device and data control, ensuring security and productivity in an evolving mobile landscape. 
  • Telecom companies thrive by aligning EMM services with market demands and offering seamless communication solutions. It ultimately helps boost revenue streams. 
  • Collaborations with tech partners like Matellio, customization, training, and ongoing improvement are vital for successful EMM implementation.

Understanding Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

EMM, or Enterprise Mobility Management, encompasses a set of rules, methods, and tech solutions that enable organizations to manage mobile devices used for business purposes effectively. Think of it as a way for IT folks to manage how employees, their devices, and apps connect to the company network. This ensures a good balance between a productive mobile workforce and keeps company details safe.

These EMM systems came into play as employees started liking the “bring your own device” (BYOD) trend. Though it was a lot more flexible and hassle-free, it posed a challenge for IT departments. The big question of keeping sensitive information safe on personal devices while maintaining secure connections loomed. Right then, enterprise mobility services stepped in as the solution, helping IT manage work-related apps and data on employee devices. They can now do all of this while maintaining a secure communication environment. Of course, telecom companies welcomed this savior with open arms. From IBM to Verizon, many are taking advantage of the multiple benefits of enterprise mobility management solutions to boost their offerings.

Benefits of EMM

Key Areas Addressed by Telecom Companies through Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) Solutions

From healthcare to retail, telecom companies are boosting operations for various segments. And while they’re doing this, their background story is what all their support rests on. So understand it by reading the below-given components used in EMM solutions offered by the telecom sector.

Mobile Device ManagementMobile Device Management

EMM comes into play when it’s about handling and securing mobile devices connected to the company network. This covers getting devices on board, setting them up, controlling them from afar, and keeping an eye on how they’re doing. Indeed, telecom companies are getting adept at providing so only with a robust EMM infrastructure.

Mobile Application ManagementMobile Application Management

With EMM, telecom companies can smoothly spread out, update, and look after apps on different devices. It lets them ensure employees always have their necessary tools, and everything stays safe and in line with the rules.

Data SecurityData Security

EMM solutions step in with a virtual fortress around sensitive information on mobile devices. For instance, if you seek custom enterprise solutions, you won’t have to worry about data security. From encryption to remote file management, you’ll have the power to control your enterprises’ data holistically. In fact, you can even wipe off the devices that your admin thinks are stolen or lost.

Access ControlAccess Control

Thanks to EMM, telecom players can ensure that only authorized people can get to certain apps and data. It keeps unauthorized entry outside. Moreover,  EMM gives a boost to the way people prove they’re who they say they are. It’s like an extra secure entry badge that stops the wrong people from slipping through.

Enterprise Mobility Management Services

Mobile Content ManagementMobile Content Management

Managing content remotely is a growing service telecom is providing. That’s why they’re shifting towards custom telecom software development. How does EMM help with content management? It’s pretty simple. EMM solutions ensure that people share documents in a secure environment. Moreover, it keeps the content in synch and well-managed across multiple devices. So, the services a telecom enterprise seeks ultimately help them provide a system that helps people collaborate seamlessly. Also, data integrity stays intact.

Policy EnforcementPolicy Enforcement

Telecom firms set up their security rules with EMM for their clients. This way, all the teams using the infrastructure follow the safety guidelines. These rules automatically apply to all the devices and applications that run under this one system. The benefit? Everyone stays on the same page.

Remote Support and TroubleshootingRemote Support and Troubleshooting

EMM isn’t just about security; it’s like having a tech wizard at the ready. When devices have issues, IT teams can figure out what’s wrong and fix it from a distance. That’s another reason why telecom companies are getting their hands on dynamic mobile app development services. These services provide long-term support and maintenance.

Compliance and ReportingCompliance and Reporting

EMM solutions help telecom companies stay on the right side of the law. They do so by providing detailed reports and audits that prove they’re playing by the rules.

Containerization and Dual PersonaContainerization and Dual Persona

EMM services can make devices like smartphones do double duty. That’s how they make telecom companies get praise in many places because such companies can separate work and personal spaces. Thanks to EMM solutions that help keep the two worlds neatly separated.

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Integration with Network ServicesIntegration with Network Services

You can take EMM as the maestro orchestrating a symphony of smooth connections within a telecom network. It’s like the magical touch that enhances how devices link up, ensuring a seamless flow of communication. And it’s not just about connections. EMM acts like a guardian for secure networks. The system can ensure connections are safe enough not to infringe on your valuable data as it moves through a particular network.

Mobile Expense ManagementMobile Expense Management

MEM keeps tabs on your mobile communication expenses. That’s why telecom companies rely on EMM solutions to deliver insights into device usage, the services in use, and policies like reimbursing employees for BYOD. The data gathered by MEM can also come in handy for things like chargebacks or audits to keep mobile device usage in check.

User Experience EnhancementUser Experience Enhancement

With EMM solutions, satisfying the client has become a breeze for telecom operators. These systems don’t only prioritize security; they also act as the behind-the-scenes crew. So, now you as a service provider can ensure smooth switching between work and personal modes is as effortless as a well-rehearsed dance routine.

Lifecycle ManagementLifecycle Management

EMM attends to mobile devices from the very beginning to the end, starting from the selection process and concluding with retirement. It’s akin to having a trustworthy caretaker for your mobile technology.

Remote Software Distribution and UpdatesRemote Software Distribution and Updates

Now, you don’t have to worry about regular updates. When you rely on EMM solutions, stay rest assured that your devices are updated with the latest security patches and exciting features. And no, you don’t need an IT expert every time this happens. It’s like having your devices on an auto-pilot to stay updated.

Telecom Companies Are Thriving With EMM as a Service

How Telecom Companies Are Leveraging EMM Services: The Process

Telecom companies offer enterprise mobility management solutions after following a comprehensive process. If you want to offer such services to expand your business, you can seek technology consulting services. This move will help you understand the process in detail. However, if you simply need to know the key steps, here they are for you-

Step 1: Needs Assessment and Consultation

As a telecom operator, you first need to assess what services you wish to provide. According to your business model and goals, you can mutually decide on these terms with your team. You should pay attention to the following while having this critical discussion:

  • Security concerns 
  • Regulatory compliance needs 
  • Target audience (if any) 
  • Network readiness 
  • Technology feasibility 
  • Resource allocation, etc. 

Step 2: Solution and Vendor Selection

After assessing your needs, explore the popular EMM solutions available in the market. For this research, you can also check out the tech infrastructure your competitors are using to upscale their telecom operations. Once you gather what you want, select the software development company whose expertise aligns with your goals. Collaborate closely with the chosen EMM provider to ensure the sync of their capabilities with your telecom services.

Step 3: Integration and Customization

Work closely with your technology partner to integrate the EMM system into your service list. You can go from firmware to software development as per your business goals. Moreover, if you select the right vendor, they won’t handle you in the regular system. When you collaborate with them closely, they will customize the solution to fit the specific requirements of your telecom services. These efforts would definitely lead to seamless user experience and efficient management.

Step 4: Training and Onboarding

Train your internal teams on the EMM system’s functionalities and usage. Equipped with this knowledge, your teams can effectively manage and support the services and assist clients in using your solution optimally.

Step 5: Service Offering Launch

With the EMM system all in place and your teams trained, launch your enhanced telecom services. Market its benefits among your existing and potential clients. For this, you can run ads or showcase demos of how your system amplifies device management, security, and overall user experience.

Step 6: Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Regularly monitor the performance and effectiveness of your EMM-enabled services. You can do so by asking your vendor to gather a few details. This can include user feedback, metrics related to security, device management, and customer satisfaction. Use these insights to continuously improve and refine your offerings.

Step 7: Adaptation to Market Dynamics

Stay agile and responsive to changing market trends and technological advancements. As the telecom landscape evolves, ensure your EMM services remain aligned with the needs and preferences of your clients.

Case Study

Matellio has had the experience to develop the entire EMM infrastructure for a popular telecom company. Our client wanted us to develop everything from applications to tech solutions for their EMM services. Here is the problem statement and the solution we provided-

Our Client’s Problem

Our client is a key player in the enterprise mobility sector. They were looking to up their game with next-gen tech solutions provided by an expert development partner. Their devices were designed for on-site professionals, aiming to consolidate various communication tools into one handy device. However, they were up against a trio of hurdles: speeding up their product launch, ensuring secure communications, and crafting new products, all while keeping engineering costs in check and risks at bay.

How Matellio Resolved the Problem

Our team of experts provided this telecom giant with the engineering muscle they needed to tackle these challenges head-on. Our tech wizards rolled up their sleeves and delved into enhancing their existing devices. They enhanced everything from product features to its functionality.

This dynamic collaboration helped the company not just in getting things to market faster and locking down communications with various IP PBXs but also in launching new products, all while making sure the engineering budget remained friendly and risks were kept in check. Using Java, Kotlin, C/C++, JNI, etc., we were able to create the below-given applications for them-

  • BizPhone(Dailer app)  
  • PTT(Push-to-talk)  
  • SAFE  
  • BarCode 
  • SoundStage 
  • LensGrid 
  • BattLife, etc.

The Impact

Thanks to this tag team effort, the client was able to launch the product on time, hitting corporate and OEM market introduction targets with finesse. New products sprouted like clockwork, all while keeping the budget and risks under control. This partnership wasn’t just about smoothing out operations and costs; it meant a sweet boost in revenue and satisfied customers. Not only this, but the refined product lineup made our clients’ customers happy with a more robust and versatile communication tool.

EMM solutions

Kick-off Your EMM Solutions with Matellio

Ready to add some outstanding enterprise mobility management services to your arsenal? Look no further. Matellio is your ideal partner to set your journey in motion. With our expertise in engineering and innovation, we’ve proven ourselves as adept problem solvers in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Here’s a glimpse of why we’re the best in the industry:

Industry ProwessIndustry Prowess

Matellio holds a track record of assisting industry leaders. Our team has a deep understanding of telecom needs and EMM technology.

Tailored SolutionsTailored Solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Matellio crafts EMM solutions that align precisely with your business model, ensuring you offer a seamless experience to your clients.

Engineering ExcellenceEngineering Excellence

With a team of seasoned experts, our experts ensure all tech intricacies are handled with precision. They take care of everything from solution selection to integration and beyond.

Innovation at HeartInnovation at Heart

We’re not just about solving today’s problems. With next-gen technology expertise, we’re focused on the future as well. In that sense, we ensure your offerings are always upgraded through innovative solutions that stand the test of time.

Collaborative ApproachCollaborative Approach

Matellio believes in walking hand-in-hand with the client. Whether you’re a startup owner or an established enterprise, our team takes up the goals of your project as their own goals. We work with you together to achieve them, ensuring a truly synergistic partnership.

Client Centric FocusClient-Centric Focus

Your success is our ultimate goal. We focus on a streamlined approach to amplify your business growth. For us, your revenue boost and customer satisfaction are of utmost importance.

So, wait no more and choose Matellio to harness the power of EMM solutions. Join forces with us and turn your EMM aspirations into a thriving reality. Fill out the form now!

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