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Get tailor-made telecom software solutions that streamline various facets of your business. Optimize your legacy infrastructures and enhance your software-driven network services with custom OSS/BSS software, VoIP services, and other next-gen offerings.
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    Resolve Your Business Challenges with Custom Telecom Software Solutions

    Outdated Telecom Systems

    Are you struggling to satisfy the modern needs of the telecom market, including VoIP services, automated operations, and more?

    Network Security

    Are your customers terrified of the idea of identity thefts and financial losses that result due to network security and data breaches?

    Coverage Outages

    Are network failure, loss of connectivity, device failure, and other such technical problems impacting your revenue and brand value?

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    Custom Telecom Software Solutions We Can Build for You

    Our experts can deliver you unique and tailor-made telecom solutions that meet all the modern requirements.
    Telecom Management Software

    With dedicated telecom management software, you can monitor your network performance and bandwidth in real-time, and identify the possible glitches.

    Telephony Servicing Solutions

    We build custom telephony solutions equipped with PBX, SIP Trunking systems, and Centrex Software Systems for better interconnectivity and minimal downtime.

    VoIP Solutions

    We design and develop VoIP and messaging solutions from SIP architecture to VPC configuration to make your telecom services optimal and stable.

    Call Accounting Software

    Capture and record all the call activities within your telecom organization, and optimize your accounting operations with a dedicated call accounting software.

    Telecom Audit Software
    Telecom Audit Software

    We build custom telecom audit software that can help your telecom company to analyze your expenses, and extract and save audit data that deliver valuable business insights.

    Telecom Field Service Software

    We develop field service management software to help you maximize your business’ potential by standardizing the workflow ranging from invoicing to dispatching.

    Looking for Other Custom Telecom Software Solutions?

    Discuss your ideas and requirements with our experts and get a free no-obligation quote for your project.
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    Telecom Software Development Services We Offer

    Leverage our wide range of professional services that accelerate your telecom business’s digital transformation journey.

    Need Expert Assistance for Your Telecom Software Development?

    We are here to help you right from the step of ideation to deployment and post-launch maintenance.
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    Strengthen Your Telecom Software Development with Our Next-Gen Offerings

    Internet of Things

    With IoT-based telecom software solutions, you can get the real-time data of your operations. Whether it be a fault in your telecom system or a glitch from the customer’s end, IoT sensors can easily predict the exact cause.

    AI & ML

    You can automate transaction management, and email replies while enhancing your support systems with AI. Our AI-based services can improve your predictive analytics features to promote a profitable business.


    Blockchain offers P2P voice exchange software, smart contracts, and open chain services for a secure data exchange. Track your network-related information, and identify the possible threats before impacting your business.


    DevOps allow you to integrate your operations and development team to resolve issues faster. Gain better visibility in your processes and automatically configure your hardware/telecom devices with DevOps services.

    Looking to Implement these Next-Gen Technologies in Your Telecom System? 

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    Why Choose Matellio for Telecom Software Development ?

    With years of experience as a custom software development company, Matellio has been the top choice for developing cutting-edge telecom software solutions. Our next-gen services range from idea validation to final launch and suit companies of all sizes. You can gain a competitive advantage and roll out technically-advanced solutions for your telecom business with us.
    As a leading telecom software development company, our primary goal is to help companies fight the disruptive market while satisfying their customer needs. Whether IoT, AI, Cloud, and LBS, we work with industry-specific experts proficient in multiple next-gen technologies. Those experts can help you with quality and cost-effective telecom operations.
    Broad Technology Spectrum
    20+ Years Experience
    Agile Development Methodology
    Free Market Analysis
    No-Obligation Quote
    On-Time Project Delivery

    Technologies We Use

    We work with the best technologies that can help you unlock the true potential of your telecom system.

    Our Success Stories

    For every real-world problem, we have delivered software solutions that reflect our expertise in diverse verticals.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What does network management software do?

    A network management software is capable of managing all the aspects of your network and related problems, including faults, security, performance, and more. You can install or configure new network nodes or offer new updates to your customers virtually with our custom network management software.  

    2. What services do you offer for my telecom solution?

    We offer a wide range of professional services that can resolve all the technical challenges of your company. Right from software consulting and MVP creation to automated testing, app development, enterprise solutions development, and even support and maintenance, you can leverage our tailored services for your project’s success!    

    3. How much time is required to develop my telecom software solution?

    The time required for your telecom software development depends majorly on your set of requirements. For instance, if you choose to develop a telecom software solution with all the advanced features and technologies, it will require more time for development than software with a mix of basic and advanced features. Hence, you can always consult with our experts before starting your project development to validate your requirements and get an exact time estimate. Fill in our form below to get started today! 

    4. What is the cost to develop custom telecom software?

    Similar to the time, the cost of your telecom software development depends on many factors and your requirements, such as:

    • Features and designs
    • Tech stack
    • Number of resources hired
    • Testing method and more

    Hence, to get an exact quote for your project, you need to fill out our form below. Our experts will validate your ideas and offer you the best quote matching your needs.

    5. How can I develop a telecom software solution with Matellio?

    You can follow these simple steps to get started with your telecom software development with Matellio: 

    • Fill out our consultation form
    • Discuss your ideas and requirements with our experts
    • Select the best features, tech stack, and design for your MVP
    • Hire dedicated developers and start your product development
    • Test your telecom software solution
    • Deploy on your choice of platform

    6. What all engagement models do you offer?

    We offer four types of flexible engagement models to help you hire the best developers for your project. 

    • Dedicated developer model
    • Turnkey model
    • Time and material-based model
    • Custom hiring model


    7. How do you ensure the security of my data?

    We have experts that follow the best security practices while developing your custom telecom solution. Besides that, we also protect your data and ideas from third-party businesses by signing a non-disclosure agreement that legally binds all our employees and us from sharing business-related data.  

    8. Can you build telecom apps for both iOS and Android platforms?

    Yes, we deliver apps for both iOS and Android versions. You can either choose to have native apps for both platforms or cross-platform app development services. 

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