Navigating the Digital Shift: Financial Technology Consulting for Enterprise Adaptation

Navigating the Digital Shift: Financial Technology Consulting for Enterprise Adaptation

The COVID-19 slowdown was no less than a bad dream for every industry. But do you know that the financial sector was among the most stable industries even during those challenging times? It emerged as a beacon of progress, witnessing exponential growth globally. The reason? Lockdowns forced reliance on online payment platforms, sparking innovations in financial technology. As a result, the surge in demand led to a groundbreaking $22.8 billion investment in Q1’21, a record for the FinTech sector. Post this advancement, a new era of the importance of financial technology consulting was born.  

Indeed, technology has always played a prominent in this domain, but the steady growth during this period changed everything. In fact, predictions now indicate that this lucrative market could reach $161.2-$305.7 billion by 2026, given the accelerated FinTech adoption rate. 

So, it’s no surprise businesses are now increasingly turning to financial technology consulting to adapt to these rapid advancements in the financial sector. Through these services, they want to enhance customer service, creating a demand for expertise that straddles both finance and technology. Do you wish to enlist yourself on the list of these companies who want to invest carefully in FinTech? In this blog, you will learn how to gain a competitive edge in this evolving industry with financial technology consulting. So, without any further ado, let’s dive in! 

  • Amidst the COVID-19 slowdown, the financial sector’s resilience, driven by online payments and fintech, attracted a record $22.8 billion investment, heralding a new era in financial technology consulting. Projections anticipate a market size of $161.2-$305.7 billion by 2026. 
  • Essential in today’s business world, financial technology consulting guides enterprises through fintech trends, including startups, blockchain, AI, and open banking, ensuring success in digital transformations and cybersecurity. 
  • Financial technology consulting navigates enterprises through fintech complexities, covering system assessments, digital implementation, innovation roadmaps, process optimization, and risk management, ensuring successful and compliant digital transformations. 
  • Remember to seek financial technology consulting services from tech experts like Matellio, who can navigate and guide your business even during the most complex trends.  

The Digital Shift in the Enterprise World: Why Seek Financial Technology Consulting? 

According to the 2019 EY Survey, a whopping 56% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are diving into the world of FinTech for their banking and payments needs. Sounds cool, right? But here’s the catch: these businesses find it pretty tough to keep up the tech game and consistently level up for top-notch services. 

Now, why can’t these companies just keep their eyes peeled for the latest innovations all the time? Well, here are a few reasons to ponder: 

Emergence of FinTech Startups 

The financial sector is buzzing with innovative startups shaking up traditional services. Many of them are stepping into the game, relying on technology consulting services. Stripe and other platforms are great examples of this.  

Digital Payments Revolution 

Wave goodbye to old-school banking methods. Digital payment platforms and mobile wallets are rewriting the rules of transactions. There’s no way businesses are implementing these new trends without seeking financial technology consulting services 

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 

Automation is changing the game in every sector, and finance is no exception. Financial businesses are now automating and optimizing their financial processes using RPA. This leads to better efficiency and cuts down on operational costs, making the competition in the domain even more fierce! 

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies  

You’ve heard about blockchain and cryptocurrencies, but do you know how to implement them effectively? Financial technology consulting can guide you in adopting these technologies for decentralized and secure financial transactions and asset management. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) 

AI and ML are the keys to smarter decisions. However, you must work with an expert AI development company that could dive deep into your data and unlock metrics regarding- 

  • Risk assessment 
  • Fraud detection 
  • Personalize your financial services 

Using these technologies effectively to your advantage is where you change your business game.   

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Open Banking Initiatives 

Open banking is more than compliance; it’s an opportunity. To adopt this trend, you have to go through a maze of intricacies. Seems daunting? With the right guidance, you can leverage this shift for increased collaboration and a broader array of services for your clients. 

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Cloud Computing Adoption 

Financial institutions are among the top companies that seek cloud integration services. They do so to enhance the scalability, flexibility, and accessibility of their services. So, if you’re a financial institution ready to take the plunge into the future, you should consider adopting the dynamic duo of financial technology consulting and cloud computing. 

Cybersecurity Focus 

With the digital landscape evolving, you cannot miss putting cybersecurity at the forefront. Hence, you must fortify your defenses, safeguard sensitive financial data and ensure you stay a step ahead of cyber threats. 

Financial Inclusion 

As a business, you want to evolve and want users around every corner to avail of your services. That’s the motivation of leading Fintech players today. The spirit of financial inclusion by service providers is becoming pivotal for businesses to grow as a socially woke organization.  

How Does Financial Technology Consulting Helps Enterprises Adapt to FinTech Trends? 

The service assists enterprises in navigating the complex landscape of financial technology. It helps businesses leverage innovative solutions to enhance their operations, efficiency, and competitiveness. Here’s a breakdown of the key aspects of financial technology consulting in enterprise adaptation: 

1. Understanding and Implementing Digital Financial Solutions

a. Assessment and Analysis 

Fintech consultants like experts at Matellio first conduct thorough assessments of your current financial systems and processes. 

We identify areas for improvement, inefficiencies, and scope for digital transformation. 

b. Technology Evaluation 

Our expert consultants will then evaluate the latest technologies that are perfect to allow your software or app to give or maintain a competitive edge. 

The technologies will be handpicked after we check the suitability and compatibility of various solutions with your enterprise’s goals and existing infrastructure. 

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c. Customized Solutions 

Our financial technology consulting services will have a special focus on customization. Why? We will tailor these trending technologies to cater to your existing or planned enterprise solutions and business needs.  

This may include the implementation of blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies. 

2. Role in Strategic Planning

a. Digital Transformation Strategy 

Even if you are planning to seek holistic digital transformation services, look for guidance to implement digital transformation strategies for you. This implementation part will go without saying when you will rely on our financial technology consulting services. Our consultants will align technology initiatives with broader business objectives, ensuring a cohesive and effective strategy. 

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b. Innovation Roadmap 

Our experts will help you create an innovation roadmap. The roadmap will outline the adoption of emerging technologies and ensure a phased and sustainable approach to digital transformation. 

3. Process Optimization

a. Workflow Streamlining 

Our fintech consultants dive deep into financial processes, spotting chances to make things smoother than ever. They’ll strive to optimize efficiency, automate the mundane stuff, and eliminate manual errors. The goal? Turbocharging speed, boosting accuracy, and making your fintech system run like a well-oiled machine. 

b. Integration of Technologies 

Now comes the real action. Integration of technologies requires a lot of technical prowess. For instance, if you need a portal for financial inclusion, financial technology consulting services will provide you with the steps to follow here. This would typically involve building microservice architecture, integrating APIs so you can get and store user data, and taking other similar steps with your development team.  

4. Risk Management

a. Cybersecurity 

Observing your system and how users interact with it, fintech consulting experts will give you a list of measures of how you can address and mitigate cybersecurity risks. If you feel right, you can also ask the same experts to implement the techniques that fit perfectly according to your business vision. This step will help you stay compliant with regulations and protect sensitive financial data. 

b. Compliance and Regulation 

Regulations keep on changing as new technologies enter the market. As a result, it might become challenging for you to keep your fintech platform abreast of all necessary regulatory frameworks. Here, financial technology consulting services can help you stay aware of all compliance and regulation policies that you must abide by. With this knowledge, you can implement them at the right time and avoid multiple risks. 

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Case Study that Highlights Matellio’s Financial Technology Consulting Services 


Accu-Image, an invoicing tool, hit a snag with mobile adaptability. Its desktop focus made invoicing on the move a struggle, putting a dent in workflow speed and integration ease. 

Solution by Matellio: 

We dove into Accu-Image’s workings, pinpointing mobile hurdles. Our financial technology consulting services kicked in. Drawing on our journey, we embarked on a comprehensive assessment of Accu-Image’s operational landscape. Our strategy involved in-depth user experience studies. We carved out the mobile-centric pain points that hindered seamless functionality. 

The consulting phase wasn’t just about identifying issues. Instead, we had a strategic plan. We meticulously aligned Accu-Image’s goals with cutting-edge mobile solutions, all the while staying attuned to industry best practices and emerging trends. 


The Matellio touch worked wonders, sculpting a mobile strategy custom-fit for Accu-Image’s hiccups. The app worked with a seamless transition. The client had its efficient mobile workflows laid out neatly. And the users? They got their invoicing on the go! It’s proof that we don’t just find problems; we craft solutions that shout innovation and operational excellence. 

Fintech’s Digital Transformation Future: Essential Financial Technology Consulting Focus Areas 

To remain relevant and thriving in the fintech market, you need cheat codes. When it comes to your digital transformation approach, you need something similar: tips from experts. That’s why here is a brief list of essential areas where you can make the most out of the financial technology consulting services you seek.  

Strategic Alignment 

First things first, keep an eye on the latest. Your chosen financial technology consultants will do all the groundwork for you and report to you about the trends going on in the industry. You then need to sit down with these experts, understand their insights and plan alignments of the trends with your future business goals. This way, you will have a strategy for future opportunities. 

Agile Technology Adoption 

Embrace an agile approach while seeking fintech consulting. Stay nimble and be willing to integrate new technologies that can improve your existing tech infrastructure. For instance, your chosen FinTech tech advisors may ask you to integrate AI algorithms or blockchain. If you are hesitant in the beginning, you can integrate such technologies in your software or app in an MVP format and see how it works with limited users. 

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Embedded Finance  

It’s like banking services team up with everyday stuff, making life easier. Now, you can snag insurance while shopping online or score a loan from your ride-hailing app. Super convenient, right? But here’s the thing – making embedded finance work isn’t a walk in the park. There are some tricky bits, like dealing with data privacy and security issues. That’s where financial technology consulting comes in. It’s crucial to have experts on board who can navigate these complexities and make sure everything runs smoothly. After all, staying on top of this trend is not just about cool features; it’s about keeping your financial info safe and sound. 

Open Banking 

It’s another trend for which you need to keep your eyes wide open. Open banking is like a system that lets folks and businesses share their money info with other companies. This whole thing has become a golden ticket for fintech whizzes to whip up cool money products and services. However, diving into open banking requires some serious tech and security investments. Plus, dealing with the tricky stuff, like keeping your data private, can also be complex. That’s where financial technology consulting comes in handy. It’s not just about riding the trend; it’s about doing it right and making sure your platform is playing it right with users’ money. 

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) 

So, you know that “Buy Now, Pay Later” thing? It’s all the rage! It’s youngsters’ new favourite because it transforms purchases into bite-sized payments. It’s a financial boon, but reckless spending could lead to debt woes. Skip payment deadlines, and your credit score takes a nosedive. Here, FinTech consultants become the savvy navigators of this fiscal frontier. They don’t just adapt to trends; they steer individuals away from financial pitfalls. These experts streamline digital financing for your users, seamlessly integrating the feature without compromising your platform’s financial integrity or users’ financial autonomy. Their expertise ensures a win-win scenario, enhancing user experience while maintaining the stability and trustworthiness of your platform. 

Why Choose Matellio for Financial Technology Consulting? 

We bring your financial solutions to life with a dedicated team, top-notch tech, and a solid track record. Beyond just coding, we tailor solutions that fit seamlessly into your business goals. Matellio is more than a service – we’re your strategic partner, ensuring compliance, security, and innovation at every step. Think of us as your co-pilots in the world of fintech, offering a future-proof, scalable approach. Choose Matellio for a smooth ride to financial success. Fill out this form and start your journey from here! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

These experts assist clients in formulating a well-defined vision and strategy for their business. They engage in market research, scrutinize industry trends, and offer insights to help clients recognize opportunities, pinpoint target markets, and establish a growth roadmap. 

Fintech firms are frequently disruptors within their industries, using technology to reshape how consumers engage with the financial sector. This typically involves broadening access to financial products, reducing fees, and delivering quicker, more personalized services. 

Some of the key queries you must resolve before entering into a partnership with a FinTech firm are: 

  • How long has the company been in the fintech industry? 
  • How do they ensure compliance with relevant financial regulations? 
  • What measures do they have to ensure the security of sensitive financial data? 
  • Can their solutions scale as your business grows? 
  • How easily can their solutions integrate with your existing FinTech ecosystem? 

Fintech innovations have transformed the banking industry, offering banks improved efficiency, reduced costs, heightened security, enhanced customer experiences, greater transparency, accessibility, accelerated payment processes, and additional benefits. 

The fintech sector encounters various challenges, including recurrent security breaches, limited transparency, intense competition, legal regulations, and subpar user experiences. These issues can be addressed effectively with the application of appropriate technological expertise. 

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