How to Hire Dedicated Software Development Team?

Updated on Sep 1st, 2022

Many startups and SMBs face the major challenge of building high-end softwares that their users love. A specialized infrastructure is required to build high-end software like a dedicated development team, IT infrastructure, delivery centers, and several others.

But, finding a dedicated development team that can accomplish your business goals while staying within a limited budget and deadline is difficult. 
In this blog, we’ll look at the benefits of dedicated development teams and give tips about how to hire a software development team 

  • When you engage a dedicated development team, you are getting an already established team that you can integrate and consider as employees. 
  • With dedicated team, you obtain ready-to-use infrastructure, can save office supplies, hiring costs, training-onboarding fees, and other legal requirements, and lower your overall development cost. 

So, let’s start with, 

What is a Dedicated Development Team? 

The term “dedicated” refers to the development team being hand-picked and built by the company from its skilled workforce to work on the project exclusively. Importantly, each team is assigned to only one project at a time in order to give the best results.  

Hiring a dedicated development team is undoubtedly a prevalent strategy for establishing a long-term, lucrative business. Both startups and established businesses strive to outperform their competitors and gain benefits. 

The hiring of a dedicated development team differs from the hiring of outsourced individuals. When you engage a dedicated development team, you are getting an already established team that you can integrate and consider as employees.  

What Does a Dedicated Software Development Team Include? 

The size and complexity of a tech team can vary based on project needs and development model. The basic duties of a team, as well as their responsibilities, are listed below. Have a look!  

  • Project Manager – Schedule, budget, quality, and contract management are all responsibilities of a project manager. They employ a variety of approaches to concentrate on project management. They also make sure that any adjustments made during the project are in line with the specifications.
  • Team lead – As the title suggests, this expert is in charge of leading and managing the team from within, ensuring that deadlines are met, the code is clean, and the team works together smoothly.
  • Frontend Developers – who work on the front-end of software. These experts are in charge of developing your software’s frontends that consumers will interact with.
  • Backend Developers – Creating a back-end, or the technical component of a future application is more difficult than designing a front-end. Back-end developers are responsible for building, maintaining, testing, and debugging the entire back-end, ensuring that it is in sync with the front-end and has no security flaws.
  • UI/UX designers – Future product prototyping, developing intuitive UI and pleasant UX, and anchoring the brand identity are all responsibilities of UI/UX designers.
  • Lead Quality Assurance – The QA Lead, on the other hand, is in charge of quality assurance and testing and coordinating the work of programmers and testers.  

Moving ahead, let’s talk about,  

Why Must Startups Hire Dedicated Software Development Teams? 

The top advantages of having a dedicated team of developers are:  

1. Excellence Assurance

When you hire a software development team, they will build products using best practices. As a result, productivity boosts right from the start of your project. Similarly, if the team has proven expertise in developing similar projects, you can be confident in the project’s result.  

2. Easy to manage

As opposed to other development teams on the market, dedicated development teams might be very simple to manage. Business owners are aware that all specialized development teams include a project manager with whom they can communicate in order to reduce errors. The project manager will be able to communicate facts to the rest of the team and will make management easier for your team. The management operations and the dedicated team’s work are clear and apparent. You may concentrate on other important matters because the teams do not require input and support.  

3. Flexibility 

Another advantage of having a dedicated software development team is that you may manage and change the hired workers as needed. The workflow and scope are both affected in the same way. 

You do not have to invest any resources in the recruitment procedure once more. If you want additional expertise or wish to change the structure of your team, your supplier can assist you. If the scope, vision, or deadline for your project changes, the dedicated development team will adjust accordingly.  

4. Enhanced collaboration & cooperation

Due to the obvious dedicated development team’s additional experience, collaboration is frequently improved. Many managers are apprehensive about working with offshore teams because they believe they will lose control. Dedicated development teams, on the other hand, are all about improved cooperation and can collaborate with you to deliver excellent results. The manager is in charge of communication between the client and the team, ensuring that they are all on the same position when it comes to project deliverables. Projects are also closing faster as a result of improved teamwork.  

5. Cost-effective approach 

When you hire a software development team, you obtain ready-to-use infrastructure, can save office supplies, hiring costs, training-onboarding fees, and other legal requirements, and lower your overall production costs. A dedicated team has the expense of employing a team, so there are no long-term commitments, liabilities, or contracts to worry about.  

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How to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team? 

If the correct team is formed, dedicated software developers can assist companies in various ways. Due to the importance of having the proper team, it is critical for businesses to conduct thorough research to guarantee that a team is the best fit.  

Hiring a seasoned development team necessitates some research. Here are some suggestions for making your hiring process more efficient and profitable.  

1. Make a list of your objectives. 

Understanding your requirements and defining them to the stakeholders is the first approach toward hiring a dedicated development team. The questions listed below will help you better understand what you need: 

  • How many professionals are you going to hire for your team? 
  • What competencies should experts possess?
  • Do you require developers to be familiar with any particular programming languages or frameworks? 
  • What is your budget for this project?  

Also, you should determine your budget before you make your selection. Defining your budget is crucial since it will ensure that the vendor delivers a platform that you can afford while also providing all of the capabilities you desire. Going over budget may be devastating for both your project and your organization, so make absolutely sure to account for anything and everything.  

2. Plan for an interview 

Try to make a variety of questions and discussion points to assess their skill sets before conducting an interview. You can speed up the interview process thereby. However, keep in mind that first thoughts aren’t always correct. Understanding the entire scope of a candidate’s ability needs far more than a single meeting. 

If you want to hire a dedicated software development team, you’ll need to put them through at least a few technical tests to check if they’re up to the mark or not.  

3. Check portfolio 

When looking for a development company to work on your project, make sure to look at their portfolio. Every company will have a portfolio on its website. This allows you to look over their previous work. Browsing the portfolio is essential since it will show you what the company does and whether they have the competence you require. Using the pointers as mentioned earlier to hire a dedicated development team can assist you in finding the correct company with the necessary experience to work on your project.  

4. Check compatibility and communication channels 

Some of your top recruits are likely to be based in countries with different time zones than you. As a result, it’s critical to understand their attitude about language difficulties and cultural and work-hour disparities ahead of time.
Also, while interviewing applicants, bring up the topic of communication and inquire about their favorite mode of communication.

Why Hire a Dedicated Development Team from Matellio?  

We set together experienced teams that are tailored to your needs and objectives. Then, while we handle the rest, you can concentrate on your core business operations. To align development with your product needs, speed SLDC, and provide successful maintenance planning, technical support, and testing, we exclusively implement tried-and-true methodologies. We are broadening the scope of our capabilities. To stay relevant in the ever-changing IT environment, we continue to expand our services to include more businesses and topics. 

Every new project contributes to our knowledge base and a new area of expertise. Our dedicated team specifications can continuously refine their talents in devoted software development of many types thanks to a variety of long-term contracts with our present clients. Our staff’s ability to collaborate is always improving, which is in strict accordance with our quality management.  


Using a dedicated software team approach can help your company in a variety of ways. It can help organizations save money, gain access to the talents they require and manage their employees more effectively.  

Hire a dedicated expert team if you have tech requirements that cannot be met locally. The dedicated team’s knowledge and capabilities will be put to good use in delivering secure and assured results. The managed team model is a unique strategy to develop a technically competent product that is scalable, flexible, and adaptable while remaining cost-effective.  

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