How to Hire Reactjs App Developers?

Updated on Oct 11th, 2022


Over the years, hiring managers have found it more challenging to find top front-end developers, particularly ReactJS app developers. According to Statista’s reports, React.js surpassed jQuery to become the most popular web app development framework among developers globally as of 2022. 

ReactJS has become one of the top alternatives for businesses worldwide and has garnered popularity for building efficient UI.  Continue reading to learn more about ReactJS, how developers utilize it, and how to hire ReactJS developers for app development.  

What is ReactJS? 

ReactJS is a free JavaScript library for building user interfaces. Mobile apps and simple page applications are made with ReactJS. Facebook, along with a sizable large number of distributed developers and businesses, embraces ReactJS.  

For building complex apps, the ReactJS library can be integrated with additional libraries. The availability of JSX markup that supports ReactJS is another benefit. Reusable features of React components make them simpler to manage. React.js code is substantially simpler to update than code created in other programming languages because of its modular structure. This makes ReactJS app development considerably simpler. This perk allows businesses to save a significant amount of time and resources. 

React JS is well-liked by developers because of its simplicity and use of single components, which allows the developer to break up challenging UI components into separate ones. One of the enticing features of React JS is its speed, flexibility, and component reuse.  

Why Must Businesses Consider ReactJS App Development?

Well, there are many benefits of ReactJS app development for businesses, including: 

Lower development time  

ReactJS has the benefit of enabling the development and reuse of whole code modules. This drastically cuts down on development time and generally simplifies things for ReactJS app developers. Additionally, this strategy enables you to assemble the project’s parts one at a time and break down each one separately, which further streamlines the app development process and cuts down on time.  


ReactJS leverages a component-based structure, where the components serve as the foundation for your application. This has a lot of advantages since it gives you a lot of flexibility. As it can be used with a number of tools, ReactJS is also incredibly versatile. Static web pages, mobile apps, and even desktop applications may all be built using ReactJS. It also continually changes to support brand-new use cases.  

SEO friendly 

It is a reality that search engine optimization is essential to the success of any online business. The ranking of an application on Google will rise with a decrease in load times and an increase in rendering speed. 

React JS significantly speeds up page load time as compared to other frameworks because of its speedy rendering. That, in turn, greatly aids businesses in making sure they appear top on Google’s Search Engine Result Pages.  

Highly efficient 

Developers can use specific application components on both the server-side and the client-side with ReactJS. Simply put, various developers can code specific components without encountering any problems. 

In reality, modifications wouldn’t have any effect on an application’s logic at all. Not to mention, ReactJS enables developers to create structured, modular code that enables the division of applications into discrete components. The entire development process is sped up once the code is made reusable.  

Code stability 

React JS uses downward data flow to help ensure that modifications to the child structure do not have an impact on or affect the parent structure. 

Because of this, whenever a developer makes changes to an object, they only need to edit the states and make the necessary adjustments. As a result, just one component will receive updates. Consequently, your application will run more smoothly and with better code stability thanks to this structure and data flow.  

First choice of tech giants 

If you are still unsure whether you ought to hire ReactJS app developer, read below!  

ReactJS is now being used by some of the world’s leading brands for their web and mobile app development needs, including numerous Fortune 500 companies.  

Major companies using ReactJS are: 

  • Tesla 
  • PayPal 
  • Netflix 
  • NASA 
  • Airbnb 


As you’ve seen the benefits of ReactJS app development; now, let’s move forward and discuss,  

How to Hire ReactJS App Developers?

Well, there are three popular ways to hire ReactJS app developers!  

Hire in-house ReactJS app developers 

If you want to communicate quickly and directly with the hired developers, this approach is appropriate. If you already have an internal development team and you frequently need new developers to join it, this solution may be able to assist you.  

Pros of hiring in-house ReactJS app developers: 

  • Full control 
  • Effective communication 
  • No time zone differences 

Cons of hiring in-house ReactJS app developers: 

  • Additional hardware & infrastructure expenses 
  • Delay in project delivery due to ongoing projects 

Hire freelance ReactJS app developers 

Numerous freelance portals exist, including TopTal, Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, and others. Each one displays the information of a number of qualified and professional ReactJS app developers and gives people access to them. You can look through the list of applicants and select the talent that most closely fits your requirements.  

Pros of hiring freelance ReactJS app developers: 

  • Access to the wide talent pool 
  • Best for short-term projects 
  • Easy to filter on various parameters 

Cons of hiring freelance ReactJS app developers: 

  • Platform fees 
  • Time Zone differences 
  • Lack of transparency 

Hire dedicated developers 

ReactJS’s optimized environment and streamlined development procedures make it possible to complete projects quickly when using dedicated ReactJS app developers. Your infrastructure costs will also be significantly lowered, and the company won’t be spending money on purchasing facilities, software, or utilities. When you work with outsourcing firms to get ReactJS app developers, you’ll also have access to some of the most talented developers globally.  

Pros of hiring dedicated ReactJS app developers: 

  • Access to the wide talent pool 
  • On-time project delivery
  • Post development support 

Cons of hiring dedicated ReactJS app developers: 

  • Time Zone differences 
  • Language barrier 

As you’ve seen the top ways to hire ReactJS app developers; now, let’s talk about,  

Tips for Hiring the Best ReactJS App Developers

Below are some tips for hiring the best ReactJS app developers. So, take a look! 

Define your requirements 

Effectively defining your project requirements is the first and most important stage. Identify all the main goals you hope to accomplish with the use of ReactJS app developers. Whether you’re hiring to increase your internal development capability or to have developers run your project independently, be completely obvious about your final goals.  

Check experience & communication skills 

Examine the developers’ communication skills by asking them about their experience using ReactJS. A person with excellent communication skills and a wealth of framework experience will be the greatest choice for your project. As a result, before interviewing a candidate, you must create a list of pertinent questions.  

Check portfolio and testimonials 

A smart way to assess a potential ReactJS developer’s abilities is to look at their portfolio. Therefore, request samples of the projects they have ended up working on and check to see if they have any projects that use responsive design. To get a sense of how well they get along with others, you may also read reviews by previous clients.  


Why Hire ReactJS App Developers from Matellio?

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Benefits of hiring dedicated developers from Matellio!  

  • Flexible hiring models – We offer flexible hiring models so that you may make the best decision. Hire dedicated developers from us to work on your upcoming project in accordance with your company’s demands and specifications.  
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Given its benefits, it is certain that ReactJS will be used in the building of business apps in the future. With ReactJS, high-end apps are simple to build, and any data updates can be implemented frequently.  

Now that you know why React JS is a great front-end framework and why you should use it. In light of this, we suggest you hire a ReactJS app developer to build your business apps’ out-of-the-box solutions.  


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