How Asp.Net Development Could Benefit Your Startup?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

How Asp.Net Development Could Benefit Your Startup

In this competitive world of online businesses, many are looking for and wanting expert developers for creating cool strategies and innovative solutions. By adapting to innovative mobile and web solutions, it will increase revenues and also cut down on operational costs so web development companies can gain an edge over others. Therefore, Microsoft’s framework of ASP.Net development is a good solution for problems since it develops easy and flexible applications within a given budget and time.

What is ASP.Net?

ASP.Net is an open-source server Microsoft developed as a tool for web development. The framework gives development tools to create effective web applications, web solutions, and web pages. The .NET language is used to write the framework and it supports JavaScript.NET, Perl, Python and Visual Basic.NET.

Pros & Cons of ASP.Net

The advantage of using ASP.Net includes the flexibility to remove and add features when you need them. Additionally, it is easy to set up, and it is compatible with other .NET frameworks. However, ASP.Net does have some disadvantages such as difficulty in making changes, lack of certain features and tool, documentation gaps—but all these can be fixed since Asp.Net is a fairly new player and their developers are working to make the framework more dynamic and easier to use.

Many companies have already implemented this tool, such as StackOverflow, GoDaddy, and DELL among others. The USA, China, the UK and India are among the leading countries that are using the framework of ASP.Net development.

BuiltWith stats show us that there are 41,204,935 websites approximately who are already using ASP.Net and SimilarTech shows 17,911,080 websites have used the tool to build their websites.

Benefits of ASP.Net for your startup

Now, let us discuss how you can use ASP.Net in your startup. Here are some major benefits your business can gain through this tool:

  • Scalable and reliable: The framework has proved itself to be extremely robust and dependable when applied to develop commercial applications. Small, medium or large companies have been using ASP.Net development for their organisation’s technical strategies. ASP.Net development lends itself easily to the requirements of quickly expanding companies by giving the right framework to change business applications rapidly and efficiently. This implies that your business application can evolve and grow as your startup grows.
  • Interoperability: In 2018, Microsoft released multiple editions of IoT (Windows 10 Internet of Things) to improve and develop the degree of efficiency and ease with which extremely dedicated and skilled ASP.Net developers develop apps related to IoT. This is increased the security and flow of interoperability significantly for software that is designed in the .Net platform. The advantages of this are extreme. For instance, Azure Iot suite provides open source sets of SDKs that give increased security, flexibility and speed for open-source development. Thus, Asp.Net development decapitates the extravagance of interoperability.
  • Unmatchable safety: Since its creation, the framework of ASP.Net development has maintained itself as a fierce technological framework in many companies. From MNCs to governments and private companies, ASP.Net development has provided as a framework for information security. For example, the Passport Seva site in India is a high-traffic site where the framework has been applied resolutely. ASP.Net development framework of Microsoft apps creates a secure integration of measurable applications by both mobile and web development company. Additionally, applications like ASP.Net and web APIs like Azure Document DB and SQL Server, a daunting framework of technology can be applied for multiple industries such as finance, education and digital marketing.
  • Workable and Vast: Regarding solutions to mobility, ASP.Net web development offers more versatile and flexible solutions for mobile application development. In fact, the expanded community of this tool has developed many projects to support interaction between websites and devices. The forerunner project for this set of ASP.Net development, a database for devices that contain type (tablet or smartphone), width and height of screen, version and type of browser, a name such as Wireless Universal Resource File has been chosen. This data gatherer device provides webmasters and other web development company and mobile company more information about the traffic on their sites (specifically, agents of traffic user). This database can easily be transferred into other ASP.Net projects. Lastly, it is known that applications based on ASP.Net provide amazing user experiences and aid small or big companies to expand the demand for their services and products.
  • A community of Open source: After its inception, ASP.Net was mostly used as a countermeasure against the destructive Sun’s Java’s influence in IT companies. To deal with Java’s appealing multi-platform compatibility features and comparatively easier and more workable languages, Microsoft developed C#, ASP.Net development’s primary language. However, after facing competition with Java successfully with Microsoft Window’s team of internal developers, they decide to take another step and facilitate open source and cross-platform technology through open-source.Net Core, a cross-platform for the .Net framework that runs on Windows only. This resulted in increasing strength of the company’s customer base along with third-party applications that matched with .Net platform. Microsoft also seeks to increase numbers of apps that can be programmed using the C# language. This will increase the income of the company and subscriptions and licenses for Office 365 and SharePoint.

Besides the abovementioned factors, Net offers commercial services to businesses, which are:

  1. ASP.Net architecture and design evaluation
  2. Migrating web and desktop applications to the ASP.Net framework
  3. ASP.Net Software Product Development
  4. SOAP toolkit
  5. Development of web services using the .NET development framework
  6. ASP.Net app and architecture development
  7. Asp.Net custom control development

How Matellio Can Help

So, there are multiple benefits to your business when the framework of ASP.Net web development is applied. The framework is profitable, reliable and safe, and with Matellio, we want to help you in a way that you can use to develop awesome commercial applications with ASP.Net. Matellio is ready to guide dedicated developers of ASP.Net to expand, reuse and scale that is understood as goals of good software—both for general benefits and efficient development.

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