How Automotive Apps are Changing the Driving Experience

Updated on Apr 28th, 2021


We live in a digital world, and things here change rapidly. What once was a sci-fi thing has today become a reality of the modern world. Mobile apps are a real example of that. Although mobile apps came into existence much before, the exponential growth of mobile apps took place in recent years. Whether we talk of service apps, on-demand apps, hotel booking apps, or even automotive apps, the world has adopted mobile applications in a much positive way.

Having talked about the different types of mobile apps, automotive apps are becoming the real game-changer in today’s mobile world. Many leading marketers today are investing in these on-demand automotive apps to enhance their driving experience. For instance, Google’s in-car system, also known as an Android Auto now comes pre-installed in many of the vehicles. These automotive apps or fleet management apps give the driver and the manager enough access to completely control the vehicle movements. 

But, how do those automotive apps are paving their ways in the global market, and enhancing the driving experience?  Well, that’s our topic for today! So, let’s cut to the chase!

How Automotive Apps are Benefiting the Fleet Industry?


The automotive apps have started to transform the fleet industry while enhancing the driving experience for the users. Here’s why the leading automakers are tapping into the automotive app development:

1. Apps Ensure Greater Connectivity

The foremost benefit of automotive apps is that it ensures better connectivity. The drivers could seamlessly connect with the customer or the fleet managers in no time using automotive or fleet management apps. That not only results in safe driving but also enhances productivity as even a single problem could be noticed by the fleet manager.

2. Fights Distracted Driving

Another robust benefit of automotive apps is that they help the problem of distracted driving. Now, one thing that is seen amongst the drivers is that they get distracted quite often. It may be a distraction due to mobile usage, or continuous driving for a long time. 

Whatever the cause may be, the distracted driving has been causing huge accidents for quite some time now. That’s where the fleet management apps come to play. With a dedicated fleet app, the managers could seamlessly monitor the driving behavior of the drivers while eliminating any distractions. Moreover, the automotive apps also monitor the driving hours of the drivers, thus eliminating any over-driving conditions.

3. Help you Save Cost and Time

There is no denying that automotive apps help you save a lot of cost and time while enhancing your fleet management operations. Features like route optimization and panic alerts help you save a lot of precious time and even allows for fuel optimization. Fuel optimization eventually results in cost savings and better effectivity.

Furthermore, many other advanced features like electronic inspections and preventive maintenance also allow you to save a lot of cost and precious time. The automotive apps even help you know the true value of your vehicle so that you can decide whether to repair or sell the vehicle at the best possible rates. 

4. Ensure Better Visibility

As discussed earlier, the fleet management apps help you not only save your precious time and cost but even allow for greater connectivity and visibility. With dedicated automotive apps, the managers could remotely control the complete vehicle with just a tap on the mobile screens. Moreover, tracking the working hours of several drivers on the same screen is also possible with a dedicated fleet management app. 

Tracking of hours and monitoring the driver’s behavior ensures better visibility into your fleet operations. You could seamlessly monitor what routes your drivers are taking, or whether they are overdriving or speeding. The reports on over speeding and harsh acceleration could also help you manage your operations.  

5. Mobile Apps and Digitization Goes Hand in Hand

Last but not least, mobile apps are a great tool to survive efficiently in today’s digital world. We all know that time has greatly changed with the advancement in technologies and the advent of digitization in ht global market. Today, if you want to be a successful brand in the market, then having a dedicated mobile application is a must. 

A dedicated app not only helps you cater to all your customer problems in an effective way but also allows you to control your business operations while sitting remotely. That further helps you save costs and resources and ensures that your brand becomes a success in the future market. 


What to Consider When Developing an Automotive Application?

Now that you are aware of the importance of automotive apps, let us quickly discuss the crucial points that you should consider when investing in automotive app development. 

1. Latest but Stable Trends

The first and foremost thing that you need to consider is the technology on which your app will be built. Now, we all know that in today’s digital world, many new things come and fade away quickly. However, there are some of the cutting-edge technologies that stay for a longer time. Examples of such are AI, IoT, ML, and so on.

Hence, make sure that your app is built on a reliable technology so that it can cater to your problems efficiently for a longer time. For that, the best way is to consult with an experienced software engineering firm like Matellio. An experienced firm will have a better knowledge of the trending and reliable technologies for app development.

2. Features are Critical


Next thing to consider while investing in automotive app development is the features. Features play a vital role in enhancing your brand value and making your app a hit in the market. Hence, make sure that your automotive app has at least two-three advanced features, along with the basic ones. Here is a list of features that you can include in your automotive or fleet management app.

  • Remote Immobilization

Seamlessly control and immobilize your vehicle with just a tap on your smartphone.

  • Fuel Control

Track and monitor the fuel usage for each of your vehicles and optimize it by fixing the best route for your fleets.

  • Electronic Invoicing

Generate invoices directly with your automotive apps and send them to your customers or vendors with one touch.

  • Agency Management

Manage multiple agencies, their payments, and partners on a single mobile screen with a detailed view.

  • Driver Management

Manage every detail of your drivers along with their driving behavior on a regular basis.

  • Multiple Map Support

Optimize your routes and track your fleets more easily with the help of multiple customized maps for your automotive app. 

  • Business Reports

Get visual-rich on-demand reports including ignition alerts, trip history, total working hours, harsh acceleration, harsh braking, etc. with just one tap on your mobile screen.

  • Geofencing

Create a geofence around a particular area, and get alerts whenever any of your fleets enter or leave that particular area. 

  • Route Optimization

Optimize your routes for the safety of your drivers and eliminate delays due to heavy traffics or improper road conditions while saving on fuel wastage. 

  • Engine Alerts

Access reports on active ignition period of the engines, and stay updated on engine maintenance and repair issues.

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3. Hire Experienced Developers


Once you have finalized the technology platform and features for your automotive app, it is now time to hire dedicated app developers. Now, here you have two options either hire freelancers or opt for experienced app developers. 

While both of the options have their pros and cons, we, a leader in mobile app development, strongly suggest hiring dedicated app developers from a reputed and reliable software engineering firm. The reason being, an experienced development team will have all the tools and techniques that would make your app a hit in the market. They will have answers to all the problems that might come during the app development.

Moreover, the certified and experienced developers of a reliable software engineering firm will even offer you out-of-the-box ideas that will be sufficient to outgrow your competitors. Hence, decide your project details, and hire the best app developers from an experienced software engineering firm like Matellio.

4. Do Not Overview Testing

Testing is the most crucial aspect of app development. However, despite its importance, it is many a time seen that people often skip this step and directly move towards the deployment. As a result, their users face a lot of issues while using the app, and their brand image gets spoiled. 

Testing not only makes sure that your app’s features are working properly but even detects unknown bugs that were unidentified during the development process. Hence, you must invest in the testing of your automotive app. 

Also, nowadays the trend of automated testing is growing significantly. With automated testing, you can get even the minutest of the bugs with a single click. So, ask your development partner whether they provide the facility of automated testing, or not! 

5. Digital Marketing is the Trend

Last but not least, is the deployment stage. But, before deploying your app in the global market make sure that you market it sufficiently on the right platforms. Marketing your product and creating a sense of need amongst your audience is the foremost thing you can do before deploying your product.

Now, thanks to the digital world we live in, today we have multiple platforms and techniques by which you can directly market your product while sitting at your home or in the office. Social media platforms, Google Ads, videos, infographics, blogs, and so on, there are so many ways by which you can promote your brand and your new products.


How Can We Help?

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So, in this article, we discussed the benefits of automotive apps in enhancing the driving experience. We also saw the crucial things that we need to consider when developing an automotive application. To conclude, we can say that, the world is going digital, and customer needs are constantly changing. To satisfy all those customer needs, a mobile app is a first and foremost option. 

A mobile app not only satisfies all your customer needs in a much effective way but also helps you save a lot of cost by optimizing your business operations. At last, we can say that mobile apps are the future of the digital market, and anyone not investing in mobile apps will surely be left behind! So, if you are planning to develop a mobile app, then we are always here to help you. Reach us today and get a free 30-minute consultation from our experts on your big project idea! 

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