How Can Salesforce Blockchain Help your Business?

Updated on Feb 14th, 2022


Technology innovation is fast, and new or improved applications, innovations, and high technology emerge nearly every day. Blockchain technology seems to be on the way to being mainstream. The way companies communicate has changed as a result of today’s communication. Businesses want to use and exchange massive quantities of data with an ever-growing range of partners and third parties without putting their operations at risk. We’ve all become so reliant on technology that we can’t imagine living without it. We often expect technology to improve with each passing day, resulting in a better overall experience and investment return. In this data-driven century, blockchain was the major innovation. Blockchain opens up new avenues for exchanging data through a network of collaborators. It’s a form of database that aids companies in establishing a modern, trustworthy architecture in which they can more efficiently and safely exchange and monitor data with various partners.

Salesforce blockchain allows the business to instantly and efficiently collect all of the customer’s real information, whether fresh or current, for a more personalized experience. Furthermore, the CRM system can store and extract all activities related to previous transactions, interests, and anything else that could help them come up with a solution.

According to a report, approximately 14 billion interconnected devices are in use in 2019, with the total number reaching about 30 billion by 2022, resulting in a massive amount of data. As a result, data would be valuable to any business; using blockchain salesforce is beneficial.

But, what is salesforce blockchain? And why is using salesforce blockchain beneficial for today’s businesses?

In this blog, we’ll cover all these questions and even their benefits and reasons to use them. So, read on to learn more.

Before discussing salesforce blockchain, let’s discuss blockchain first.


What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a new technology innovation that allows for the secure and actual transmission of data and information between multiple devices. Blockchain is a pretty modern solution for storing data in the business world. Blockchain is different and safer since it is made up of a centralized chain of blocks loaded with data. In other words, the data is spread over a number of data warehouses. Another way blockchain ensures the security of the information is by spreading the chain through a peer-to-peer network.

Any update is recorded on a blockchain so that it is readily identifiable and available to anybody who has permissions can see or act on the information. This configuration lowers the risk of mistakes, improves data integrity, and provides real-time insight into data and how it continually changes.

This technology creates a stable sequence of connected data blocks using cryptographic connections. Nothing could be deleted or changed from the sequence of data blocks, but further data can indeed be inserted in the form of new blocks only after it has been thoroughly reviewed.

Well, now, let us now turn our attention to salesforce blockchain. So let’s go.

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What is Salesforce Blockchain?

Salesforce Blockchain is a low-code framework for integrating blockchain with Salesforce. Salesforce Blockchain allows you to build your custom blockchain for safely working on and exchanging CRM data with partners using blockchain technology. The chain is decentralized and distributed to various parties, much like standard blockchain technology. Any member with permissions could see the expected records and, ideally, gets an alert when something is changed or inserted. Salesforce Blockchain, which is empowered with Salesforce Lightning, makes it simple to create and manage blockchain applications, streams, and networks linked to customer information directly inside Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce Blockchain: What Features and Components it offers?

Salesforce-Blockchain - -Features-and-Functionality

Through offering a shared system that stores, records, and validates data for any node or collaborator on the network, blockchain salesforce fixes security flaws. Businesses can accelerate their operations by integrating CRM processes with blockchain data, making it more challenging to develop new sales, support, marketing functions, and prototypes.

Salesforce Blockchain replaces obsolete processes with new ones, making the production and sharing of contracts and records much more comfortable. Any activity can be easily seen and verified by any user of the shared ledger. A distributed system ensures that every node has a full copy of the data. It comes with features like:

  • Blockchain Builder – Dev may use the Blockchain Builder to create blockchain applications.
  • Consensus Handling – Salesforce blockchain provides several consensus protocols (rules that define how a network comes to a consensus) so that networks can choose the one that determines the optimal.
  • Smart APIs – Users may use this API to build and distribute a collection of business rules throughout the network. Businesses may use smart contracts to create innovative business models based on transparency and emulation. Any partners will see the principles since they are stored on the blockchain.
  • Blockchain Engage – To add third parties to the blockchain app, if they’re not a component of the Salesforce ecosystem, use Blockchain Engage.
  • DDL – Stands for “Distributed Decentralized Digital Ledger.”  Instead of storing transactions such as money transfers in a single location, the digital ledger keeps them through a central server.
  • Detailed Insights – The decentralized network model of blockchain can deliver great real-time insights into consumer needs and desires to entire companies’ networks in a blockchain network.
  • Blockchain Connect – To incorporate blockchain activities with Salesforce applications, use Blockchain Connect.
  • P2P – Stands for Peer-to-Peer. The network comprises a partner network (reachable only to representatives) that saves and maintains transactional data.


Some other features are:

  • Data Automation.
  • Third-party integration.
  • Centralized Database.
  • Track interactions.
  • Funnel tracking and monitoring.

As of now, we’ve discussed the salesforce blockchain, along with its features and functionality. Now let’s move forward and discuss,

Benefits of using Salesforce Blockchain

There are so many benefits of salesforce blockchain. Below we’ve mentioned a few of them. Take a look!

1. Saves Time 

Both members in conventional business networks keep their respective ledgers, which can lead to discrepancies and inconsistencies. Companies might save time and money while reducing risk by using Salesforce blockchain, which prevents transactions from being modified until the study is done.

2. Enhanced Transparency

Every system user in a blockchain database has real transaction security as they have control over the entire repository of contracts and their records. Auditing such systems is also much more straightforward.

3. Easy Communication

Third parties, including such partners, suppliers, and intermediaries, now have very high entry barriers. Users could use APIs, pre-built applications, and any existing blockchains with the new framework. This enables users to add and interact with third parties with ease. All you have to do is grant them access privileges with a few keystrokes.


4. Simplifies Databases 

You can now effectively simplify the databases using the Salesforce app. To do so, you can incorporate information into revenue forecasts, estimates, and other related data sources using AI algorithms embedded in blockchain technology.

5. Easy to build networks 

You can securely build and operate your custom blockchain networks, applications, and smart contracts with Salesforce Blockchain. You shouldn’t need a developer to create and share blockchain entities created and shared in the same way as any CRM data frame.

Some other benefits are:

  • By putting the entire KYC process on the smart contracts, banks will boost customer support and shorten sales cycles.
  • Any device that a member uses will safely release and reliably validate Salesforce Blockchain data.
  • Hotel chains can set up a blockchain network to provide various incentives to regular customers in the form of extra points.
  • It offers the architecture for a shared accounting ledger, combining Salesforce metadata’s ability.
  • To better support homeowners, real estate businesses may merge mortgage companies, building owners, and real estate agents into a single trustworthy system or blockchain.
  • It can build, protect, and exchange information from the database with a group of people who may or not be Salesforce users.
  • It deals with the challenges of constructing a stable network and implementing effective authentication protocols.
  • It will determine which type of access method is appropriate for the network under construction.
  • For good business practices and consumer trust, high-end apparel brands should guarantee that materials are produced morally.

We hope you’ve cleared your vision of the potential of salesforce blockchain. Moving on, let’s discuss reasons to choose blockchain salesforce.

Why use Salesforce Blockchain for your Business? Top Reasons!

Top-Reasons-of-Using-Salesforce-Blockchain-For-Your-BusinessHere are few undeniable reasons for using Salesforce Blockchain for business. Take a look!

1. Enhances data and database reliability 

With the addition of more databases, the organization will give them access to a meaningful experience. After all, any interaction you have with a client generates a large amount of data. As a result, it’s critical to recognize, register, and document this information. Salesforce blockchain systems enable you to store a large amount of data and any relevant information. Regardless of can representative assists the client, they are all given appropriate information.

2. Ensures Easy Data Monitoring and Tracking

You can avail yourself of a complete overview of clients if you integrate Salesforce blockchain with your system. Consequently, you can keep records of your buyers and get real-time monitoring and gain a better understanding of their personal preferences. Through tracking the accumulated data, the company can discover such patterns using the collected data. Statistics like open and click-through rates will help you figure out what’s affecting your stream.


3. Highly Secured 

When it comes to records and information, among the most pressing concerns everybody has is protection. More and more these days requires confidential communications. No one wishes their data to be stolen or modified without their knowledge or consent. Among the most advanced innovations is Salesforce blockchain integration. Since the data in this system is distributed over many servers, even a minor change in data invalidates all prior or subsequent data in the series, making it very difficult to hack this information by almost any method.

4. Easy Data Reporting and Analytics 

Salesforce blockchain integration allows you to store details in one location, allowing for better data processing overall. You can produce automated reports using various software or plug-in, allowing you to optimize your time. It also helps to meet blocked openings and customize the dashboard views to quickly find customer data, revenue targets, and progress reports.

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How can Matellio help you in Salesforce Blockchain Implementation?

The secret to achieving your business goals is to use blockchain salesforce to elevate your business. Let us assist you!

Why choose Matellio?

  • Expert knowledge & Expertise – Our team of experienced specialists and Salesforce developers is confident in planning and building a solution that best meets your business objectives by using Salesforce blockchain’s functionality.
  • Agile Mindset – We have the industry and technical expertise to fully comprehend your company and deliver the most satisfactory development solution that keeps up with the ever-changing business environment and standards.
  • Broad Array Of Services – We can leverage and expand a comprehensive Salesforce approach without limitations because of the wide range of services we provide. Delegate Salesforce deployment to us and concentrate on your core market.
  • Complete Knowledge – We have the industry and technical expertise to fully comprehend your company and deliver the adequate Salesforce development solution that keeps up with the ever-changing business environment and standards.

To be prepared for salesforce blockchain, Matellio will help you figure out the existing processes and organize what will be placed into Blockchain. If you need help with preparation or salesforce blockchain implementation or need some info about features, contact us, our experts will be happy to assist you.


To Conclude 

The points listed above are what Salesforce Blockchain can do for your business. Salesforce blockchain is a software platform that is a tool for increasing efficiency. Investing in blockchain technologies will assist companies in ensuring that their employees become more efficient. This technology explains that it can build more precise and useful systems, reducing the number of out-of-date or recreated documents, missing data, and costly operational failures.

We believe you have gained a whole idea of Salesforce Blockchain software and its relevance in businesses as a consequence of this blog.

Here at Matellio’s blogs, we make doubly sure you’re updated on every essential part of Salesforce blockchain.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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