How Can You Keep a Restaurant Business Up and Running During Corona Crises with the On-Demand App?

Updated on May 7th, 2021

How can You keep a Restaurant Business up and Running during Corona Crises with the On-Demand App

With the rise of Covid 19, more and more companies have decided to operate from home. The market has completely moved online, and the on-demand sector should be ready to help the people. Today, in this article, we are going to talk about the impact Covid 19 has on the restaurant business. And what preventive measures a company can opt and cater to the rising need for services now. Quarantine is a common practice everywhere, shutting down everything, and staying home is the best weapon against the corona epidemic. At this point, on-demand food delivery services are your best chance. Owning an on-demand restaurant business during the Corona crisis isn’t similar to holding the same in regular situations. It demands extra care, additional feature-kit, and a secured delivery channel. The users needed to ensure the quality of application along with the partnered firm to have a good experience. 

So, we are going to pen each and every detail of the on-demand restaurant application development.

Importance of Food Delivery Apps in These Crises

On-demand services are of great convenience, especially in the days of quarantine. Because of on-demand delivery applications, people don’t have to wait in long queues or get the stuff home, all by themselves. These services will serve all the necessary items that are required in these tough times. According to Statista, there is a significant growth in the number of users seeking food delivery services during this epidemic. The period of being home, instead of going out and munching at the eatery itself, is the main reason behind this growth chart. 


Following benefits are associated with an on-demand food delivery app especially in the time of crisis-

  • Whenever you step out of your home to buy some food, chances are pretty high that you are going to be a crowded place. The crowd is one major thing that has been advised to avoid because the rate of virus spreading rises. This means that more people can catch diseases. With an on-demand food delivery app, people can have the food delivered at their doorstep.
  • All the deliveries will be dropped at your doorstep, which eliminates the need for meeting the delivery executive. This way, neither the delivery person nor you manage to spread the virus in case either is infected. An on-demand application ensures safety to both the customers and employers. 
  • The food is delivered, which means one doesn’t have to move out of their place at all. Also, the people don’t have to carry stock on their own in these tough times. This, in return, saves a lot of time and energy, especially when the customer is sick and needs rest.

Plan Before you Begin

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening the ax.” The quote is universally applicable. Whether you are actually chopping a tree, developing some software application, or simply penning an article like the one you’re reading- everything requires research and planning.

There are certain things one needs to plan before developing a food delivery app for restaurants-

  1. The application should be equipped with all the basic functionality, but the major pointer is to have an easy-to-use design. An on-demand food app should be functional and smooth from the user’s perspective. Don’t invest time in developing a software that expects a steep learning curve or has bells and buttons which users hardly need.
  2. In addition to the backend and database, the aesthetics of the application also play an essential role. As the owner of an on-demand restaurant application, you have to plan the deliverable carefully. Keep the quality in mind as this represents your business. The app should be smooth and interactive. It needs to have everything of need but simple enough to prompt a user to make a deal.
  3. Educate your users about all the relevant information. Stay proactive in your methods and extend help in these difficult times. Make sure that your services are always available and help people in combating these challenges.

Restaurant Mobile App Features

 Cally Loyalty Program

Every basic on-demand restaurant application has three panels:

Admin Panel

The admin panel of an on-demand restaurant application is quite different from the customer panel. This section deals with the backroom services. The admin panel has the following features:

1. Order Management

The order management feature has a detailed list of all orders placed in the week/ month/ year and more. The list can be sorted using various filters like location, customer, delivery agent, date, etc.

2. Check Location 

The check location features help the admin in knowing the real-time locations of all the delivery personnel. This way, the admin has a better command of the whole system.

3. Push Notification 

Using push notification, the admin can update the customer about the precise timing of deliveries and payment requirements. 

4. Campaign & Promotions

The system has integrated functionality for ads and promotions, which helps in marketing the app and reaching masses. These marketing campaigns are usually an effective way to broaden the customer base. 

5. Password Management

Password management is there to safeguard the database from any unauthorized access. The password restricts any external party to tap into the system and make irrelevant or harmful changes.

6.User Management

This section contains all the information about all the parties associated with the business- Vendor, delivery agents, and customers. With this panel, the admin can send personalized messages or emails for business promotion. Also, the admin can have a track of all the user activities through this functionality.

Restaurant Panel

The restaurant panel is different from the admin panel. It is handled by middle parties like restaurant managers. Following functionalities are integrated into this section-

1. Manage Menu

The menu section gives a comprehensive list of all the dishes offered by the food shop. Using this feature, one can select and update the restaurant menu as per the trends and varying tastes of customers.

2. Push Notification 

The notification section pushes messages about new offers, items, opening/ closing timing, and much more. This section works like the restaurant newsletter for the users.

3. Customer Order Status

Using this panel, one can keep track of the customer order status. This way, restaurant owners can have an eye on the customer’s order, especially the ones that are demanding too much time. The manager can intervene in this case and take some action to ensure better customer services.

4. Manage Workforce

The operational section assists in managing the workforce and analyzing their work operations.

5. Chat With Customer

The chatting box helps the restaurant and customers can interact freely. Also, customer queries and concerns can be resolved quickly through the messaging application.

6. Payment Gateway 

The app has multiple gateways for accepting payments, which include- credit/debit cards, internet banking, cash on delivery, G-pay, etc.

7. Multilinguistic 

The application supports multiple languages for better customer experience.

8.Loyalty Program 

This feature has a coupon code generated for the customers when they place orders. A loyalty program rewards the customer for their loyalty and long-term worthiness. This will encourage the users to revisit the food application for availing coupons.

Delivery Agent Panel

The delivery agent panel must have the following features:

1. Order Management

The panel needs to have a section listing all the orders delivered by the agent and their locations so as to have a systemic approach. With the help of this section, the agent can be fuel-efficient and quick while making the deliveries. 

2. Notification 

The in-app notification feature is there to notify the delivery agents about any new orders at their bay. With this feature, they can mark the order status- Delivered, In Process, Cancelled. 

3. Show History

The history tab shows the lists of orders delivered in the past month/ year/ week with the help of various filters.

4. Payment Section

This section is to keep track of all the payments done be they are done through cash, credit card, or some UPI mode.

5. Delivery Timings

The feature will help in determining the exact timing when the delivery was made. It will keep the complete system organized as the owners can have a track of their entire workforce.

Additional Features

Some add-ons to further enhance your food delivery application and provide a rich food experience to your customers-

1. Know Your Customer

The “Know Your Customer” section helps in understanding every single customer’s preference and taste. This way, the restaurant people have insights about a customer’s personality. They can then offer personalized services to their customers through the application.

2. Mark Favorites

The “Mark Favorites” feature makes it convenient for your customer to check their preferences/ favorites and reorder them.

3.Live Tracking

The live tracking mode gives the customers real-time information about their order status. 

4. Social Media Integration

The customers can link the app with their respective social media channels using log-in credentials and can share their food ordering activities. 

5. Feedback Section

A feedback section helps the restaurant business to improvise their customer experience using the on-demand food ordering application.

6. In-app payment wallet 

The In-app payment wallet can help the customer enjoy a cashless lifestyle. All the money or Discounts redeemed through various offers can be saved in the app wallet.

7.Star Ratings

The rating & review section helps the customer to show their appreciation in the form of stars. Businesses can also understand and improve their shortcomings by the number of stars a user has dropped.

Preventive Measures

As a restaurant business owner thinking about developing a food-delivery app during the times of Covid-19, you have to think beyond the basic features and functionality. One should focus on the following preventive measures while developing a food ordering app for restaurants. These measures will aid in achieving high conversions-Safety is of Paramount Importance

As we are all aware, corona being a virus spread massively through contact. This implies that for on-demand deliveries, you have to minimize human contact. When an individual is ordering online, he/she could raise the concern about the sanitization of the item ordered. This may even stop them from ordering anything at all. However, rather than fearing the situation, if the preventive measures are taken, one may not lose the conversion. Tell your potential customer about the sanitization process followed at your organization. Inform them about your employees’ viral-free working methodology. Also, make sure that you discuss the quality prices with your potential customers to imbibe trust in them. You can also integrate it into your deliveries to make people see you for your transparency.

1. Inventory Management

During these difficult times, when the demand for food items is going to shoot, it is quite essential to manage the product inventory to have a seamless supply chain process. When you are creating a food-ordering app for handsets, make sure the software is integrated with your existing inventory system. This process ensures an automatic inventory update, and the retailer can also stock the basics as per the requirements. 

2. Use Smart Technologies

Availing advanced technologies like IoT and AI can assist you in forecasting the demand for some items. It will help you in figuring out the “how” and “what” needs to be stocked up for meeting the market demands. In the era of advancement, every smart operation requires the integration of some smart technology like AI and IoT. 

3. Contactless Deliveries

The last but the most important point in this list is Contactless Payment. This feature ensures that both the delivery agent and the customer stays out of contact. It can prove to be very safe for both parties.

Hence, when the customer orders some food items, the restaurant owner should ensure contactless deliveries. Also, the employees and delivery agents should take necessary care. They should wear masks and sanitize their hands in short intervals. This way, they can ensure everyone’s safety. In the food delivery application, make sure you include a contact less delivery option. It could be chargeable. 

Restaurant App Development

Final Word

The on-demand restaurant business has enormous growth potential as food is a never ending requirement. The restaurant businesses have to work more now than ever for providing services to the people in need. They can carve a niche in customer’s hearts and minds by offering them safe and qualitative food services.

Matellio can offer the right kind of on-demand food delivery app for Android and iOS devices by catering to your unique needs. We have been devising such solutions for a long time now. With Matellio, a two-year software service provider as your partner, provide a rich, unique, safe journey to your customers, and even gain a huge share of the market pie.

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