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Updated on Dec 11th, 2023



In today’s digital age, job searching and recruitment have become largely online-based. While this convenience has its advantages, it also opens the door to various scams and fraudulent activities. One such scam involves the imitation of legitimate companies and their websites to lure unsuspecting job seekers into traps. In this article, we’ll shed light on a specific example: the scam involving “” and the genuine company, “,” and why you should avoid falling into such traps.

The Scam: is a well-known software development company, specializing in custom software solutions and mobile app development. They have a strong online presence and a reputation for excellence in their field. Unfortunately, scammers have taken advantage of their name and reputation to perpetrate fraudulent activities.

The scam typically works like this:

Fake Website

Scammers set up a website with a URL similar to Matellio’s actual site, such as


These imitation websites may look convincing at first glance, with similar logos, design, and job listings.

Fake Job Postings

Scammers then post fake job openings on this fake website, claiming to be from Matellio. These job listings are often appealing and seem like genuine opportunities, luring job seekers with promises of high salaries, remote work, and flexible hours.

Misleading Interviews

Once applicants apply for the job through the fake website, they may receive interview requests via email or a messaging platform. Scammers may impersonate company representatives, conducting interviews that seem convincing but are devoid of any substance.

Payment and Personal Information

To progress in the hiring process, victims may be asked to pay fees for background checks or to provide sensitive personal information such as social security numbers, bank details, or even passport copies.

Disappearing Act

After the scammers have extracted money or personal information from victims, they disappear, and the job seekers are left high and dry, with no job and potential harm to their personal and financial security.

How to Avoid Falling into the Trap?

  1. Verify the Website URL: Always double-check the website URL to ensure it matches the official company’s website. The official Matellio website is “,” so be wary of any other variations.
  2. Research the Company: Look for official social media profiles, reviews, and news articles to verify the legitimacy of the company and the job postings.
  3. Interview Locations: Real job interviews should typically be conducted at a company’s physical location or through trusted video conferencing tools. Be cautious of interviews held on unverified platforms or email correspondence.
  4. Never Pay for a Job: Legitimate employers will never ask you to pay for a job. Be skeptical of any request for payment, especially if it’s for background checks, processing fees, or other suspicious reasons.
  5. Protect Your Personal Information: Never share sensitive information like social security numbers, passport copies, or bank details with unknown entities online. Legitimate employers do not require this information in the early stages of the hiring process.


In the age of online job searching, it’s essential to be cautious and vigilant. Scammers will go to great lengths to deceive job seekers, and imitation websites are a common tactic. The case of “” serves as a reminder that scammers can target even well-established companies.

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