How Is AI Transforming The Entertainment Industry?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

AI in Entertainment

Today, artificial intelligence has become the most admired technology in the global market. Whether we talk about e-commerce, logistics, and transportation, or even the healthcare sector, AI has transformed all the leading segments of the market. So, why should the entertainment industry leave behind? Enters AI in entertainment! 

The rise of AI in entertainment is not something new; instead, it has become the most talked-about thing amongst businesses and marketers. From composing beautiful compositions to automating repetitive tasks and even offering VR and AR capabilities in the movies, AI in entertainment has brought many drastic changes in the media and entertainment industry.

So, what to expect from AI in enhancing the future of the media and entertainment industry? Think no more! Here’s how AI will transform the entertainment industry in the coming future.


Top 6 Use Cases of AI in Entertainment

With the exponential growth in AI applications across the media and entertainment industry, here are all the things we would be able to see in the coming years!

1. AI in Marketing and Advertising

ai-in-marketing-and-advertisingThe first and foremost use of AI in entertainment is to enhance the marketing and advertising campaigns. The promotion of events and movies is, to date, one of the most critical aspects of the media and entertainment industry. However, all such marketing and advertising campaigns require many human resources and consume a lot of time. That’s where AI applications come to play!

Today, many of the leading entertainment and media houses use custom AI applications to simplify the designing and promotion process of the movies. Furthermore, with the advances in these AI solutions, we could even witness AI’s use in creating promotions for events/movies. 

Alibaba Luban, a popular AI tool, is a perfect example of this AI use case that can fasten the marketing process and can produce nearly 8000 promotional banners in a second – an impossible task for humans.

2. Personalized User Experience

It is no doubt today that personalization has become the key to success in today’s competitive era, and the entertainment industry is no exception! Whether we talk about Netflix or Amazon Prime, every popular video streaming platform today offers personalization services. But how do they do that? Simple, with the use of AI in entertainment!

With advanced machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks, the smart AI tools first learn from the user’s choices and then suggest the most suitable kind of videos that they are interested in. Another incredible example is Iris TV, which offers the most suitable user preference based on their past choices.

Surely, advanced analytics and AI capabilities help the entertainment and media houses grow their customer base and deliver exceptional content to the users. Maybe, that’s a good reason to implement an AI-based solution in your media business!

3. Use of AR and VR

ar-and-vrAR and VR today has become an innovative aspect for many leading sectors of the market. According to a Global Entertainment and Media Outlook report, virtual reality (VR) is predicted to be the fastest-growing segment in the entertainment sector. The report further claims that nearly 68 million VR headsets will be used in the US within the next three years while increasing the VR market growth to almost $5 bn.

Hence, by using artificial intelligence techniques with AR/VR, media companies can do miracles and produce breathtaking scenes for their users. Not only that but by introducing more & more innovations, the businesses can enhance the user experience to a great level.

A common example of AI in entertainment using VR is in the development of virtual content for reality shows and live events. Witnessing all such great advancements, one thing could be surely said that the day is not so far when watching movies and sports with real effects will not just be a dream but will happen in the future for sure!

 4. Custom Chatbot Development

Chatbots in the media and entertainment industry deliver various values that help improve the entertainment experiences, enable companies to communicate with their audience at a greater scale, and offer hassle-free browsing.

In fact, the new and advanced chatbots in the media and entertainment industry can even understand user behavior and could offer them recommendations based on their interactions with your brand. All you need is to hire perfect AI developers for your chatbot development, and you are ready to go!

5. Search Optimization

The digital world today is not so easy to understand! Take the search results, for instance. Today, there are enormous materials online on a particular topic, that it’s even hard to find reliable ones. You can surf for hours on the net and could still not find the exact piece of information you want. That’s where Artificial intelligence comes to play! 

Today, with AI-based algorithms, many of the leading platforms have enhanced their search results capabilities. That means you can today find the exact thing you want in seconds. You need to apply some filters, and you are ready to fo. Search by image and videos are some of the applications of such a trend.

In the media and entertainment industry, too, many popular platforms use the same concept to help their users find the best and exact things they want. Clearly, AI in entertainment has opened the doors for many new opportunities!

6. Real-time Streaming

Last but not least is real-time streaming. Artificial Intelligence today assists the entertainment businesses in the customization & transmission of content in real-time. Consequently, AI in entertainment improves user experience and enriches ad sales through targeted strategy. 

As per the latest source, live streaming videos have taken up a considerable share of the media and entertainment industry and are predicted to account for 82 percent of all internet traffic by 2022. Artificial Intelligence promises to play a critical role in the streaming industry by providing efficient ways to encode, distribute, and organize data.

Custom AI Solutions

Final Takeaway!

So, those were some amazing benefits of implementing AI in entertainment. AI is playing a major role in improving the efficiency of processes involved in the entertainment world.

As per the research, the spending on artificial intelligence in the entertainment industry is expected to reach US$1.86 by 2025. Undeniably, by using AI in the media and entertainment industry, we will have a fascinating future in all spheres for sure!

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