How is FemTech Apps Revolutionizing Women’s Healthcare?

Updated on Dec 8th, 2023

Femtech apps

Since ancient times, anything related to female healthcare and hygiene has been considered taboo, but not anymore! With the evolution of technologies, the mentality of the population also evolved, which gave rise to femtech apps. From an anatomical view, females are different from males in various aspects and require proper healthcare services just like the male population does.  

Various diseases affect both male and female populations differently, which reminds us to create a different healthcare genre dedicated to female health. However, there is not much information available on the subject of why some diseases have different effects on the genders. 

With the evolution of femtech apps, there has been a list of health problems that are being recognized as they have been overlooked earlier. It’s the result of growing awareness that the femtech sector has been receiving a sufficient amount of funding lately. A number of campaigns are running online that led to the revolution in the female healthcare sector.  

Femtech revolution is one such platform that facilitates an open platform for women around the world to talk about their health issues and raise the bar by creating a marketplace. From recognizing the various health issues to numerous new innovations in the gynecology sector, femtech applications have completely revolutionized the female healthcare genre. Let’s dig in to understand it in detail. 

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What is Femtech? 

In laymen’s terms, femtech is nothing but a technology that uses software, diagnostics, product, and services for the betterment of female healthcare. But when you look at it from another perspective, it is a much-needed platform to address the issues that had been neglected for a long time. Overall, femtech covers all the necessary elements of the female healthcare spectrum, including ones that were once considered as taboos. 

It can be compared to the revolution that AI has brought in healthcare. With femtech apps, innovation has been made in the categories such as birth control, menstruation & period care, menopause, pre- and post-pregnancy, hormonal disorders, sexual wellness, and much more. 

There is a misconception that femtech is a technology that improves the quality of a female’s life; yeah, it does. But the real meaning lies in the technological advancements being made every day in the female healthcare sector. Like every other thing that is considered a taboo in the patriarchal society, femtech also received its share of criticism, but it sailed through those judgmental waves and started a change. 

It is often misunderstood as the liberator of the pink tax. It can be described as a practice where a personal care item that is common to both genders is sold at a higher price to the women. However, it is a wrong practice, but femtech aims at innovating the overall female healthcare system by developing smart solutions. It does not want to repaint the walls of the female product market. 

The market of femtech apps has surely grown in the last couple of years, and you must have come across some of these apps or might be using it to maintain your health. The most common types of such apps on the App Store or the Google play store are period tracker, birth control, sexual wellness, etc.  

Still, there is a majority of the population unaware of these apps or this technology. It proves the point of the male-centric market. However, the market is growing at an outstanding pace, and the future is promising. 

Why We Need Femtech Apps? 

Let’s understand it with a real-life example. In many countries, talking about the period or menstrual cycle is still referred to as taboo. They know it’s there but don’t want to address it. In these societies or so-called developed sectors, if a woman experiences any kind of difficulty in those days, she has got two options, either she talks about it and receive criticism or go to the doctor. In case the doctor is a male, many women hesitate to discuss the issue in detail, which is understandable. 

Now picture a piece of technology that caters to every biological need, excluding the procreating part. An app that delivers you vital information about your health and hygiene tracks the cycle and makes you feel confident about yourself. This is the simple reason that describes the need for femtech apps. 

From an economic point of view, you will find the femtech sector more intriguing. Since various entrepreneurs are interested in the genre, the amount of funding this sector is receiving is significant. Various femtech start-ups had raised a funding of more than 80 million US dollars in the year 2015. The fundings kept on coming and crossed the mark of 1 billion dollars by the year 2017. 

Whether it is femtech or any health app, it comes under the spectrum of mobile health apps. The overall market of mobile health apps was valued at 21 billion US dollars in the year 2016, but it experienced a skyrocketing growth and crossed the mark of 100 billion dollars in the year 2021. 

The financial standpoint of the femtech sector is surely mesmerizing. But the main moto behind the femtech industry is to get women an ultra-modern technological space where any health problem, whether intimate or not, is not judged. You sure have read the femtech word so many times; it was coined by Ida Tin, CEO, and founder of Clue, a menstruation tracking app. 

What are the Types of Femtech Apps? 

Femtech has completely changed the female healthcare sector in terms of ease of access. It delivers accurate information about their health and wellness. The global market is taking a keen interest in this evolving sector. Femtech has the economic and emotional advantage that propels its growth. However, if you have to invest in this progressing genre, you must have an idea about the types of apps this market develops. Let’s take a look at the most common and important femtech apps in the market. 

1. Menstrual & Fertility Tracking 

It is one of the most popular and useful apps in the genre as it addresses the issue women face every month. It answers the questions that women have related to the menstrual cycle and helps them track it with great accuracy. These types of apps have helped women in dealing with insecurities. This type creates a profile based on the data entered by the user. These data sets contain pieces of information like age, weight, height, date of last period start, the average cycle, etc. 

The app then calculates the menstrual cycle based on the biological data pre-fed into the system. Its algorithms help in the calculation of the estimated date of ovulation and hence, determine the fertile period. Further, it predicts the date of the upcoming cycle and helps the women in tracking their cycle or estimate fertility. This type of app is extremely beneficial for women who are not looking to get pregnant and women who want to get pregnant. They can avoid or plan for the same with an accurate calculation of the cycle. 

2. Birth Control Apps 

It is more like the cycle tracker app but a little different in functionality. These types of apps have a complete focus on birth control methods. It asks the user for the history of their contraceptive use and various birth control methods they have used earlier. Based on its calculation, it develops a chart that tells the users which method to follow. It also draws their fertility chart, which displays the most fertile days in their menstrual cycle. 

The app also suggests various methods of contraception to be used based on the body type and lifestyle. In case the user consumes contraceptive pills, it tells them when to lay off and when to resume. Overall, these apps are extremely accurate and have been used vastly in the developed countries and various third-world countries. 

3. Pregnancy Tracker Apps 

Pregnancy comes with a lot of challenges and a ton of changes in the body of a mother, including physical and hormonal changes. These apps are not meant to deliver any medicines, but they surely help in understanding the ongoing changes in the body of a pregnant woman. There are still some myths that revolve around pregnancy in some areas, and these apps help in debunking them. 

These apps tell the diet, the exercise routine, etc. It also helps in scheduling the doctor’s appointment, keeping track of the baby’s growth, reminding them to take medicines, and much more. You name a thing related to pregnancy you want help with; these apps got everything. Apart from tracking the progress of pregnancy, these apps debunk the rumors, myths and make a mother feel confident about the process. 

Benefits of Femtech Apps 

If you are born during the period of 1970-1990, you must have seen the posters of women promoting cigarettes everywhere. They were on the news, boulevards, freeways, and almost everywhere. The main motto of the tobacco industry was to enhance their sale. They also knew that most of the adult female population of that era was a homemaker. These companies promoted their products with the slogan that talks about equality of rights. Do you get where I am going with this? No? Let me lay it out for you. 

Try to understand the scenario of the women population in the past where they have been used to promote products that are harmful to health but not the female health products or any positive product for that matter. Those tobacco products were supposed to give them freedom and equality of rights. This is the problem we are dealing with. 

The market was long suppressed, and now it’s taking a new shape, and the future is indeed promising. Femtech app development has been touching new heights every day; now, when you open the play store or App store and type female health, you get a number of options with numerous features. Here are some of the benefits that come along with femtech app development. 

1. Huge Marketspace 

Imagine a market that has been neglected for years, and suddenly the world came to know about it, and it’s quite promising. The femtech sector has various areas that are unexplored, and this gives an opportunity to explore and implement ideas. Femtech is a basic need, and every female should be using the same. From an economic point of view, it’s quite convincing. 

2. Breaking Taboos 

With the evolution of femtech apps, things like periods, menstrual cycle, menopause, etc., are being normalized. Now you don’t have to ask any person about your personal health; you can take care of it with these fabulous apps. On the other hand, these apps have people talk more about female health, and in a way, talking about sexual wellness and the monthly cycle is now being normalized instead of being tagged as a taboo. Remember, when a taboo becomes normal, people are more attracted to the final product.

3. Accurate Health Monitoring 

These apps not only have normalized female health problems but also helped millions of women in understanding their bodies and their functions that are totally normal. Femtech apps are popular in the healthcare genre because they deliver accuracy in the measurement of health parameters. 

For instance, it helps in tracking the exact date of the next menstrual cycle, which helps many women across the world in conceiving or avoiding getting pregnant. Sometimes late periods are not at all related to pregnancy; it can be due to some other problems. These apps help in the detection of those problems too. 

4. Enhanced Female Health 

From a historical point of view, the market always introduced products or services that are meant for men, the women had to adapt to these products. This scenario leads to the birth of various myths and misconceptions of various female health problems. With femtech apps, these myths are gone, and the overall female health has never been better. 

5. Access in Secluded Areas 

The beauty of the internet is that it has reached every place on the earth. Well, almost. It has given access to the fintech apps to reach the most secluded areas on the planet where people are usually of the conservative mindset. These apps are helping women in tons of ways. With a femtech app, you can have a wide audience in third-world countries and various countries that follow strict cultures. Remember, these areas or countries are not welcomed to a number of products, but an app is always welcome. It simply means the competition is low. 

Femtech apps features

Must-Have Features in Femtech Apps that Changing the Female Healthcare 

When you market any product, whether it falls under basic needs or not, it is judged on its features and functionalities. Your femtech investment will depend on the performance and popularity of the app. All in all, you have to integrate such features that are solving the problem and attracting the population at the same time. Here are some of the features that are a must-have for a femtech app development. 

1. A Detailed Profile 

The users only continue to use an application only when it makes them feel welcome. The user’s profile is an important feature to make the user feel welcome. Now when we talk about a profile, it’s not like any other profile. It consists of various details, including health-related details of the user. It should ask about the height, weight, age, any previous treatments, etc. 

Our proficient mobile health app developers know what the user wants, and they keep it simple and precise. Personal health is kind of a sensitive subject; hence, don’t overburden your users by asking too many questions. Don’t worry; our extremely trained developers will guide you along the way.

2. Menstrual Cycle Tracking 

The most important and the most common thing women want on a personal health app is menstrual cycle tracking. It helps them in living their life freely without worrying about their monthly dates, as your app will be monitoring the same. 

Try to make it more interactive and aesthetic. Remember, nobody likes a dull screen with just numbers; hence, try to introduce some animations and graphics. Before you ask, yes, we can develop a femtech app for you with exciting interfaces that will awe your audience. Our developers are quite familiar with apps related to the healthcare sector. 

3. Virtual Consultation 

In current times, nobody willingly wants to get out of their house for anything. In case you have to go to a hospital, it kind of feels like a mind-numbing task. By integrating the virtual consultation feature in the app, you are allowing users to get their queries addressed by a doctor without them leaving their homes. It can seem like a farfetched idea for many users of the app, but they can consult with a doctor over a video/audio call, text, etc. Users can share their medical records, and doctors will share the prescription after thoroughly examining those records.

4. Predictions and Analytics With AI 

An app is incomplete without AI in the present times. Your app must have a feature with AI that not only helps in enhancing the popularity but also takes the functionality of the app to the next level. Integrate a feature in your female health app that fetches health-related data from various wearables and analyzes them to predict any problems that lie ahead. 

For instance, the wearables are not limited to smartwatches; there has been a new addition to wearable in femtech, it’s an AI bra. The name of the bra is EVA; it detects breast cancer and alerts the users if it notices any symptoms. It has a network of AI sensors that measures the blood flow, and in case of any abnormality in the regular flow, it sends alerts on a femtech app. 

5. A Wide Community 

The current scenario dictates of the world dictate that people are now more social than ever. But it happens only virtually—the virtual presence kind of boost the confidence in people regardless of gender. However, there is a need for a community of women that takes their health seriously. Integrate a news feed or kind of a community feed where users of your femtech app share their experiences and learn various new things about their health. These communities are and will help in raising awareness about various female health problems that are unknown to many. 

How Femtech is Debunking the Myths About Women’s Health? 

At a certain point in history, something went wrong with people’s mental health that made them believe in myths about women’s health problems. In some of the third world countries, women are not allowed to enter the place of worship if they are going through their menstrual cycle. They are considered impure! Yes, you read that right. It’s just the tip of an iceberg; there are millions of other myths about female health problems all around the world. 

In some countries, if a woman suffers a miscarriage, she is treated differently and, in some cases, considered to be evil. However, research on the subject shows that 1 in 4 pregnancies end up in miscarriage. These taboos affect not only the mental health but also the physical health of the person. 

Femtech is rebuilding the female healthcare sector by debunking myths and delivering facts with recommended care. Now females don’t worry about any health problems; they have these apps that tell them everything that they need to know about their bodies. Also, they can track their menstrual cycle and plan their pregnancies accordingly. Females are free from any hoax related to their health. Femtech apps deliver them a community where they keep them updated with all the facts and new innovations. 

You would be surprised to know, the number of virtual consultations has jumped up by three times in the last four years, which dictates the rising awareness among the population. The world is now more interested in innovations being made in this genre. However, there are already many femtech apps in the market, but you can always start fresh with a new concept. 

Ready to Develop Your Femtech App? 

The femtech app development sector has a ton of opportunities to explore. The female healthcare sector has numerous untouched sectors and problems that can be solved with one efficient app. If you are interested in femtech app development, the global market is waiting for you with immense opportunities. Pick a niche, find the audience, and get started with the idea. However, you will need a reliable development partner. That’s where Matellio comes into the scene. 

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