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Embark on a transformation journey beyond conventional advice, demolishing barriers and driving your business to unparalleled success through rapid, intelligent automation. 

Empower Your Digital Journey with Industry Expertise

Empower Your Digital Journey with Industry Expertise

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Fueling innovation and elevating your digital vision to new heights.

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Showcasing our dedication to excellence in every project.


Navigating Enterprise Complexities through Strategic Digital Transformation

At Matellio, our commitment goes beyond services; it's a dedication to understand your vision and foster innovation. Forget off-the-shelf fixes - we tailor strategies that amplify your strengths and unlock hidden potential. Imagine data-driven decisions, intelligent business automation, and a future-proofed foundation. With Matellio, you don't just transform; you evolve.
AI-ML Consulting

AI/ML Implementation

NLP | RPA | Predictive Analytics | Computer Vision | Generative AI | Data Analytics


Internet of Things Development

Edge Computing | IoT Integration | Solution Architect | IoT App Development


Technology Consulting

Digital Transformation | Emerging Technologies | Cloud Computing | Business Process Optimization


Core Development

Enterprise Solutions | DevOps | Testing | SaaS | Mobile Apps | Application Modernization

Ignite Your Enterprise's Growth and Innovation

From crafting visionary cloud strategies to next-gen tech implementations and intelligent business automation, Matellio goes beyond consulting, offering a strategic partnership throughout your business journey.

Unlock Your Startup's Untapped Potential

Don't let resource constraints slow down your startup! Share your requirements with us to get skilled talent and industry-focused services to handle the development. Let our team be the force behind your transition to a Fortune 500 company.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Business?

Schedule a free 30-minute call with our experts and explore how our strategic consulting can turn your challenges into opportunities!

Key Projects Defining Our Transformative Impact

Innovative AI-based turbine management system transforming how air turbines are managed in the energy industry.
Data Encryption

End-to-end data encryption to ensure secure operation at all times.

AI-Based Accuracy

AI-based accuracy in determining and managing risks/errors in the system.

Efficient Workflow

An efficient workflow ensures everyone can work at their peak capacity.

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A software designed to simplify financial planning, featuring goal-setting tools, and interactive quizzes and coaching to enhance financial strategy and knowledge.

Budget planning using inbuilt calculator based on salary, investments, etc.


Finaciti enables payments from any device without store dependency.

Predefined Categories

Choose between goals you want to achieve for financial independence.

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Application that offer easy and accurate data capturing and analysis from cutting cartridges.
Data Export

Users can export the data the device collects in the format they want

NFC Integration

NFC integration allows one-touch data transfer by tapping the device to the phone.

Data Representation

Graphical representation within the app for these seeking a glance on the go.

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HIPAA-compliant mobile app for caregivers and care seekers, and a web-based administration panel for the agency’s operational team.
Area-based Caregiver Search

Care seekers can narrow down the searches to find the ones near to them.

Blog Integration
Blog Integration

Caregivers can check the industry trends and seekers can read tips and tricks.

Communication Dashboard
Inbuilt Communication Framework

Online catalog for courses featured on the website by most popular tutors.

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From Vision to Triumph: Our Clients' Journey to Success

To them, it isn't about the money. It's about client respect and doing amazing work.
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Devon Smittkamp

Partner, Nock

The team has gone above and beyond to make us feel secure, and we’ve come to trust them implicitly.
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Prince Sackey

Owner, ISIT

Matellio successfully delivered a well-coded platform that our business essentially revolves around.
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Drew Benson

Founder, Ostrij

We’ve been very impressed with their project manager and the breadth of their resources.
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Chris Johnson

Chief Revenue Officer, My Life Legacy

The fact that Matellio treats projects as their own is outstanding; they truly want to see their clients succeed.
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Walter Lautz

CEO, Foresti

Matellio never says no to my requests, and I haven’t come across a problem that they can’t solve.
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Richard Amato

Owner, Materials On Demand

Let's Begin Your Digital Transformation Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I get started with Matellio?

Embarking on your journey with Matellio is a straightforward process.  

  • Connect with us through our contact form. 
  • Our dedicated team will reach out to understand your requirements. 
  • From there, we’ll guide you through the consultation phase, offer insights, and collaboratively develop a roadmap for your project. 
  • Select your development team. 
  • Choose a suitable engagement model. 
  • Sign the legal contracts and proceed with your project. 

2. What services do you offer?

Matellio offers a comprehensive suite of services encompassing AI/ML implementation, IoT development, core development, and technology consulting. Whether you’re a startup aiming for rapid growth, an SME seeking process optimization, or an enterprise/Fortune 500 company pursuing digital transformation, our services are crafted to meet your specific requirements. Here is a glimpse of what we offer: 

  • Technology Consulting 
  • Cloud Integration
  • AI/ML Implementation 
  • IoT Development 
  • System Integration Services 
  • Enterprise Software Development 
  • Mobile App Development 
  • SaaS Services 
  • Staff Augmentation Services 
  • Strategy Creation and Implementation 
  • Digital Transformation Services 

3. What specific problems can Matellio solve for my business?

Matellio excels in resolving a spectrum of business challenges, including  

  • Inefficient workflows 
  • Legacy system modernization 
  • Data management and analytics challenges 
  • User experience enhancement 
  • Integration with emerging technologies 
  • Operational inefficiencies 
  • Adoption of cloud technologies 
  • Mobile app development challenges 
  • Custom software development needs 
  • Business process optimization
  • Technology and industry compliance  
  • Strategic technology planning 
  • Adoption of next-gen technologies 

Whether you’re facing scalability issues as a startup, seeking streamlined processes as an SME, or aiming for digital innovation as an enterprise, our solutions are tailored to your specific pain points. 

4. Can Matellio assist in optimizing existing applications and systems?

Matellio’s expertise extends beyond crafting new solutions. We specialize in optimizing existing applications and systems, enhancing their performance, scalability, and overall efficiency. Whether you’re looking to modernize legacy systems or improve the functionality of current applications, we provide tailored solutions to meet your specific optimization needs. 

5. What type of solutions can Matellio build for my business?

Matellio specializes in crafting custom solutions that align with your business goals. From developing scalable web and mobile applications to designing enterprise-level software, our expertise extends to AI-driven solutions, IoT applications, and more. We leverage our proficiency to address the unique challenges faced by startups, SMEs, and enterprises globally. 

6. What is the cost of custom solutions development?

At Matellio, we understand the importance of budget considerations. The cost of custom solution development varies based on factors such as project complexity, scope, and specific requirements. We offer competitive and transparent pricing models tailored to fit the unique needs of startups, SMEs, and enterprises. To get a detailed estimate, we recommend reaching out to our team for a personalized consultation.