How Much Does It Cost To Create A Smart Scooter Sharing App?

Updated on Jan 22nd, 2024


In today’s digital world, many new technologies and inventions have transformed the global market. Whether it be AI, IoT, blockchain, or even mobile apps, people have shown love for many of these digital trends. The scooter sharing app has also been one of those digital trends that have received immense popularity from the global audience.

As per a study, it was found that the market size of the scooter sharing app was around 17.43 billion US dollars in the year 2018. The same study also predicted that the growth rate of this market to be 8.5% annually. Intrigued?

So, if you are also planning to invest in this profitable scooter sharing app development market, then you are certainly at the right place! In today’s article, we will be covering everything about scooter sharing apps. From features, to cost, let’s quickly dive into this article to know more about the scooter sharing app development! But, first things first

What is a Scooter Sharing App?

Scooter sharing app is not a new concept in the global market. In fact, it has been revolutionizing the mobility industry for quite some time now! Scooter sharing apps are similar to car-sharing or bike-sharing apps, but they cost less and are much suitable for shorter trips. Like other vehicles sharing apps, the main aim of the scooter sharing app is to save fuel, eliminate carbon emissions, and solve the traffic problems in the urban areas. You can seamlessly share the ride with your colleagues or any other person that is going the same way as you are!

Another great thing about the scooter sharing app is that these days e-scooters are much in demand. What once was considered a toy for kids has today become a much-needed thing in the mobility industry. The e-scooters are equipped with batteries and LCD displays to help the users control speed and battery life. Companies like Vespa, Lime, Bird, and many more today are actively investing in scooter-sharing app development.

Why is Scooter Sharing App Development Beneficial?

Discover-the-Amazing-Benefits-of-Scooter-Sharing-AppNow that you are aware of the term scooter sharing app, let us quickly understand why you need one? As per the research, there are over 8000 smart scooters in the market, and around 40% of them can be seen on the streets of the UK. Furthermore, companies like Vespa and Muving are also transforming the scooter-sharing market. Still not sure about scooter sharing app development? Don’t worry, we will give you reasons for investing in a scooter-sharing app!

Below are some of the exceptional benefits of investing in scooter apps that you will get as a business.

1. Less Costly

The first and foremost benefit of a scooter sharing app is that it is way less costly than any other vehicle sharing apps. For instance, in bike or car sharing, you need to invest a lot not only in the physical resources but also in the software and management part as well. However, with a scooter sharing app, you need not invest much. Why?

That’s because firstly nearly everyone today knows how to drive a scooter, so you need not find learned drivers. Secondly, the scooter can reach almost everywhere, so you don’t need much costly tracking devices and software solutions to track it. Hence, investing in a scooter-sharing app is a profitable deal.

2. Bigger Market

Another big benefit of investing in a scooter sharing app development is you will get a bigger audience to market your brand. We all know that the vehicle sharing sector is drastically growing in big countries including the USA, and Europe. In such a case a scooter sharing app will not need that many resources to penetrate into the market. In fact, the customers will be delighted to have a scooter sharing app that can solve their last-mile problems.

3. Environment Friendly

Sustainable development has become the most important factor for all businesses irrespective of their niche. For the transportation and mobility sector, that even becomes more crucial. That’s where the scooter sharing app comes to play!

We all know that scooters are accessible to go into the areas where larger vehicles cannot, and today everyone needs a vehicle to travel even the smallest distances. In such a scenario, a scooter sharing app will not only cater to the problems of the users but will also eliminate more carbon emissions.

That way, the environment will remain free from toxic compounds and the vehicle problems of the people will also get solved!

4. Portable and Sustainable

Like we mentioned earlier, the scooter sharing app is an incredible concept as it is eco-friendly and it requires fewer resources. Adding to that, the e-scooters are portable. Meaning, you can travel with them on buses and trains while making your journey more comfortable.

5. Effectively Solve Customer Problems 

Last but not least scooter sharing app solves the major problems of the global audience which is, travelling to shorter distances quickly. Other vehicles may not be as effective as an e-scooter in covering the last mile for the users. That’s why scooter sharing apps have a bright and promising future.

Apart from all those, there are many other benefits that you can get after investing in a scooter sharing app development. Reach us to our experts to know more about it!


How To Develop a Scooter Sharing App?

Now that you are convinced enough to invest in scooter sharing app development, let us quickly guide you through its development process. Although the development of scooter sharing apps is not that easy, choosing the right development partner can have a drastic impact on your project.

Now as an expert in app development, we have mentioned some crucial steps that you need to take to create your scooter sharing application. Read on to know more!

1. Analyze Your Target Market and Competitors

The first thing you need to do is to analyze your target market. There are hundreds and thousands of geographical locations and many age groups that are present in the global market. You need to choose some specific locations at first and need to decide a particular audience group.

For instance, in your case, metropolitan cities could be your target location and the office going or college going people could be your target audience. Furthermore, you even need to ask certain questions to yourself before initiating the scooter sharing app development.

  • What are the problems of your target audience
  • How your app will solve their problems
  • What makes your app different from other scooter sharing apps that are available in the market
  • Are you providing some extra features of upgrades for specific users.

Once you get answers to all such questions, you will have a clear picture of your app development project.

Another crucial aspect that you need to consider is analyzing your competitors. Try to find the other big players in the market that are into scooter sharing apps. Here we have listed the top four competitors that are doing well in this particular sector:

  • Lime

Founded in the year 2017, Lime is one of the most youngest and successful scooter sharing apps that is trending in the markets of the USA. The e-scooters provided by Lime helps the users to travel into the city smoothly without impacting the environment. Besides e-scooters, Lime even offers bike services to its users for quick travelling purposes. Features include QR code scanning, remote locking, digital payment, online booking, and so on.

  • Spin

Another popular e-scooter startup is Spin that is again trending in the markets of the USA. Spin was founded in the year 2016, and since then it has gained much momentum. Presently, Spin is available in almost 62 countries and almost 17+ campuses. Features include, but are not limited to Google Maps integration, QR code scanning, digital payment, free trips, and so on.

  • Swiftmile

Swiftmile is another Silicon Valley startup that offers e-scooter rides to its customers. The amazing app lets the users book their rides online and pay for it using the digital payment modes. Features include, ride summary, real-time issue reporting, trip details sharing, and so on.

  • Bird

Last but not least, we have Bird, yet again an amazingly successful e-scooter sharing business. Started in California, Brd is a successful mobility business that operates in nearly  100+ cities around the world. You can seamlessly book your scooter ride while using their mobile app, and the trip also costs less – nearly 15 cents for a minute. You can lock.unlock the vehicle, and can even locate it using the app. Features include, remote monitoring, digital payment options, QR code scanner, real-time GPS tracking, and so on.

2. Consult With Experts

The next thing you need to do is to consult with an expert. Having the basic idea of the market is okay, but consulting with an expert makes you more aware of your business idea. You get to know the feasibility of your project and its limitations. Moreover, many other things like tech stack, relevant features, and cost of the development could also be known with expert consultation.

We, at Matellio, are a well-known name in offering expert digital consultation to the global businesses for over years now. Just fill our contact form and utilize our free-consultation service.

3. Choose a Monetization Model

It is not surprise that every new thing that comes in the market need some time to flourish and penetrate into the lives of common people. Same is the case with scooter sharing app. Even though your app will be a great hit in the market, initially you will be needing a solid business model that gives your sufficient revenue.

So, to help you out, here we have mentioned some monetization models that you can adopt for your scooter sharing app.

  • Third Party Ads

You can display some third-party ads of other brands that are not of your niche to gain more profits and revenues.

  • Memberships

Offering paid memberships to the users with some advanced features is also one of the ways to earn more revenues.

  • Coupons and Promo Codes

Loyalty points, rewards, and promo codes also works wonders in enticing the existing customers and attracting the new ones towards the scooter sharing app

4. Select Appropriate Features

Features always play a crucial role in determining the scope of the app. To make your brand stand apart from the rest of the competitors, you need to have some exceptional features that make you unique from others. Those features should not only be unique but also useful for your target audience.

Here are some of the features that you can include in your scooter sharing app:



Onboarding The users can seamlessly log-in or sign up using their minimal details like email, contact number, and a unique password.
Custom Maps Customized maps including Google, and Bing to help the users smoothly navigate through their destinations.
Smart Lock A unique IoT enabled smart lock that would allow the users to lock or unlock the vehicle by simply scanning a QR code through their scooter sharing app.
Riding Stats Keeps a track of the driver behaviour so that you can penalize on wrong activities and can even send driving suggestions.
Dashboard An intuitive and centralized dashboard for you so that you can view all your business reports on a single screen.
User Management Allows you to efficiently manage all your users whether new or old by their unique usernames and identity numbers.
Geofence You can set virtual boundaries over an area and if your scooter will cross that boundary, you will get a notification.
Push Notifications You can simply send important alerts and new regulations to all your users using this feature.
Social Sharing The customers can share their riding experience directly on their social accounts using this exceptional feature. This will also help you to market your brand.
Online Bookings Online booking feature to ease the booking process for your valuable customers.

Although, there are many more advanced features that you could integrate in your scooter sharing app, as an expert, we would always advise to choose the basic features first. You could include some 2-3 advanced features, but only add more once you have gained certaine heights.

5. Hire an Experienced Development Team

Once you have finalized all the features for your scooter sharing app, it is now time to hire the perfect resources for your project. Similar to features, the development team also impacts the overall performance and scope of your project. From tech stack, to support and upgradation, everything depends on the team that you choose for your development project. That’s why, it becomes critical that you hire dedicated developers only. Why?

That’s because:

  • Firstly, experienced developers will certainly have the answers to all those problems that might come during the app development.
  • Secondly, an experienced and certified team will have more idea about the trending technologies of the market and could even help you choose the most reliable one.
  • Lastly, if you hire professional developers from an experienced software engineering firm, that will cost you less.

An experienced firm like Matellio could even provide you out-of-the-box ideas to make your app a hit in the market. Still need reasons to outsource your development project? Read our expert guide to know more amazing benefits of outsourcing the project!

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6. Market and Deploy Your App

The last step you need to take is to test and market your app before deploying it in the global market. Testing and marketing both are crucial terms when it comes to the development sector. Testing ensures that your app remains error-free smooth by detecting even the minutest of the bugs that were left unidentified during the development process.

Marketing on the other hand ensures that your product is not completely new in the market, and there is some demand for it even before it is launched. Hence, make sure to invest in both these aspects heavily to ensure a good revenue growth and profit percentage. For that, you could seamlessly consult your development partner or any other digital marketing team.

Another option is to choose an experienced firm like Matellio that offers every service from digital consultation and development, to testing and digital marketing. At last, the choice is yours!

How Much Will it Cost to Develop a Scooter Sharing App?

So, we are at the most awaited section of our article – the cost of scooter sharing app development. Similar to another on-demand app, the cost of developing a scooter sharing app also depends on many crucial factors. To name a few, we have:

  • Project Management Cost
  • UI/UX Cost
  • Development Cost
  • Complexity and Size of Project
  • Upgradation and Post-Sales Services

Apart from all those mentioned above, there are many more factors that directly or indirectly affect the overall cost of scooter sharing app development. To get an accurate idea of your project, you can anytime visit our team. Our experts would be happy to answer your queries.


How can Matellio Help?

We. at Matellio, have got years-long experience in developing robust digital solutions and mobile apps for a multitude of industries. Whether you have just started or you have reached great heights, our certified developers can cater to all your business needs efficiently. From education to healthcare, and even logistics and transportation, we have delivered error-free and result-oriented digital solutions to every global industry.

You name it and we will help you create it, that’s the motto of our developers and testers. Need more information on our working process? Access our portfolios that speak a lot more about our work. Reach us today for any kind of questions or ideas related to your scooter sharing app, and our experts will provide you a free consultation over your idea. So, hurry up, don’t let your competitors win!

Till then, Happy Reading!

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