How Much Does it Cost to Develop an E-card Maker App?

Updated on Jul 5th, 2022

How Much Does it Cost to Develop an E-card Maker App?

Gone are the times when people used to send handmade cards to their friends and family on special occasions. Making a card, writing the wish, sending it through courier, wasn’t it all a bit hectic? Yes, some of us still follow the traditional method but hasn’t it reduced, owing to the vast amount of effort involved? Digitization has changed everything, be it in terms of our lifestyle, product delivery or something else. E-card maker is a product of this evolving era.

What is an E-card Maker App?

An E-card is a digital alternative of traditionally styled greeting cards. E-card maker is a web or mobile application for creating customized greeting cards and use the same for wishing your dear ones on various occasions. This kind of software comes with a huge number of images and graphics, which enhances the style of your card. Whether you desire a simplistic design or look for a fancy style, these applications fulfil all your needs with a wide range of typography and graphics.

Why are E-cards Maker Apps so Popular? 

1.  As the name suggests, an E-card maker is all about creating a card using digital services. It is a dedicated channel for the creation of cards and hence offer better services.

2. E-card software offers an extended functionality in which you can carry out the designing process, customise the content or images as per your wish. 

3. Leveraging this application, users will be able to personalize the matter in a stylish and branded manner. Though it is not very beneficial on an individual level but from a company’s’ perspective, it comes quite handy.

4. User can alter each and every detail of the e-card in accordance to the message they wish to send the receiver in a very minimalistic time. 

5. Thus, an E-card maker is a fast and easy method for greetings creation and investing in the same is a big thumbs up from our end.

How Investing in An E-card Maker is a Big Yes?

A couple of decades back, it was a meaningful prospect to send and receive greeting cards in a paper format. And today, even though in America people are still sending 25-30 cards every year, this activity has completely lost its’ delight and charm. But the arrival of E-cards has brought this tradition back though in a digitized manner. conducted a “Greeting Cards – Global Strategic Business Report” which presents comprehensive analytics for Asia-Pacific, Japan, Canada, US, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. In this report, the yearly forecast of the greeting card businesses are provided for the period of 2016-2024. Additionally, a five year historical analysis is also provided for these markets. 

Top 5 E-cards Maker Apps

1. Handwrytten App

Handwrytten App

Image Source

An E-card maker supporting Android, iOS, Web and charges  $3.50 per card approx.


  1. Good for designing straight forward greeting cards.
  2. Good for business purposes like sending cards to clients 
  3. Affordable Pricing
  4. Specialized in Handwriting i.e users can customize their handwriting for the messages to be added in card.
  5. It is also popular for automatic mailing services.

2. Postable App

Postable App

An app supporting iOS and Web Platform plus charging $4.50 per card approx.


  • Users can choose from various options of tones, styles and occasions.
  • Messages are directly printed.
  • Users can add photos and personalized messages.
  • CardStock is of high quality.
  • User can choose the font style, size and alignment.
  • The user can choose estimated delivery date.
  • Businesses can even upload their business logos. 
  • Users can order single or pack of cards

3. Ink App

Ink App

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An app supporting Android, iOS platforms plus charging $4 per card approx.


  • A very good last-moment option.
  • Users can add images even if they are not present in app’s library.
  • Few background colors available.
  • User can order one or a pack of cards in a matte or glossy finish.
  • One has to use the mobile app for making and ordering the E-card.

4. Felt App

Felt App

Image Source

An app supporting iOS, Web and Android platform. Plus it charges $4 per card approx.


  • Offers a huge collection of handwriting and card styles.
  • Users can make personalized cards using the filters and add photos feature
  • Users can write their message using fingers i.e. in their own handwriting.
  • Option to add cash, gift or confetti for some extra charge is also available.
  • It is a mobile app only.

5. PunkPost App

PunkPost App

Image Source

An app supporting Web and iOS platforms, charging approximately $6 per card.


  • Handwritten messages
  • Uses a lot of colors and fun textures on the card
  • Lot of upsell options to choose from.
  • Users can add images, confetti and some extra characters for messages on additional costs.

Are You in Search Of E-Card Maker App Solutions

What are the Features of E-cards Maker Apps?

Admin Panel

1. Register

As an admin of application, you have to register in the software with the help of email id and password. Admin can monitor the whole solution post-registration.

2. Manage Library

Post-registration, admin can manage app-library with the help of this attribute. Admin can add different designs suitable for varying occasions, add filters and even provide “create your own design” facility to the user.

3. Create Membership

Admin can create different kinds of membership suiting users’ demands. The membership can be free, paid offering range of features accordingly.

4. Advertisements

Admin can use the mode of advertisement to reach the masses and showcase a wide range of features, an E-card maker mobile app offers.

5. Push Notifications

Admin can push notifications to users about updated versions, exciting features, new subscriptions and much more, with the help of this attribute.

6. 24/7 Support

Round the clock customer service is an inevitable functionality of this E-card maker software solution. Admin can access this feature, whenever needed.

User Panel

1. Login

For accessing this application, the user needs to login with the help of email Id and password. These credentials must be remembered for the future usage of software.

2. Select the Occasion

User can get the suitable E-card designs after choosing the even from the list of occasions provided in the application. This will aid in the creation of a perfect electronic card suiting the sender’s needs.

3. Choose Template

The user can choose a template from the list of templates available under the category of occasions. The template chosen can be from the list or even customised as per user’s requirements.

4. Add Photos

For making the E-card more attractive, user can add several photos on the card. The images can be used from the app’s gallery or can be uploaded from the user’s device using the upload section.

5. Save and Share

The app allows the save and share mode for an E-card. After designing and adding relevant details on an E-card, the app user can save the final template in app’s storage.

Advanced Features of an E-Card Making Apps

Now you have decided to invest in an E-card making an application but wondering what sort of functionality it should possess? Worry not! Here is the list of traits that you should be integrating into your solution.

1. Typography

This functionality enables the user to choose from a large number of font sizes and styles. The app must possess different style fonts suiting every occasion and isn’t only restricted to the popular ones. It beautifies the overall appearance of the card.

2. Imagery

Provide a graphics and pictures library, so that the users can choose from a wide range of media available. Give them the option of using photos from their own devices or Google storage using the uploading feature.

3. Themes

Usually, the user doesn’t have time to initiate things from scratch. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of app designer to blend some world-class layouts, fonts and colours for an easy yet enjoyable design journey. 

4. Speedy UI

A fast and simple UI( User Interface) will allow the user’s easy app usage. It ensures that mobility is not restricting the design process, which will undoubtedly make your app a big hit amongst the masses.  

5. Large Storage

An uttermost important attribute of an E-card maker application is Unlimited Storage. Without allocating the users a proper space for saving all their creativity, the software is never going to succeed.

6. Wide Range of Occasions

This one will enable the app users to design cards for various occasions like Anniversaries, Birthdays, New year, Halloween, Christmas and more. 

7. Custom Music

Complement the user experience with the introduction of sound with graphics. Give them some tones and even an option of uploading music from their devices. Users will take an excellent impression upon its’ addition. 

8. Multilinguistic

Create a large user base by introducing different popular languages. Software supporting multiple languages is bound to hit the market with impressive numbers. Hence, it is highly recommended to use this functionality for scoping a large share of the market pie. 

9. Video Cards

Give some basic video card designs as they are much more exciting and fun to use. Enable “create your own video” future for bettering feel.

10. Business Signature

A great way of promoting your brand. With this option, the user would require to include a business signature in the card; this way, your solution will gain more popularity and will be able to attract a large number of customers. 

11. Sharing option

Integrating this functionality will permit your users to share their creativity over various social media channels, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. 

Cost of Developing an E-Card Maker Apps

The mobile app market is growing at a fast speed, and therefore, it is no wonder to find investors who are curious about the cost of app creation. When the matter is of E-card Maker, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Design( Basic, Individual or Custom)
  2. Number of Screens
  3. Type of Platforms( Android, iOS etc.)
  4. Complexity of Features
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Region of the App development company( for instance, the cost of app development per hour is cheaper in South Asia in comparison to America)

An accurate estimation will only be possible once we are aware of your requirements. Reach out to our experts today and unlock the best price for you. 

Required Team for Developing an E-Card Maker Apps

There has to be a technically sound team to develop an elegant performing application. Hence the development team must consist of:

  1. iOS/ Android Developer
  2. UI/UX Designer
  3. Project Manager
  4. Back-end Developer
  5. Quality Analyst
  6. Database Experts
  7. Delivery Manager

How to Generate Money From an E-card Making Apps?

There are two types of Monetization models for an E-card Making application:

1. Advertisements

Most of the online companies can earn a large chunk of their revenue through ads. Allow users to advertise their services and products on your platform or go for Adwords.

2. 7-days Free Trial

One can keep the software for a couple of days take, for example, seven so that users can get acquainted with the functionality. After this, charge some fee for the services. 

3. Paid Themes or Stickers

In this model, the app users have to pay a certain amount for accessing advanced features like images, graphics etc. 

Looking For E-card Maker App Development


Being able to convey your emotions with a creative yet straightforward card is the key to one’s heart. And for this very reason, the idea for E-card maker arrived. Hence, invest in this creative solution and giving your users a facility to express their warmth through an artistic application. If you are looking for more information or require an app development company with a lot of skill and expertise in the same, Contact us.

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