How On-demand Apps are Bringing Revolutionary Change in the Healthcare Industry?

Updated on Apr 9th, 2024

Healthcare On demand Mobile Applications

The latest advancements in the technological sector has transformed our lives significantly and has led us to a more scientific and modern era. Looking at the past innovations, and how it impacted our normal lives, one can seamlessly say that humankind has been long waiting to experience the magic of healthcare applications. Clearly, mobile technology has granted us enough power to access anything from anywhere round the world. It has made our lives simpler and more efficient.

Gone are the days when patients have to wait in the long queue, to get inside the doctor’s room for consultation. Today, the patients can seamlessly contact the doctors in the real -time and even the practitioners could share the prescription or monitor their health using a healthcare application. Moreover, the healthcare apps can also track medications, and analyze blood reports of the patients efficiently. Ultimately, the demand for custom healthcare applications increased significantly owing to such great features.

How on-demand apps are enhancing the healthcare sector?

The need for on-demand apps are increasing day by day due to their extensive range of capabilities and perfect fit into business operations. The on-demand apps are being used in a wide variety of industries, ranging from education and finance, to retail, and even real estate and construction. According to Harvard Business Report, the on demand sector attracts more than 22.4 million users annually and has a market value of somewhat around 57.6 billion US dollars. And this upsurge in the demands of custom applications is slowly growing in the healthcare industry too!

The robustness of the mobile applications have also pulled the healthcare industry towards itself. According to Statista, the mobile health apps, also known as the mhealth apps, have generated a whopping revenue of 37bn US dollars in the year 2020. And not to mention, this figure is expected to rise around 11bn US dollars by the end of 2025. That’s amazing!

With the help of healthcare mobile applications, the patients could now seamlessly connect to the practitioners to get better and enhanced medical services. The way mobile applications are working in the healthcare industry will surely bring much drastic changes in the coming years. Infact, many specialists and medical practitioners have already adapted robust mobile health applications into their daily lives. The doctors today are leveraging on demand health and fitness apps to check the patients medical reports, x rays, blood reports, and so on.

The powerful mobile applications makes it a lot easier for the healthcare organizations to make better decisions. The doctors and other healthcare related staff could seamlessly check on patients health records, and could share their medical history and other relevant data with specialists efficiently. This data could also be leveraged by the other vital healthcare practitioners to further improve the medical facilities for the patients.

Let’s look at some amazing benefits of mobile health applications that lures patients and doctors towards it.

What are the benefits of mHealth? 

1. Enable Immediate Care Access

With the mHealth mobile apps, the doctors and patients can seamlessly stay connected with each other and can access in-depth knowledge of the patient’s medical conditions. All this helps the doctors and healthcare experts to provide instant care to patients and also facilitates proper medical services. Leveraging the on-demand healthcare applications, the patients can book appointments with expert medical professionals and can seamlessly share their medical history. The doctors too can prescribe the medicines to the patients and can even analyze their blood reports.

2. Blessing for Natives of Far Isolated Area

The time today is a digital period where on demand apps have empowered the users to reach every corner of the global market while sitting in a remote area. Because of robust mHealth applications, the patients could now access powerful and expert healthcare services. Taking the assistance of on demand healthcare applications, they can book meetings with clinical experts and buy prescriptions online from their remote region. Moreover, the patients can get expert healthcare tips even sitting in their homes.

3. Beneficial For Patients

With digital healthcare applications, the patients can actively participate and can stay updated over his health issues. They can seamlessly keep a track of their medications and can share their medical records with experts efficiently over mobile healthcare applications. Moreover, the mobile apps also help the patients to save a lot of money that would otherwise be wasted in visiting the doctor physically. Infact, your mobile healthcare application could possibly replace an in-person doctor consultation and can bring down your consultation cost upto a much greater extent.

4.Reduces the Chances of Incorrect Diagnosis

Medical diagnosis is, without a doubt, a critical aspect and even a small error in diagnosis could lead to serious health conditions. Incorrect analysis of a patient’s health could result in improper or wrong treatment of the disease and that can impact the patient’s health. But, with a proper healthcare app, these errors could be mitigated or even eliminated via intelligent diagnostic capabilities. A medical practitioner could leverage the healthcare application to securely store his patient healthcare records, and could reduce the errors arising from missing/mixed patient history records upto a larger extent.

5. Eliminates Medical Frauds

Many a time, it is seen that the agents present in the hospitals misleads the patients by offering them false promises of early appointments and in return charge them with heavy prices. But, with on demand healthcare apps, the medicare scams could greatly be reduced or even could be eliminated. These healthcare applications grant the patients access to healthcare services and eliminate the role of faulty agents. The patients can seamlessly book appointments with a specialist as per their need by paying only a little amount in return.

Development Of Medical Mobile Apps

After carefully examining the importance of the mobile applications in the healthcare industry, let us now quickly jump to the  mobile app development process. Here, we will not discuss the development process in detail, but we will be taking some critical aspects of the development phase.

We all know how critical the mobile apps are in the growth of an organization during the modern times. Infact, the whole ecosystem of the hospital could be seamlessly controlled by a powerful and feature-rich mobile application.  Hence, be it an Android app, or an iOS app or even a cross platform app, here are a few critical aspects that an admin must take care of:

1. User-focused Functionality

As the mobile application is developed to help the patients in simplifying their health issues, the admin should take care that the app meets this goal. Meaning, the app should have functionalities that help the patients in connecting to the doctor. The interface of the app should be user-friendly, and the core functionalities should be decided after carefully examining the market trends and user needs.

2. Platform Selection

That’s again one of the critical aspects in the mobile app development phase. The admin should clearly decide the platform on which the app should build. It can be Android, iOS, or even a cross-platform app, i.e. works for both Android and iOS. For that, the admin should firstly leverage the healthcare technology consulting services as the experts can run a market analyzing test that would involve the findings on the number of users of each platform category. After getting the results of this evaluation program , the admin will have a clear idea about the development platform.

3. Security and Privacy

Last, but not least, the security concern of the app should also be considered while developing the mobile app .The digital healthcare app deals with much critical user data and so the admin should take care of the safeguard of this crucial data. For that, it is advisable to go for a mobile app development company who offers HIPAA compliance mobile application.

So, these were some of the crucial aspects that should be taken care of during the mobile app development phase. Let us now look at some of the trending healthcare applications that have captured the global market and lured many of the investors into the industry.

Top Healthcare Mobile Applications You Should Know In 2020

1. - Healthcare Mobile Application is an amazing and powerful healthcare application that has attracted many users and doctors. The app offers an extensive range of healthcare tools that helps the patients to connect with a perfect healthcare service provider. With the app, the doctors could get a complete picture of the patient’s health status and that could be used to manage them accordingly with an apt healthcare practitioner.


  • Personalized medical plans
  • Secure storage of data
  • Custom medication reminders
  • Accurate contact information
  • Messaging functionality

Available For : iOS

2. AirStrip

AirStrip - Healthcare Mobile Applications

The main aim of the AirStrip healthcare app is to enhance the overall healthcare system. It is a smart and user-friendly mobile app that links healthcare service providers with the patients across different locations, technology, workflow boundaries, etc. The app, besides providing a patient centralized platform, also offers critical analytics and user engagement data to improve the healthcare delivery system.


  • Delivers dynamic information
  • Customized user-experience
  • Centralized data storage
  • Accurate clinical information

Available For : Android and iOS

3. ClotMD

clot-mdWith ClotMD healthcare app, the users can seamlessly track their test results and can even share their report history with the professionals. The app lets the patients and the healthcare experts to smartly manage various medications from their mobile phones. The patients can seamlessly communicate with the healthcare experts in real-time and can even leverage a built-in diet library to improve their health.


  • Real-time alerts
  • Built-in diet library
  • One-on-one direct communication
  • Report sharing options

Available For : Android and iOS

4. Doximity

Doximity - Healthcare Mobile Applications

Doximity is a powerful healthcare application that consists of almost 70% of the physicians as its members. It’s a robust mobile app that serves physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other healthcare service providers efficiently. The patients can seamlessly connect with the specialist using this mobile application and can even learn about new medical topics using the healthcare application.


  • HIPAA compliant
  • Social news feed for medicine
  • Large directory of US clinicians
  • Medical journals and articles

Available For : Android and iOS

5. Medici

Medici - Healthcare Mobile Applications

The Medici healthcare application is yet another powerful mobile app that caters to the needs of the patients across the globe. It seamlessly connects the medical professionals with the patients and helps the patients to save the cost that would otherwise be wasted in hospital visits. Besides that, the users can also share the test reports with the doctors, and could get expert advice from them.


  • Instant lab results
  • Expert advices from doctors
  • Seamless collaboration with doctors
  • Group chat functionality

Available For : Android and iOS


Final Takeaway! 

In today’s technology-driven market , an all-around feature-rich mobile app is very much required to manage the entire hospital ecosystem. These healthcare applications serve as a great tool not only in helping the patients to access poper healthcare facilities but also to help the doctors in exploring the perfect opportunity. And owing to such great benefits, the demand for such feature-rich custom apps is increasing day-by-day. Hence, if you are also sailing in the same boat and wanted to develop a custom healthcare application then we can help you! Our expert developers at Matellio ensures each customer to deliver a perfect and error-free application that works on each platform efficiently. Have more questions? Contact us today to get all your answers.

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