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In a rapidly evolving healthcare landscape where innovation meets necessity, our healthcare technology consulting stands at the forefront of digital transformation. Embrace the future of healthcare with our agile solutions and expert healthcare technology consultants.
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    What is

    Steer Innovation and Boost Growth with Our Insight-driven Healthcare Technology Consulting

    Informed Decision making

    Precision in Decision-Making

    Empower your institute with the tools and strategies needed to optimize patient care, revenue management, inventories, and resources for cost-efficient operations.

    scalable stable

    Scalable Infrastructure

    Anticipate and embrace change with a scalable infrastructure that evolves alongside industry trends and lets you scale your healthcare solutions to tackle future demands.


    Intelligent Healthcare

    Navigate towards intelligent healthcare solutions that align with HIPAA compliance, embraces efficiency, and positions your organization as a beacon of technological advancement.

    Thrive in Healthcare's Dynamic Landscape.

    Embrace agility, consumer focus, and a culture of innovation to stay ahead. Our expert consultants leverage analytics, automation, and AI/ML to craft intelligent healthcare solutions. We partner with visionary leaders like you to build technologies that elevate patient care, digital health, and data analysis. Join us in shaping healthcare's future through data-driven consulting and innovation-fueled growth.

    What Do We Offer

    Discover a spectrum of healthcare consulting services designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

    Technology Consulting

    In the intricate world of healthcare technology, our consulting services act as your strategic guide. Our healthcare technology consultants meticulously evaluate your existing technology infrastructure, identify areas for enhancement, and devise a customized roadmap. This approach ensures that your technology seamlessly aligns with your business objectives, opening avenues for multiple revenue streams.

    Data Analytics

    We specialize in distilling actionable insights from your data reservoirs, facilitating informed decision-making. Whether uncovering untapped revenue streams, refining existing models, optimizing resources, identifying healthcare technology trends, or improving patient outcomes, our data analytics services elevate your ability to harness the power of information effectively.

    Healthcare Application Modernization

    Modernize your operations, reduce costs, and ensure compliance via our Healthcare Application Modernization service. By integrating cutting-edge technologies, like AI, ML, IoT, and Cloud, into legacy systems, our tech consultants can enhance operational efficiency, allowing your organization to remain agile and adept in addressing the challenges of the contemporary healthcare environment.

    Patient Experience Enhancement

    Patient Experience Enhancement

    Our Patient Experience Enhancement service places the patient at the core of care. Through innovative healthcare solutions and mobile apps, we elevate patient engagement. From personalized interactions via chatbots to seamless communication through telehealth apps and IoT integration, our approach transforms the patient’s experience, fostering an environment where individuals feel valued.

    Custom Healthcare Solutions

    The custom healthcare solutions, crafted by our healthcare technology consultants, are made with precision to meet your unique requirements. Whether it’s custom EHR software, telehealth apps, pharmacy management software, revenue management software, or hospital management software, our solutions are tailored to meet the latest compliance and align with your organizational goals.

    AI and ML Implementation

    Embrace the future of healthcare with our AI and ML implementation service. From predictive analytics and chatbot development to Generative AI consulting and ChatGPT integration services, we bring the transformative power of AI/ML to the forefront of your operations. It’s a strategic investment in optimizing processes, enhancing decision-making, and elevating the overall quality of care.

    Strategic IT Roadmap Development

    Our healthcare technology consultants work closely with you to create a comprehensive IT roadmap aligned with your long-term goals. This strategic plan ensures your technology investments support business objectives, compliance requirements, and future scalability. We guide you in making informed decisions to maximize the impact of technology on your healthcare operations.

    Interoperability Integration

    In today’s complex healthcare landscape, ensuring seamless data flow between disparate systems is crucial. Our interoperability integration services help you connect your Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management Systems (PMS), and other healthcare IT systems. This fosters better care coordination, reduces data silos, and improves overall operational efficiency.

    How Much Does Healthcare Technology Consulting Cost?

      What is

      Why Choose Us as Your Healthcare Technology Consultants?

      Expert Consultants

      Our team comprises seasoned healthcare technology consultants dedicated to driving transformative change.

      Reliable Support

      You get 24*7 technical support and software consulting services for your custom AI solution.

      Strong R&D Expertise

      With our strong R&D department, development teams are always on the lookout for advancements.

      Our Customer Success Stories

      Explore how our innovative healthcare technology consulting services have revolutionized organizations worldwide.

      TD Symptom Tracker

      A groundbreaking healthcare app for monitoring Tardive Dyskinesia. Users can record involuntary movements and track medication impact to share with physicians for personalized treatment decisions.
      multiple languages
      Intuitive Tracking

      Effortlessly record and monitor Tardive Dyskinesia movements with a user-friendly interface.

      secured access and easy scalability
      Medication Insight

      Track medications to observe their impact on patients, aiding personalized treatment.

      centralized dashboard
      Direct Physician Sharing

      Collaborate with physicians by sharing detailed charts for informed decision-making.

      1Plus1 Senior Care

      1+1 Care simplifies caregiver referrals, connecting families with top-quality in-home caregivers through a user-friendly platform, accessible on web, iOS, and Android devices.
      informed decision
      GPS-Powered Search

      Users can easily locate nearby caregivers using built-in GPS functionality.

      Quality Caregivers

      Rigorous quality checks ensure premium user experience, providing trusted caregivers.

      property calculator
      Seamless Management

      You can register and negotiate prices through the platform for appointment scheduling.

      MAX MRJ

      A user-friendly web app revolutionizing patient discharge processes, providing effortless tracking and secure data management for hospitals.
      search filters
      Effortless Discharge

      The platform streamlines the patient discharge process with intuitive tracking capability.

      Central Dashboard

      The staff can track patient details in real-time, fostering seamless communication.

      HIPAA and PHI

      All the information is stored securely and encrypted; users can decide when to share it.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      1. What is healthcare consulting?

      Healthcare consulting involves leveraging strategic expertise to optimize healthcare practices. At Matellio, we offer tailored solutions in data analytics, application modernization, patient experience enhancement, and more. Our consultancy aims to align technology with healthcare objectives for improved efficiency, patient outcomes, and overall innovation.

      2. How can I hire a healthcare consultant from Matellio?

      Hiring a healthcare consultant from Matellio is a streamlined process. Connect with us through our website or email, and our expert team will promptly engage with you. We’ll discuss your unique needs, provide a customized proposal, and guide you in selecting the right consultant for your project. Our goal is to ensure a seamless partnership focused on achieving your healthcare goals.

      3. Why is healthcare consulting so important?

      Healthcare consulting is crucial for organizations aiming to navigate the complexities of the industry. It brings strategic insights, aligns technology with business goals, and ensures compliance with evolving healthcare standards. The right consultancy enhances decision-making, operational efficiency, and patient experiences, driving overall success.

      4. How can your healthcare technology consultants improve our operations?

      Matellio’s healthcare technology consultants are dedicated to enhancing your operations in several ways: 

      • Strategic Technology Alignment: Our consultants align technology with your business objectives, ensuring a seamless integration that supports your overall strategy.  
      • Efficiency Enhancement: We identify areas for improvement, streamline processes, and leverage innovative technologies to boost operational efficiency within your healthcare organization. 
      • Patient Experience Optimization: Matellio places a strong emphasis on patient-centric solutions. Our consultants enhance patient experiences by implementing innovative technologies that foster better engagement and satisfaction. 
      • Data-Driven Decision-Making: Utilizing advanced analytics, we empower your organization with actionable insights. This promotes informed decision-making, improving overall operational outcomes. 
      • Adaptability to Industry Changes: Our healthcare technology consultants ensure that your operations remain agile and adaptable. We guide you through technology trends, regulatory changes, and industry best practices. 
      • Tailored Solutions: Our consultants provide customized solutions that address your specific challenges and opportunities, ensuring a tailored approach for maximum impact. 

      By leveraging our healthcare technology consulting services, you can expect a strategic transformation that not only addresses current operational challenges but also positions your organization for sustained success in the dynamic healthcare industry.

      5. How much does healthcare technology consulting cost?

      Costs for healthcare technology consulting vary based on project scope and requirements. Matellio provides customized proposals outlining the scope, timeline, and associated costs. We prioritize transparency to establish a clear understanding of your investment, ensuring value-driven solutions within your budget.

      6. What other services do you offer?

      Matellio offers a comprehensive suite of healthcare technology services, including data analytics, application modernization, patient experience enhancement, custom healthcare solutions, and AI/ML implementation. Our goal is to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring your organization remains at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

      7. How can healthcare organizations benefit from data analytics?

      Data analytics in healthcare helps organizations gain valuable insights, optimize operations, make informed decisions, and improve patient outcomes. It transforms raw data into actionable intelligence, contributing to overall efficiency and effectiveness.

      8. How does patient experience enhancement contribute to healthcare services?

      Patient experience enhancement improves engagement and satisfaction by providing innovative solutions. From personalized interactions to seamless communication, it transforms patient experiences, fostering better relationships and loyalty.