How to Build a Medicine Delivery App?

Updated on Jan 8th, 2024

How to Build a Medicine Delivery App?

The continually increasing cost of health care products in this emerging economy has been a burden for the people. Who is the devil? We could notice that growth in overall healthcare spending is slowing. But middle-income group families’ share of the tab is getting huge, squeezing households already feeling stretched financially. 

“Overall, healthcare spending across the emerging economy has been reached 18.2% of gross domestic product as of June, up from 13.3% in 2000, according to Altarum Institute, a health research group.’’ 

What Is The Need Of Medicine Delivery App?  

The ever-growing demand for medicines and healthcare products, making it challenging for offline retailers to meet the increasing requirements demographically. Another critical factor in the continuous growth of online medicine delivery apps is the convenience of buying from the comfort of the home that, too, with the discounted price, consumers no longer need to visit the stores physically. On the contrary, online retailers can cater to massive global needs. And this the reason why many medical businesses and enterprises are planning to go online, i.e., focusing on developing the online medicine delivery startup. The customers nowadays prefer to buy medicines online, because they get lucrative discount offers, quick home deliveries, comparatively faster home delivery, etc. 

How Does The Medicine Delivery App Work?

The online medicine delivery startup business model has been classified majorly into two categories, and the first goes on how they operate, and the second is to make money out of it. 

First Model – 

The first kind begins where the pharmacy stores a vital number of medications. The consumers submit the prescriptions for the medicine they want; then, the online retailers check the availability of the order received. Finally, the online retailers ship the product once the consumers make the payment. 

Second Model –

The second one begins to work differently, as the pharmacy doesn’t stock the medicines themselves; instead, they make a partnership with any local brick and mortar pharmacies. When the customer demands a request online, the online medication stores check the availability of the required medicines with the pharmacy closest to the shipping address of the customers. Once the customer makes a payment, the online store instructs the delivery partner to deliver the medication at the customer’s address physically and shares the revenue based on the agreed terms and conditions. 

Starting with the online medicine delivery business is a fantastic way of entering into the world of entrepreneurship. However, not just the hospitals or clinics supply the orders, but also, millions of people are becoming a part of the online medicine delivery. 

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Advantages of Medicine Delivery Application

The trend is going on and on and has extended to spheres like healthcare apps for making doctor appointments, which also includes accessing other services.  The online medicine ordering app provides benefits for customers and businesses. Like; 

For Customers

1. Customers can order medicines from their home while sitting on the couch. 

2. Followed by the notifications, they get about medical needs and updates if any.

3. The app provides its customers with discount offers or at times free shipping as well.

4. Access the massive range of details on prescription drugs and medicines

For Pharmacies 

1. The online medicine delivery app provides its users with different kind of schemes and marketing campaigns.

2. Provides high-end customer services.

3. Refill the requests or advantages from repeat customers.

4. The pharmacy stores could manage their inventory digitally and get helpful reminders and notifications on expiry dates as well.

5. Search for medicines and look for alternatives.

6. The stores can attract target audiences by reaching new geographical areas.

7. Moreover, the pharmacies can have an online presence and could maximize their customer base.

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What are the Core Features of Medicine Delivery App?

Pharmacy Panel 

  1. Register/ Login – The customers can register their pharmacy services on the medicine delivery app seamlessly with an easy-to-use interface.
  2. Dedicated Interface -Pharmacists can use a user-friendly interface to manage and create future orders.
  3. Order Notifications – Users can receive notifications about the pharmacy orders they have made.
  4. Digital Prescriptions – The online medicine app provides the ease of reviewing the prescriptions uploaded by the customers digitally.
  5. Receive Payments – Within the app, the Stores can receive payments directly and track their details as well.
  6. Analytics -Using the analytics feature, you can keep track of your business performance over time.
  7. Push Notifications – To attract the customer, the pharmacy stores can Interact and engage with them through push notifications.
  8. Manage Store Details – Seamlessly add/ modify/ delete store details to pass updated information to the customers.

Customer Panel

  1. Registration and Login Users can register and log in to the app with their email, contact number, and password. 
  2. Maintain Profile– The online medicine delivery application enables the users to maintain their information in the profile panel. 
  3. Add Prescription Customers can easily add prescriptions as directed by the doctor in the profile panel.
  4. Search Medicines–  Customers can search for specific medicines by entering the name of the medication with all the vital details. 
  5. Order Medicine– Users can add the required medicines to the cart and complete the order after entering their details.
  6. Pay for Orders– The customers can pay for their orders conveniently by leveraging in-app payment options.
  7. Order History– Customers can have detailed information about their past orders as well.
  8. Avail Offers and Discounts– Users can have the best offers and discounts, and they can be the first ones to know this feature.

 Admin Panel

  1. Dashboard Admin verifies and views all the requests made by customers, store owners, in the pane
  2. Payment Gateway– The application facilitates multiple payment gateways so that payments can be made seamlessly, which also broadens the business base.
  3. Real-Time Analytics– Data can be accessed in different forms by Admin, which thereby facilitates real-time analytics. 
  4. Tracking System Admin, and the customers as well, can track the orders placed by customers at various stores also on a real-time basis. 
  5. Navigation Find the best delivery routes using GPS enabled navigation systems to ensure the right-time delivery. 
  6. Track Earnings Admin Check earnings at the end of the day as well as keep track of daily, weekly, and monthly gains. 
  7. Contact Customer– The Admin communicates with customers over the phone call as well about the arrivals to update them.
  8. Support– Users get 24/7 support during emergencies or resolve any issues or queries. 

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Advanced Features of Medicine Delivery App

1. Track Order

Users can check the nearby medical store for purchasing the medicines according to their needs. Although, it could happen that users may not use the medicine home delivery app for getting medicine because of some doubts in terms of quality and services.

2. Trust and Safety

Offers the users medicines as per their requirements with all the required documentation, transparency in expiry dates and manufacturing dates, drug and salt compositions, within the medicine online purchase the app. This works excellent in making the user ensured all the safety and trust issues.

3. Cloud Management

All the users’ orders, delivery data, provides the information associated with the shipment, inventory, etc. are all stored in the cloud servers for making the overall medical selling ecosystem.

4. Accept and Reject Orders

According to the product availability, several delivery persons are available and the pending deliveries, accept or reject the orders through the online medical store app.

5. Auto ETA

The medicine delivery app predicts the arrival time of the delivery person, including the medicines based on the location and availability, and sends the notification to the customers accordingly.

6. Urgent Dispatch

In the case of urgent requirements and to deliver the online medicine delivery app immediately, get in touch with the nearest pharmacy store available to accomplish the order received.

7. In-App Payment

Multiple payment gateways enable online medicine to purchase app users to pay using modern payment methods like net banking, eWallet, or credit/debit cards.

8. Reservation Management

This feature in the order medicines online app allows the customers to book the medication for a future date, without worrying about unavailability.

9. Subscription Packages

You can let your potential customers use your online medicine delivery app by providing them a subscription package, for it will help you improve and maintain long-term relationships.

Benefits of Medicine Delivery Application

1. Quality Products

The customers are kept insured about the right quality products and medicine delivery at the desired time within the app. They can keep track of all the necessary hallmarks, barcodes, etc. as well.

2. Expert Advice

Users of the delivery medicine app can consult the doctors and the nutritionist about the nutritional product information, benefits, and per day requirement as directed by the physicians.

3. Lab Aggregation

The customers can find nearby medical diagnosis labs for body check-ups, blood tests, and much more. They can get an idea about the price related to tests and book their appointments through the medical shop home delivery app.

4. Multilingual

With the multilingual features, the users can operate the medical store home delivery app in their desired languages. This helps in providing a basic understanding to the users about the services you are offering.

5. Refined or Filtered Search

The medication home delivery app users can apply the filters while they are searching for the medicines.

6. Document Upload

Users of the online app can upload the prescriptions as directed by their doctors. They can also upload their medical test reports via a buy medicine online app.

7. Collection from a Medical Store

Users can select the medical store from which they want to collect their medicines according to their preferences. They can collect the medication from the selected medical stores listed in the medicine delivery app.

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Final Words

The online medicine delivery mobile application offers the information to its users about local diagnostic labs available and medicine shops in the nearby areas. The app connects the user with shops or labs directly and provides competitive prices to assure the maximum benefits. It’s a real gain in pain. It also keeps the user’s medical records. With years of experience, the Matellio team empowers businesses across verticals to build stunning web and mobile applications. 

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