How to Build a Similar Web App like Buildxact?

Updated on Dec 14th, 2023

Big and small companies and businesses juggle various projects, plans, assignments, and people inarguably. Getting a solution will help them to keep it structured in a way that is precise, consistent, and profitable when preparing and operating works and projects. The capabilities of job or construction management software are endless and unrestricted. Even if you are operating on one job at a time or handling several jobs simultaneously, job management software is for you, commercial company owners, and builders who want to drive development and be more successful than it’s ever been. Do you still work with charts and graphs, written notes and give them to subordinates to access? Are you lost in the documentation and is your company or business starting to be affected? Did you even know that in one place, there is a simpler way to handle all your jobs? It’s really no surprise that it takes hours to invoice and to quote. But it does not seem to be like this. There are many software available in the market nowadays, one of them is Buildxact with the market share of millions.

So let’s get started. But first, it’s always good to start with the basics.

What is Job Management Software?

Job Management Software, this application handles everything including clients to workers to auditing plans, makes it extremely easy to guarantee that all the tasks are done on time and that the client is pleased with the work. Basically, job management software is a better and efficient way to get things done (In Job).

There are plenty of Job Management Softwares available in the market, but the popular one is Buildxact. Let’s discuss.

What is Buildxact?

Buildxact is an easy-to-use software platform for estimating, quoting, and job management that is specifically developed for small builders and companies to help them handle jobs quickly and smoothly from the first touch to the final bill. Users could do take-offs, work costs, and quotes up to 80 per cent faster as well as quick scheduling, automated cost monitoring and buying, with Buildxact. Buildxact, which is cloud-based, allows users the versatility to control their management tool anywhere at any-time through internet-enabled devices like desktops, mobile, and tablets. A management tool enables users to count objects with a few taps and execute linear, square or cubic meter takeoffs. With designed-in pricing data, composite guides, automated waste and rounding functions, Buildxact enables precise project costing and estimation. Quote management tools allow users to generate professional, branded quotes that their clients can print or email. Buildxact enables their users to provide clients with comprehensive image requirements and a clear breakdown of any item.

In 2019, Buildxact received a total of 8.5 million dollars in funding. Cool isn’t it?

Benefits of a Web App Like Buildxact


1. Win More Jobs 

Providing a top-notch quote will distinguish you from your rivals when pitching for new jobs. Using job management software tools would support you to get your quotes correct, in the safest and most successful way. Your company or business will come across as skilled and knowledgeable by raising the level of the reliability, quality, and timelines of your quotes. This will give you a leg-up while competing against the rivals for new jobs. Buildxact also helps you to evaluate, fine-tune and the use of past quotes as models, presenting you with more detailed forecasts of sales, benefits, expense and cash flow. The number of complications (for instance, costly differences) for your customers later down the road can be minimized by providing professional and detailed quotes. Constructing a strong reputation inculcates trust and improves referrals.

 2. Manage Your Groups

Assume if, once work starts, you could send automatic SMS and email reminders to alert suppliers? This software offers a bird’s eye view of the projects with trade push-backs and schedule adjustments that occur regularly. It would be a thing of the past to fail to disclose adjustments to your group. Buildxact integrates easily with the role if you have a slightly larger construction or trade company, for time-sheeting, and accounting systems such as Xero and MYOB to help streamline payments so that there is no dual-handling, in turn improving the productivity and providing jobs efficiently and successfully.

3. Track Jobs in Real-time

You will get an overview of each and every single job your employees are working, with all jobs visually reflected on the monitoring app. Has an emergency situation emerged? With a graphic planner, you will see who is available to introduce the new job, and assign your staff with an easy motion.

4. Track Your Expenses and Earnings

Buildxact helps you to monitor your work costs effectively and report on them when the job is done. In turn, this will allow you to produce more detailed forecasts and boost your ability to predict costs, sales, and benefits.

5. Handle the subcontractors, distributors and staff with simple online schedules

Buildxact enables you to schedule updates in one go and modify all your providers. Graphic organizers will help you remain on top as to where your work is at every point in the job. 

6. Your Benefits

Apart from above mentioned some other benefits are:

  1. Better resource planning.
  2. Easy forecasting and better team collaboration
  3. Easy takeoff management.
  4.  Effective communication and reporting.

As of now, we’ve discussed the basics, an overview of Buildxact, and benefits of using such apps. Moving on, the time has come to dive in quickly into the steps required to build a web app like Buildxact.

Steps to Build Web App Like Buildxact 

1. Define Your Idea

You should first grasp what you want to develop before building a web app like Buildxact, and also more significantly, why? The design method is the hardest aspect for many. Your idea must originate from solving the problem with others, your own problem, preferably.

It’s crucial that you pick an idea that concerns you. Interest is vital to fueling spark when creating a web app. Creating a web app like Buildxact takes some effort and it’s vital that you do have enjoyment even during the process.

Question yourself:

  •         How much time do I need to develop this application?
  •         What will I be interested in?
  •         What do I like regarding applications such as these?
  •         How much time and money is this application going to save and create for me?
  •         How much is that going to change my life?

2. Do some Market Research

It’s vital to study the market once you have selected your idea, to check:

  •         If there is a comparable product?
  •         If competition exists?

To make your task easier, use these tools to search for your idea:

  •         Google.
  •         USPTO.
  •         Beta list.

If there’s a comparable product, don’t panic. This can be an indication that a demand exists for your IDEA. Your potential rivals have set the basis and trained the sector. It’s indeed time for you to come in and steal the storm. If there is now a comparable product, it’s a chance that you have struck lucky- you are a truly brilliant inventor.

3. Prepare Wireframes

All right, it’s time to turn the app idea of your web application into a wireframe or mock-ups.

What is wire-framing/prototyping?

Wire-framing is the method to design a model of your web app. Prototyping goes a step further with wire-framing, incorporating an interactive approach. It’s up to you to settle on a wireframe or prototype. We recommend prototyping if you have time, as it’ll make it easier to connect with your web app while searching for validations. You can use the following tools do wire-framing or prototyping:

  •         Figma.
  •         Adobe XD.
  •         InVision Studio.
  •         Sketch.

4. Define Your Web app’s Features and Functionality 

You have your app idea; you have confirmed the market, now that it’s time to list all you want that your web app will do. Getting carried away is indeed a basic mistake here. Your application is NOT a Swiss Army Knife, it won’t have all the features and functionalities pre-built, you have to add it.

Moving on, below we have mentioned the features and ideal web apps like Buildxact must offer. Have a look.

Feature Sub-Feature
Construction Estimation ·         Audit Trail.

·         Past Database.

·         Sub Contractor Mgmt.

·         Project Mgmt.

·         Reporting & Advanced Analytics.

Construction Mgmt ·         CRM

·         Update Orders.

·         Contract Mgmt.

·         Job costing & Budgeting.

·         RFI Mgmt.

Constructor Scheduling ·         Bid Mgmt.

·         Rescheduling.</s

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