How to Create an eLearning Math App Like Creta Class in 6 Steps?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the education industry forever. The online education market was already 18.66 billion USD in the year 2019. Now thanks to the school closures caused by the pandemic, the market is forecasted to grow to 350 billion USD by 2025. This rapid growth and the ever-increasing reliability of mobile apps point towards the inevitable future where eLearning apps like Creta Class will rein the app markets. 

In this post, we will learn how you can repeat the success story of Creta Class for your eLearning mobile app and create your own mark in this unprecedented revolution in education history.

Key Takeaways

  • The online education industry is set to become worth 350 billion USD by the year 2025.
  • Creta Class is an eLearning mobile app dedicated to teaching mathematics to kids aged 3-8 years.
  • You can use advanced technologies like AI, AR, VR to future-proof your app with highly engaging features.
  • Unlike Creta Class, you can use a variety of monetization strategies to draw revenues from your app. 

What Does Creta Class App Do and What Sets it Apart? 

Creta Class is an eLearning app dedicated to learners of 3 to 8 years of age. The app teaches its users multiple basic mathematical concepts to instill a better understanding that can help them learn even the most advanced topic under the subject with relative ease. Here’s how the app does that- 

  • The app approaches the subject with a holistic viewpoint, clearing concepts like arithmetic, logical reasoning, data analysis, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  • With over 240 lessons and engaging animations, the app has abundant content to help learners understand a topic with complete ease.
  • 12,000+ practical exercises help users grasp the concept of the topic-being-taught with a deeper understanding.
  • Custom reports on kids’ daily progress can help the guardians understand their pain points and accordingly help them on trickier topics.
  • Tailored progressive paths for all kids, as per their individual learning abilities, make the app useful for all its potential users.
  • Being prepared by doctoral degree holders from most prestigious universities, the exception content of the app also plays a crucial role in its popularity.
  • Bite-Sized content makes it easy for learners to grab hold of complex topics through everyday learning.
  • Unlimited access to the completed modules helps users revise the previously taught concepts to gain more confidence.
  • The app is completely free and has parental controls on top of it. This allows guardians to leave their kids with the app sans worries. 

With such exciting offerings, it’s no wonder the app is doing so well with its user base. If you want to enjoy similar success with your potential one, it’s important you provide similar or more value to your users through your app. Here’s a sophisticated approach to accomplish that.

Steps to Develop a Creta Class Clone App 

To develop an app as extensive and user-friendly as Creta Class, you must take the eLearning app development process with a well-planned approach.


1. Evaluate the Major Players in the Market

When you’re making an app that already has many competitors in the market, the best thing you can do to ensure its success is learn everything you can from its major competitors. To begin with, know what problem your app will be solving. On the basis of this problem statement, find out which are the major players you will be competing against when launching your app. One such app is definitely Creta Class. So, invest ample time to understand what the app is doing right and what more it can do to improve its user experience. Some of the other market players you can study for the purpose are ABC, Funny food, Kids Math, and Khan Academy Kids. 

2. Enlist the Must-Have Features

Once you have studied the major competitors in the market, alongside the Creta Class app itself, you must have a clearer idea of what you actually want from your app. So now you’re all set to list down all the important features that can help you make your app a complete success for the target audience. 

Kids-Friendly User Interface

If you’re creating an app exactly like Creta Class, it is safe to assume that your target audience, too, will range in the age of 3 to 8 years. If that is the case indeed, you need to pay special attention to the UI/UX elements of the app. Kids that age have very different expectations from an eLearning mobile app than adults. Add more interesting elements, use playful colors and less edgy buttons to make the interface more likable for kids. Other than that, try to keep the app’s most used features minimal. The app’s main interface should contain elements that can help learners learn things. The rest of the components can be kept under a hamburger menu or under advanced settings. 

User Profile Management

Since an eLearning app needs to be personalized, user registration and then the ability to sign in to their account is the foremost feature to create for your app. It is a fairly easy feature to develop and does not require any special skill sets, on the front-end at least. However, on the backend, you will need experienced developers to manage the user roles and their access to the gated content. More profile-related data too needs to be accessible to respective users, and executing all this requires backend developers with ample experience. Moreover, to be able to register from the app itself, developers will need to have expertise in setting up services like Amazon SES.

CTA 1 

Progress Analytics

When a user pays for a dedicated service while learning something, they will come to expect some kind of visualization to track their progress and see where they’re lacking to make improvements on their ends. Besides, having the ability to see how much one has progressed every time they interact with the app also tends to increase user engagement. This is why you should include progress analytics in your app, where users can compare themselves from their previous performances and see for themselves how the app has helped them grow. You can also choose to let the users compare themselves with their peers. However, while doing so, the app mustn’t reveal any identifying information of other users. 

Course Management

Users must be able to switch between courses and modules as and when required. While doing so, you should place validation to ensure that learners are only doing so to revise what they have learned so far and not skip the important modules. Any company with both mobile app development and LMS development experience should be able to authorize your different courses and offer them in a neat interface to the end-users. Here, you can add more premium content for students who want to learn advanced topics on the concept they are currently studying; it will help you extend your app’s services quite easily. 


Assessing users’ progress is an important feature for your app if you want to make it a complete classroom experience for them. It is to be noted that, unlike classrooms, an app cannot have an invigilator. Users have more means to cheat on an assessment when learning from the app than when they are learning in a classroom setting. And even though nothing can be done to prevent such miss in the code of conduct completely, with tools like timers and app switch locks, you can minimize such incidences. Assessing students can happen in between the pre-recorded modules as well, for which your developers will have to use advanced playback settings and overlay screens on your app. 

In-App Purchases

Like Creta Class, your app should also allow your users to purchase a course through the app itself. This, in contrast with an app that takes the user to its web counterpart to make payments and purchase the course of their choice, helps retain a better user engagement score. To facilitate this, you will need to embed your app with payment gateways channels. Most popular payment channels have easy-to-add APIs that your developer will easily be able to incorporate into your app. That being said, know that you will be responsible for the security of your users’ confidential data. Using technologies like 256 SSL encryption, you can help secure such crucial information of your users, which ultimately helps you gain more trust from them. 

3. Conceptualize Some Out-Of-The-Box Features

Other than the standard features, which a user can anyways find with the Creta Class app, you should think of some additional features to make your app more valuable.

Additional Features to Make Your App More Valuable
As an app dedicated to one subject –Mathematics- your app can offer some practice exercises to the learners to strengthen their hold on the newly learned concepts.
Gamification of exercises is yet another exciting feature that can enhance the users’ learning experience and their engagement with the app.
The app can have a section to let the learners explore some of the less known mathematical tricks that can aid them in performing calculations much more quickly.
With the equation scanner feature, the app can further help students assimilate how calculations happen on paper.

You can further add more features to your app by studying the other competitors from your niche.

4. Hire a Team to Decide the Tech-Stack and Develop the App

To develop an app with so many features and exceptional results in all aspects, you will need to hire a team with a similarly exceptional skillset. In general, for eLearning app development, you need a team of-

Project Manager
Project Manager
Quality Analysts
Business Analyst
Mobile App Developers
Android/iOS Developers
ui/ux experts
UI/UX Designer
Web Developers
Backend Developers
QA Engineers

You can hire these IT specialists as your in-house team and bring the entire production in your place, or you can outsource a mobile app development company with all these professionals. In the former case, you will need additional capital to arrange for the resources and assets. Besides, this is only useful if you have more future plans for other similar apps. In the rest of the cases, hiring an eLearning app development company is always suggested instead. 

When looking for a team to hire for your app, you can look for some core technologies that have been proven essential for developing successful eLearning mobile apps.

  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Node.js
  • Swagger
  • MySQL
  • Amazon SES
  • Amazon S3
  • OkHttp3
  • Alamofire
  • FCM

5. Develop and Deploy the App’s MVP

Understandably, any app with a considerable number of features cannot be developed overnight. All the varied features can take considerable time when we do not consider dependencies from the start. This is why the ideal thing to do while starting the development of a new app is to create the app’s MVP. 

MVP or Minimum Viable Product is the prototype version of the app that can be deployed as it is for primary use. The features you can include while making an MVP for your Creta Class clone app are-

app features

6. Maintain and Grow the App with Advanced Technologies

After deploying the MVP version of your app, you should start right away to build more standard features for it. Using agile methodology, you can in the future even make scope to add some extra features to it as well. Technologies like AR, VR, and gamification can make your app gain an outstanding brand position-

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence can enhance user experience with bespoke personalization. The inbuilt AI algorithms adjust the pace of the course to better match the users’ learning abilities. The tool can also be used to create live chatbots to help users navigate through the app and resolve common issues by themselves.

Augmented Reality (AR)

With augmented reality, you can help your users use real-life objects to help them learn mathematical concepts better. The users can point the phone’s camera at certain objects, and the AI can create an overlay on top of it showing its count, then the young user can play around to perform their choice of calculation on them. For this, you will need developers experienced in ARCore and ARKit.

Virtual Reality (VR)

If you’re making your eLearning app quite like Creta Class, then using VR tools can enhance the users’ experience considerably. For both recorded and one-on-one coaching sessions, learners can be given access to experience the sessions through their VR devices. For this purpose, you will need developers experienced in VR SDK for both iOS and Android.

Monetization Strategies for Your Creta Class Like Math App

Creta Class is a completely gated app, with all its content hidden behind the paywall. Even for the trial lessons in the app, the user will have to pay certain subscription charges. Now while this is working well for the Creta Class, since it already has a great user base of 50,000 strong, it might not be the case for you. You may want to explore many other areas of monetization to make your app more irresistible for all the new users.


When it comes to education apps, the most popular ones are those that offer their services for free. An app like DuoLingo, for example, has the biggest language learning user base across the globe, and the reason behind this is clear. With its free services, the app is attracting a global audience, even the ones who are not that sincere about learning languages. This is why making your app and some of its services free is the best bet you have to attract the first batches of your potential users. You can still charge for the premium services like one-to-one tutoring or additional concept-building classes.


Advertisement remains the most used method to monetize most apps around the world. These give app owners an easy way to make money through their app while offering all that they have for free. Advertisements, besides, have become so commonplace today that despite their intrusive nature, they are often getting overlooked, and users don't just turn away from an interesting app because of their presence. Of course, you should offer users a special membership account if they wish to opt-out of the advertisement-ridden interface. You should also optimize your app account to only allow the most relevant ads to appear.

Mobile Accessibility
Paid App

If you are a big name in the industry and already have a user base waiting for your app, you can pull off publishing a paid app on the app marketplace. Now, since you’re already charging your users to simply install the app, you should at least offer some, if not all, of services for free. To make your paid app more interesting, you can offer point-to-point personalization to your users by maintaining absolute uniformity on the web counterpart of your app.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like Creta Class? 

Developing an app as user-friendly as Creta Class can become a major investment. This is why you should know what all factors that contribute to your math app development cost.


The foremost factor contributing most to the cost of an app's development is the number and complexity of features. If you want your app to be a simple interface to gain access to the course material saved and organized on the server, its cost will include the API integration and the designing of the interface. However, if your app offers services like personalization, in-built quizzes, and some sort of gamification, then these all will add up to both the development time and the cost.


Developing an app in emerging regions almost always costs you less than doing so in developed nations. The currency difference and availability of skilled resources can bring extreme differences in the overall cost of development.


Generally, projects that are required quicker than their estimated timeline are going to cost you more. The reason being to complete a project this complex in shorter spans of time will require more members to your team who will be working parallelly to complete your project ahead of time. Both the strength of the team and the tools used to make the entire development process more efficient can add up to the final cost.

When you know the major components that help calculate the development cost, you can plan your app’s deployment and features to better fit your budget.



Developing an eLearning app like Creta Class is a complex job. It requires experience and lots of planning. The organization of gated content, the class flow, and the maintenance of user-profiles and referrals are not the tasks that an individual developer can do. Moreover, UX/UI also plays a crucial role when designing an app for young kids. All this calls for a development team that is highly experienced in creating LMS solutions for mobile devices.

We at Matellio have extensive experience developing bespoke mobile apps for kids and comprehensive solutions in eLearning. From the management of courses to reporting, tracking, and personalization, our team possesses both the skills and experience to turn your kids’ math app idea into reality. Simply fill this form and send your basic requirements with the app. Our experts will connect back with you to understand your ideas better, create a project plan and then give you a free quote for it. So, if you’re ready to transform your idea into a thriving eLearning app business, we’re all set to get it done for you!

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