How To Develop A Brain Training App Like Impulse?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

You’re surely aware that your brain can expand, discover new things, and make new neural connections despite the passing of time. This is known as brain plasticity, and it necessitates consistent practice. Homework, studying, and testing aren’t the only things that can help you develop your mind. Apps for brain training can help you stay bright, and they make it fun and simple!  

According to the study, the worldwide Brain Training Apps market was worth US$ 5,891.2 million in 2020 and is forecasted to hit US$ 30,511.9 million by 2028, growing at a CAGR of 23.0% between 2021 and 2028. 

The brain training applications include a variety of activities aimed at enhancing user memory, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. During the projected time frame, increasing smartphone penetration and technological advancements are expected to be the primary factors driving the market growth.  

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Due to the rising market demand, many entrepreneurs and business owners are investing in brain training app development.  

Are you also looking forward to brain training app development? Then, this blog is for you! 

As the top brain training app development company, we’ve listed key insights that you must know to develop a brain training app like Impulse.

Key Takeaways

  • As per the analysis, the global Brain Training Apps market was valued US$ 5,891.2 million in 2020 and is expected to reach US$ 30,511.9 million by 2028, increasing at a CAGR of 23.0% from 2021 to 2028.
  • A number of tasks intended at improving user memory, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking are included in the brain training apps.
  • Due to various industry players, the United States owned a 76.5 percent share of the North American Brain Training Apps market in 2021 and is likely to maintain its supremacy in the future years.
  • Boosters, games, in-app chat, gamification, daily challenges, track habit, and many other are the must-have features of brain training app.

What are Brain Training Apps? 

The brain training applications are aimed to enhance memory, thinking abilities, intellectual functioning, focus, reasoning, and overall intelligence, with the ultimate goal of elevating performance on crucial daily tasks. Scientifically approved exercises are turned into enjoyable games, useful feedback, and extensive information into human cognition in the brain training apps. Scientifically approved exercises are turned into enjoyable games, useful feedback, and extensive insights into human cognition in the brain training apps. For example, Impulse is a popular brain training application with thousands of users worldwide.  

Let’s move forward and discuss, 

What is an Impulse Brain Training App? 

This popular brain training app provides routines based on neuroscience research. This brain-training program includes science-based games that will help you improve your memory, speed, concentration, flexibility, and problem-solving abilities. Top neuroscientists created the activities in the Impulse Brain Trainer App to help gamers enhance their Brain Performance Index (BPI).

This brain training app has games that are designed to increase productivity, self-confidence, and learning capabilities. The games help improve communication skills by focusing on math, elaboration, writing, reading, and listening.

The United States held a 76.5 percent share of the North American Brain Training Apps market in 2021, owing to several market players, and is expected to maintain its dominance in the coming years.

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As you’ve seen the tremendous market demand for brain training apps, now it’s time to check,

What are the Key Features Worth Remembering During Brain Training App Development? 

Well, if you want your custom brain training app development to be a big hit, then you have to offer and include functionalities that others might not have. As the top brain training app development company, below we’ve mentioned some features that you can include in your custom brain training app. So take a look,


This feature consists of small activities that will stimulate both your brain and body during a hard workday. These simple activities come with diagrams and extensive directions to ensure that you do them correctly. You’ll cycle through 11 distinct exercises.


Some games put your memory to the test, while others put your problem-solving and spatial awareness to the test. Each game has numerous levels, so you’ll always be challenged. Although there are just about ten games in this free program, they gradually become tougher and give a challenge so that you won’t be bored.

Push notification
Push Notifications

Individuals often need encouragement when adopting new habits, and meditation is no exception. Push notifications are the greatest option for this. They are less obtrusive than warnings, yet they are heard rapidly. However, whenever it comes to using a smartphone app to remind you of anything, it’s critical not to go overboard. Your users don’t need to be reminded to relax every hour, and too many reminders in the middle of the day will annoy them.


It’s essential to keep active and involved in your life and other people. Schedule events with friends and engage with others, particularly if you are stepped down. The conversation will assist you in remaining attentive and alert.


The app asks you which abilities you want to work on (you may choose all), and then you’ll go through a three-game test to see how well you know them. The tests are unquestionably difficult, and even after several attempts, your test score will be compared to that of other persons your age. 


Users need a central site where they can see their monthly subscriptions, the history of their most recent meditations, and their progress. Make sure gamification components like leaderboards and user accomplishment rewards are easy to find if you’re using them.

Personal Program

After you’ve set up your program, the first thing you should do is take some rapid tests to establish a baseline in each core area. You can do this part for free. As a result, the app will track your performance as you play.

Daily Challenges

This function provides the user with three daily challenges tailored to their performance. Communicating, writing, reading, understanding, and arithmetic are among the skill groups that have been targeted. The games on this user-friendly app increase in difficulty as the players progress, ensuring that they continually learn effectively. By pushing the user to new limitations on a daily basis, the application tries to optimize brain training benefits.

Track Habit

The apps assist users in breaking undesirable behaviors by giving them a tool to track their habits and achieve their objectives. It can feature things like alarms, reminders (that can be modified), and more.

Navigation System

It’s a function that can be found in any software, whether it’s a big EHR system or a simple compassion app. For rapid access, a brain training app menu should include icons for different sorts of meditations, such as sleep, move, or focus.

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How to Develop a Brain Training App from Scratch?

In order to develop the best brain training app like Impulse, you need to take various steps like:

Steps to Develop a Brain Training app

1. Research the Target Audience

While developing an app like Impulse for a specific customer group, applications are industry-specific, and features integration is niche-oriented. As a result, picking the appropriate option in your app is considerably easier for consumers. Before you put your brain training app idea into action, you need to identify who you’re going to build it for. You should know the device usability of your potential users if you know who they are. That entails determining what customers enjoy and don’t like, as well as the kinds of functions they like. You must understand your user base’s potential pitfalls in order to give them a brain training app that provides an amazing user experience.

2. Choose the Right Platform

You must choose the platform on which your app, like Impulse, will be released. Would you like to target iPhone users exclusively, Android users exclusively, or both? When launching your app, it’s best to stick to one platform, as this allows you to evaluate and tweak it to make it more user-friendly across multiple platforms. Your brain training app’s success can be ensured if it’s built on the correct platform.  

3. Select the Appropriate App Name

Your application’s name is critical to ensuring that it is noticed in the market. Software developers who are successful understand that every part of their application must be original, appealing, and inventive. As a result, you must choose a name that is both memorable and catchy. A long name will not appeal to the masses, but a shorter name will pique people’s curiosity. It’s critical to get your app’s name correctly if you want it to succeed in the market. 

4. Create Wireframes

Once you’ve compiled your list of ideas, it’s time to give them structure with wireframes. A wireframe can indeed be thought of as a blueprint for your application. It will show the look and feel of your application as well as its functionality. It will also indeed help you in comprehending the application’s appearance and functionality. App wireframes primarily serve to articulate the concepts for the team members to follow.  

5. Use the Latest and Best Technologies 

Make sure your applications don’t rely on old technologies because the mobile world is rapidly improving. If your brain training app is “outdated,” it means it provides a less satisfying experience than competitors. Make sure to speak with a top mobile app development company in the area that can keep you posted on the latest advances required to make a custom brain training app like Impulse a success.  

6. Try MVP Approach 

The MVP is a prototype of a product that has been produced just enough to fulfill a potential buyer. It usually has a small feature set and a quick time to market. The launch of an MVP will allow you to dig further into the demands in your market. You’ll be able to see what your product has to offer when it comes to competing with the industry leaders; you’ll also be able to identify the ideas that work and should be promoted even more in future releases.  

But, remember, one of the most important aspects of running a successful business is selecting the correct software development company for your MVP. While most software development organizations could potentially take on and complete an MVP project, not every agency can create a solid basis for your project’s future development. 

MATELLIO is proud of its MVP methodology, which has resulted in countless clients’ success.  

7. Test the App

Yet after your mobile app has been released and proven to be successful, you should continue to test it for bugs and malfunctions. You must test the app on a regular basis to guarantee that consumers have no concerns, and you can catch an issue if someone discovers it. That way, your software will continue to develop traction and become a success in the app store.  

As you’ve seen the steps to build a brain training app like Impulse; now it’s time to discuss,  

What is the final Cost to Build a Brain Training App Like Impulse? 

It’s very difficult to estimate the final cost of brain training app development as it depends on numerous factors like:

Simple Steps To Create MVP 
Features and Functionalities
Location of a Hired Mobile App Development Company
Application Complexity
Technologies Used

If you want an in-depth quotation of brain training app development, contact us, experts at MATELLIO would love to quote your project. 

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The demand for brain training app has increased drastically. Therefore, make a plan, perform a lot of business research, start with the foundations, and then implement it before building a successful brain training app like Impulse. You can indeed also hire a mobile app developer or seek the assistance of the top mobile app development company in the United States. If you want, experts at MATELLIO can assist you in custom brain training app development.

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