How To Develop A Lifestyle App Like TimeJot?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

How To Develop A Lifestyle App Like TimeJot

Want to keep track of the major events in your life on a timeline, so you don’t forget anything. Then you must check activity logging apps!

Activity logs are useful for tracking how you spend your time. They assist you in tracking shifts in your vitality, alertness, and effectiveness throughout the day, as well as identifying and eliminating time-consuming tasks so that you may be more productive.

By simply removing or delegating low-value activities, planning advanced work for the time of day when you feel your best, significantly reducing the number of times you swap between kinds of tasks, and shortening the time you spend on personal activities, you ought to be able to increase your effectiveness using time logging apps.

The worldwide online time logging application market was valued at USD 121.56 million in 2020 and is forecasted to hit at a CAGR of 7.86 percent to USD 130.72 million in 2021, reaching USD 191.51 million by 2026.

Looking at the size of the market, one thing is clear that the demand for time logging apps will continue to grow. There’re many apps available in the market to log your time. One of the major ones is Timejot.

Timejot App

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The TimeJot app has a very simple UI that does not overwhelm users with its key functions and is very straightforward to use. Presently, there are thousands of individuals who trust the Timejot app to log their time. Apart from that, the TimeJot app has thousands of downloads on the Play Store.

Today, many entrepreneurs are looking forward to time-tracking app development. If you also want to develop an app like Timejot, now is the right time to enter the market with a custom time logging app.

Remember, developing a time tracking app is not an easy task. There’re many things to consider, from features, tech stack to development steps.

If you are unfamiliar with how to develop a time logging app, this blog is for you.

Key Takeaways

  • The global online time logging application market was assessed at USD 121.56 million in 2020, with a CAGR of 7.86 percent expected to reach USD 130.72 million in 2021, and USD 191.51 million by 2026.
  • TimeJot is an app that allows users to keep track of their daily activities. Users can keep track of anything in their lives that they might want to revisit in the future.
  • Users can configure notifications to notify folks about the event as well. Users can generate alerts to add entries from the notification panel. This is an outstanding feature.
  • Timeline, search, filter, track performance, among many other are the must-have features of time logging app like Timejot.
  • Features, team size, complexity, and many more are the factors affecting the development cost.

What is the Timejot App? 

TimeJot is an application that helps users to keep track of everything that happens in their life. Users may keep track of anything in their life that they may wish to come back to in the near future. You can keep a clean chronology with TimeJot, so you don’t forget anything. Users can build event categories to arrange related events together. For each event entry, users can save thoughts.  

Users can indeed also set up notifications to remind people about the event. From the notification menu, users can create alerts to add entries. This is a fantastic feature to have. Developers have introduced event variables as well as the ability to alter many features of the application for power users. 

Overall, if you’re willing to spend the day writing things down, TimeJot is a great addition to the collection.  

Apps like Timejot helps in: 

  • Activities that aren’t part of your role or that don’t assist you in accomplishing your goals should be eliminated or delegated. 
  • Plan your most difficult duties during the times of day when you have the most energy.  
  • Reduce the number of times you switch from one task to another. 
  • In each event record in Timejot, you can include notes and images. See how high it has been since each entry was created and how long it has been between entries. Among other things, you can search for entries by time frame or notes. 
  • Cut the time you spend on private activities that are acceptable. 

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What are the Key Functionalities to Consider During Developing an App Like Timejot?  

Key functionalities that you need to include in your app like Timejot are:


Users can add remarks and photos to each event record using this feature. With a live count down or count up, you can see the time between entries and since each entry was created. You can search for entries using a date range or notes.


Through this feature, you may set up notifications to remind you of your upcoming events. Adaptive notifications intelligently adjust to your most recent event input and remind you at the appropriate moment. Add entries from the notification with ease.

Widgets and Categories

Beautiful widgets are available in both light and dark backgrounds to help you keep track of your all events on your home screen. The widget makes it simple to add entries. Additionally, group relevant events together so you can quickly locate and change them when needed. Sort events by the most recent entry, the number of entries in the history, or the date they were created.

Search and Filter

This makes searching and filtering your logs within your applications a breeze. The issue is that there are still a lot of log files to sort through. This tool can assist you in arranging your large mountain of logging.

Track Performance

It’s difficult to track performance using manual power. This tool allows you to track your level of engagement with the activities you’re working on, take activity screenshots as needed, and keep track of your working location.

Know Productivity

Knowing how productive teams are is just as important as tracking project progress, and this can be done with a single dashboard and timeline view that shows the number of hours spent and contributions to projects. The number of productive hours sets the tone for the organization’s progress.

Prioritize Your Tasks

If making a to-do list will be the first step toward proper time management, the next step is categorizing your activities. It takes you through the activities in high order, ensuring that the most essential things are completed first. Always emphasize what is most important to you while evaluating your tasks. Determine which tasks and activities are high-value and would have the most impact on you, your work, and your group.

Block time
Block Time

Time blocking is a method of allocating the limited number of hours you have each day to all of the tasks you must complete. Set aside small blocks of time for administrative duties like email, scheduling, and returning phone calls, and longer blocks of time for more complex, in-depth, or analytical work.

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How to Develop an App Like Timejot? 

In order to create an efficient app like Timejot, you need to take the following steps:


1. Do Some Competitive Research

The first step is to perform some research on your competitors and the market in which you operate. You must understand how and why your rivals do what they do. This covers their profitability as well as their marketing tactics.

Developing your strategy requires conducting a thorough competitive study. Using the lessons learned (and paid for) by your forefathers can help you come up to speed quickly. Doing your homework is the greatest approach to assure a successful launch. Individuals prefer to implement apps that serve a specific function. For example, people enjoy using apps that provide information, boost productivity, provide instructions, and allow them to communicate with others. You could also consider your competitor’s app in order to figure out how to improve your own.  

2. Decide App’s Name

This is among of those mobile app development pointers that distinguishes the good designers from the rest of the pack. Every part of a successful mobile app development project must be original, unique, and enticing. The application name is one factor that contributes to the app’s user attractiveness. Of course, a user does not want a name that sounds like a sentence. If the identical app’s name is shortened to a catchy one-word label, more people are likely to download, use, and discuss it.  

3. Choose the Right Platform

Businesses must develop apps for a variety of platforms in order to expand their reach. They will not increase their revenue if they only use one platform, given that each platform has its own pros and drawbacks. For example, while Android has a large user base, iOS is the most popular in the United States and a few other countries. As a result, if your mobile app isn’t available across several platforms, you won’t be able to expand your consumer base.  

4. Test the App

Mobile application testing is no longer a novel concept. Many tried-and-true tools have been created specifically for this purpose. However, testing is still seen as a one-time procedure performed solely before the app’s release. Testing your app on a regular basis is essential for successful mobile app development. This ensures that you detect a bug in your application before your users do.  

5. App Complexity

Designing for the future does not imply that a company should create a complicated app. They must ensure that the app has a simple design, provides a consistent experience, and is incredibly user-friendly. The focus should be on making the app more powerful and quick than the competition. It will provide that distinctness that will set your application apart from the competition, as users not only prefer but also clearly comprehend and understand the differences.  

6. Use MVP Approach

MVP enables companies to cut costs and risks by a factor of ten and, with the correct strategy, come up with a viable company idea. A minimally feasible solution must demonstrate its economic viability. Only if the MVP analysis and testing goals are met rapidly can development speed be prioritized. Creating an MVP will save you money while also providing you with the information you require. As a result, don’t dismiss a good viable product. It will enable you to save both time and money. Many instances have proven to be successful in attracting funding for product development.  

7. Use High-Security Standards

This is the next step in app development, and it’s one of the most significant things your application can also have! 

You can use the following ways to ensure high security for your app!

Encrypted Data Proper encryption of personal data spread across your app’s functionality is a smart idea. Encryption of the local database, cache, or API communication is all good security precautions. 
Verification Make sure the application uses the necessary symmetric keys management and user session authorization—or tokens—to ensure strong authentication. Tokens are frequently assigned to each device and have various session termination times.
Authorized APIs APIs (application programming interfaces) are an important aspect of programming development’s backend. Make sure the APIs you utilize in your application fulfill the platform’s verification requirements.
Regular Testing Above all, make sure you test for breaches on a regular basis. Consistently review your code throughout the development process. Identify any system vulnerabilities before the application officially launches, before an intruder does.

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What is the Cost to Develop an App Like Timejot? 

The cost of developing your new application will be determined by a number of factors, including the size of your team, the resources employed, features and functionalities of your app like Timejot, and other app development overhead expenditures. If you want more information about the cost of building an app like Timejot, contact us.

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Creating an app like Timejot is not only amusing, but it can also be quite profitable. These seven stages will assist you in creating and deploying a successful app. Do you require assistance in bringing your app idea to life or in arranging your own app like the Timejot release? Let Matellio help you!

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