How to Develop a Successful Ambulance Booking App?

Updated on Apr 10th, 2024

Ambulance Booking App Development

In the healthcare industry, modern IT solutions are starting to emerge in a big way.  

As per the research by GrandViewResearch, in 2021, the worldwide healthcare apps market was worth USD 38.2 billion, and it is assumed to grow at a CAGR of 11.8 percent from 2022 to 2030. 

But, guess what? 

Many people nowadays don’t even have access to effective emergency healthcare. 

Whenever a person has a medical emergency that requires immediate attention, they call emergency services. In an emergency, though, calling an ambulance isn’t really that simple. The total time it takes to call an ambulance can have major consequences. 

As a result, the ambulance booking app is an extremely useful solution for engaging with patients in an emergency.

  • As per the research by GrandViewResearch, in 2021, the worldwide healthcare apps market was worth USD 38.2 billion, and it is assumed to grow at a CAGR of 11.8 percent from 2022 to 2030.
  • Some of the benefits of online ambulance booking app are as easily manage ambulance drivers, track & monitor ambulance, update/remove driver’s profile, check vehicle upkeep, manage revenues etc. 

But what exactly is an online ambulance booking app? How does it work? What are its benefits?   

Let’s find out!

Ambulance Booking App: What & How Does It Work?

The ambulance booking app is an innovative solution that allows users to book an ambulance in advance considering the size of the ambulance and the hospital they want to go to, or they can simply reserve an ambulance.  


The user must choose an ambulance size, pick-up spot, and hospital using the online ambulance booking app. In times of emergency, the user will simply specify the pick-up location and destination, and the system will book the closest ambulance and hospitals on their behalf. A message will be sent to the ambulance driver after the booking has been confirmed. Also, the pick-up and drop-off locations can be seen on maps by the ambulance driver.  

Okay, but, 

What are the Benefits of an Online Ambulance Booking App? 

Well, there are numerous benefits of an online ambulance booking app for patients, hospitals, and ambulance drivers. Below, we’ve mentioned just a few of them, so take a look! 

  • Because the patient has reported his issue online, the ambulance will arrive with all of the essential medical equipment. 
  • Doctors will quickly know which instruments to bring with them during delivery to provide high-quality care to patients. 
  • The patient will indeed be able to communicate with the driver and track the ambulance’s location. 
  • Patients can acquire the driver’s profile and contact details right away.
  • Allows for improved time management and higher-quality patient care.
  • The patient can receive prompt and high-quality medical treatments. 

Besides these, if you own an ambulance service or a company that deals with ambulances, you can benefit from the on-demand ambulance booking app in the following ways: 

  • Easily manage ambulance drivers 
  • Track & monitor ambulance
  • Update/Remove driver’s profile
  • Check vehicle upkeep
  • Manage revenues and many more

As you’ve seen, some of the benefits of online ambulance booking app, now, let’s move forward and discuss, 

Features of Ambulance Booking App 

What are the must-have features of the Emergency Ambulance Booking App? 

The top features of the emergency ambulance booking app that you can also consider in your app are:

Book Ambulance

Patients can book ambulance services in two ways using this functionality. If they require ambulance services at a later point in time, they can select the schedule option and proceed by filling out the necessary information. If they need an ambulance right away, they can make the appropriate choice.

Emergency Alerts
Emergency Button

The app must provide an emergency button that is always accessible from the lock screen. When a patient has a medical emergency or any other serious problem, they can simply press this button, and an ambulance will be dispatched to assist them.

Track Ambulance

After booking, the patient can start tracking the ambulance's movements till it arrives. Similarly, the driver can use the tracking device to determine the patient's location.

Set Availability

Ambulance drivers prepared to accept bookings can use this functionality to show their availability. As a result, the online ambulance booking app will search the list of available drivers for the nearest driver to fulfill the booking request as early as possible.

Route Optimizer

It is necessary to maintain track of the timings in ambulance services. An in-app route optimizer functionality guarantees that ambulance drivers are provided with routes that are not congested, which helps them arrive promptly.


This is vital for any application that you stand behind your services; users need to have a sense of trust from you, so they need assurance that the service providers will be there for them if they have any questions, issues, or issues are stranded in some way.

Traffic Tracking
Track Traffic

The most rewarding feature that you can include in your ambulance booking app is the ability to track traffic. This is a functionality that you must have in your custom online ambulance booking application. Through this feature, drivers will be able to track the areas of high traffic.

payment options
Multiple Payment Options

The availability of several payment choices in an ambulance booking application is important. Various types of payment alternatives are preferred by many users. You never know which payout choice will best fit your target audience. So, make sure you have three or more payment options integrated.


The ambulance booking application should provide the option of selecting an ambulance and an estimated arrival time for the user's convenience. Through this feature, from the start, the user will be aware of the key arrival time. It is among the most valuable features that a custom ambulance booking app should have.


Given the agility that other rivals provide, a simple sign-up process is essential. This functionality would allow users to register for the ambulance booking app using their social media accounts or phone numbers. After logging into the ambulance booking application, the user can book an ambulance with a couple of clicks at any point in time.


The admin can check statistics and other information regarding users, drivers, payments, distance, and rides in this section. The administrator should have access to a single platform that houses all the data.

short route
Suggest Short Route

After entering the location, the app will begin displaying the driver and any user who has booked an ambulance the shortest possible route to the nearest hospital.

More features will allow users to get more out of your app. If you want to add more additional functionality to your online ambulance booking app, then contact us!

Moving forward, let’s talk about,  

How to Build an Ambulance Booking App? Key Steps to Follow!

Key steps that you need to consider during ambulance booking app development are


1. Do Market Research 

This step can be broken down into subcomponents in which you discover your potential competitors, assess their applications, and determine their primary strengths and weaknesses. You must also comprehend your possible target audience and be aware of their problems. As a result, healthcare app development will develop a high-end app that is intended to assist. Make a list of the essential and optional features you’d like to see in your custom ambulance booking app.  

2. UI/UX Design 

After you’ve decided which functionality to include in your app, you’ll need to go on to the next phase, designing the application’s UI. You won’t have to be concerned about it if you collaborate with an experienced healthcare app development company. Professional designers will create the finest app design possible for you, depending on your specifications.  

3. Build MVP 

MVP, and it is a strategic strategy that helps you assess the viability of your concept. 

Building a simple but essential feature-rich application would help your idea find traction while also allowing you to collect feedback and suggestions. This requires very little capital and may be built in a concise period of time.  

MVP assists you in gaining a better understanding of the market and the preferences of your target audience. You’ll be able to comprehend how your application operates and its strengths and shortcomings. Also, if they are distinctive and provide exceptional services, you will likely be impressed in terms of product features. 

4. Hire the Best Healthcare App Developers 

The most crucial step in the development of an online ambulance booking app is to hire experts. You must trust the right company to leverage their healthcare technology consulting services. Finding an established team is indeed the best option for entrepreneurs. This not only saves time and enables the product launch to go more smoothly, but it also saves a lot of money in the long run. Also, you will get a plethora of data and invaluable guidance available from specialists.

The Matellio team has over years of experience developing custom healthcare apps for various clients and is ready to take on any task. Our professionals use cutting-edge technology, put in long hours, and come up with innovative solutions.

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How Much will the Development of an Ambulance Booking App Cost in 2022? 

The cost of developing an online ambulance booking app is determined by a variety of criteria, including the number of platforms, types of functionalities, tools/technology used, and the app’s development source. Estimating the ultimate cost of ambulance booking app development before knowing the requirements is completely difficult.  

But, don’t worry!  

You can get a complete quote just by contacting us; experts at Matellio would be happy to quote your project!

Custom Ambulance Booking App  


As the world is turning digital, the healthcare industry is moving in the same direction. We hope the information provided above will assist you in making the best decision possible.  

However, you must have an operational and top-notch application to provide effective healthcare mobile services. To achieve the greatest outcomes, hire skilled and experienced app development services from companies like Matellio.  

We provide unique solutions using the latest technologies and frameworks to help you beat rivals and generate substantial brand equity. 

We have a team of experts of IT Analysts, Developers, UI/UX Designers, QA Analysts, and Testers who will work with you to deliver a high-end solution at every level of the online ambulance booking app development process.

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