How to Develop an App like Dream11?

Updated on May 29th, 2021

How to develop an app like Dream11

Sports unite nations and Cricket is one of the popular game which is considered more than a religion in some countries. From school-going child to an old man, everyone is caught with the fever of cricket in the nations where it is being played. When the multinational tournament takes place, the passion for the sport goes beyond the control. The passion for the sport remains so high in days of the match, that it no longer stays just a sport. It becomes so easy to catch the environment during IPL, teams tours, World cups trophies, etc. The sports betting apps like Dream11 enables you to experience the real game with its important features.

What is Dream11?


Dream11 is a rapidly growing app for fantasy cricket app segment with more than 20 million supporters. The user can bet over fantasy league through iOS/Android and website. Cricket is a multi-billion industry alongside the largest followed game. With the regular promotion of “khelo Dimag Se” by Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the famous cricket star, the game increases the charm among users.

It is a well-known sport in India for its glamorous existence with media, corporate, technology. Apart from this, you cannot deny the presence of betting trends, although it is illegal in India. In the present scenario the scope, popularity, technological innovations have extended it to different countries across the globe and created billions of loyal fan base. The fan base for cricket in India fueled up the investors to invest in apps like dream 11 to enrich them with better user experience. That has come with a digital revolution in fantasy sports app industry and promotion of the rising fantasy cricket app development.

The seed of an idea of Dream 11 was bowed by Harsh Jain, a huge fan of cricket. He launched it so aggressively through online media channels in IPL season 2018 where the promotion was done by star cricket of indian team Mahendra Singh Dhoni” Mahi”. It made the fans so crazy about real-time involvement through a mobile window. The app got success in a very short period of time but also found some competitors like Myteam11, Cricbattle, Play up, etc. If one wants to invest in fantasy cricket app development, then he should stay known of the cost, features, revenue model and business workflow of the app.

An insight over fantasy sports app development

  • According to the report of IFSG-AC Neilson, 67 percent of cricket fans among 180 million are interested in a fantasy sport.
  • Dream 11 has topped the list with 1.8 crore+ users.
  • It users has increased from 2 million to 2 million in just 2 years.
  • 89 percent of the users play fantasy sport at least once a month.
  • User are highly engaged in playing the fantasy sport with an average of 42 minutes per day

The idea is great from a business perspective. According to the business model, as it is adopted nowadays, it would have a wide scope of revenue generation through advertisement, entry fee and brand partnership.

Wipe out the dust for an app like Dream11 

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Let’s start with an important question, why India became the seriously growing market for the fantasy app like Dream11. Dream 11 contributed with the huge figure of 1.8 crores registered users and 900 percent growth in fantasy sports betting industry. The most valuable fact of being a legal platform makes it a great contributor to the trend of online fantasy gaming. In 2018, the statistics showed 8-9 million fantasy cricket app users were engaged with the app during the live IPL matches. IPL 2018 also came up with their own fantasy cricket app development.

Focus area while developing fantasy app

You must keep a layout in mind before focusing on fantasy cricket betting app development.

  • Be specific with the objective: Every mobile app development project work with different given objectives and it finalizes the exact profitability of the venture. It is also the same in case of fantasy cricket development where an investor has got its own set of vision. Now it matters who you are. Being an investor you have to keep the healthy revenue model while for sports brands they are concerned about the engagement of fans and expansion of the business. The fan’s engagement is a supreme motive for sports media instead of promoting its brands as iGaming does.
  • Research for fantasy cricket app development: The research analysis plays an important part in the speedy growth of every sport in the country. For a clear picture of the growth prospects of your apps like Dream11, you cannot ignore the research-based facts. It helps you in achieving long term goals.
  • Planning is essential before Investment: It is a significant factor to be decided before investing in fantasy cricket betting app development. One should plan one’s investment with a specific segment of the market, a planned budget, niche and prepare the integrated feature list with proposed deadlines.
  • Fantasy game app for every sport: The fantasy sports is the wireframe which can fit onto every sport following some special rule of the game. It enhances the scope and users experience for their game. What you have to do is to prepare the famous leagues in your targeted region once you have made your mind to go with fantasy cricket development.
  • Focus over the unique selling price (USP): Every venture runs on the uniqueness it follows. The uniqueness of your idea or feature distinguishes you from others where USP makes the app popular and binds the fans with it. The comparative analysis should place you in a condition where your product comes with ecstatic features and identity.
  • Other both platforms: One should not rely upon one platform. The web and mobile platform both are equally important. It is now imperative to consider a heavy expenditure on mobile apps due to its increased use. It has been a second priority after cloth for every person. So mobile interface with an elegant design and its smooth functionality gives an upper hand to your venture for an app like Dream11.
  • Pre-define the rules: It is decided as per your engagement with targeted sport. The rules of the game and the format of the game must be defined to the user prior to avoid intricacies later.

The app should be so interesting as a real-time experience for engagement of users with sports. The users can win money in Dream11 through participating in practice contests, free seasons and contests. Dream11 also includes Football, NBA, and Pro kabbadi that make sports enthusiasts enjoy their fantasy game.

Fantasy sports app features 

The sports fantasy app consists of two panels:

  • User panel
  • Admin panel

A user panel is a panel which user see while opening an app. It contains the login or registration page, information of running a contest, joined the contest, home screen, payment area, start contest page and dashboard. Settings are also given with little choice variation.

Home screen: The users find the home screen after login. They can filter their search by interested sport, match, match lifting, name of tournament and timings of the match. After selecting their choice, they will be redirected to the desired section.

Contest: It enables the user to view the contests, entry fee of the contest, team counts and winning amount. The user can view the details of the contest for a match.

Join contest/payment: Users can join the contest after paying their respective entry fee.

Dashboard:  Here, a user can view and make changes in the information of their profile. It includes account details, reward points, winning amount, invites, earnings, and ranking. An admin section includes a dashboard, login area of admin, user management area, reward management section, match management section, report management section, cash, and bonus management section, earning and CMS page.

Extra features of Dream11

The integration of additional features makes sports apps like Dream11 more engaging and amazing. It cuts down the work with speedy and efficient performance. The customization aimed for the clients makes the cricket betting app more targeted, managed and comfortable for users. Some additional features are as follows:

  • Live Score: It is a prime feature for every sports app to offer live score streaming. The user is able to see the live scores of matches, highlights of games, expert analytics, and videos.
  • Live Score Integration: It makes data easy to use for fantasy sports app developer through an API.
  •  CRM integration: It provides assistance in a push notification, tickets management,emails, and relevant features. It is available for a service provider.
  • Mail reminder system: The integration of the mail reminder system gives the email reminder of the upcoming matches, team and player information.
  • Push notification: It gives an alert to the customer for the time to design a team and other related notifications.
  • Real-time reports and analytics: Real-time metrics are stored and updates the live match information.
  • GPS location tracking: Integration of advanced technologies provides rich UX and it makes them so distinct from others. The unique selling point is the most important thing that needs to be considered important in fighting with the competition. It is a fact that your user base solidified if the USP is stronger.
  • Chatbot integration: It can be successfully integrated with any sport. The mobile development service providers are expertise in API integration and chatbot development.


The app Dream 11 is a platform of fantasy cricket which offers the free or paid contest for the cricket lovers. Cricket is always followed by a million of fans so keeping them interested with the thrill and enthusiasm is not an easy task. On the other hand, sometimes it becomes quite hard to calculate the exact figure of revenue with the complicated app. Among the millions of fantasy cricket teams playing leagues, it is easy to calculate the revenue of the fantasy cricket app by the number of the given contest, number of entries, the amount for every contest. (Every day 20-30 contest and 15-17 high values contest with the winning amount between $75 and $45000 are launched by fantasy sports app developer.) Dream 11 maintains the zeal and spirit of other sports like football and NBA  through customized own team management, contest, etc. The model of fantasy sports app can be implemented to other sports as well with minor changes and relevant game variations.

How to develop an app like Dream11?

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