How to Develop an App with AI at Minimal Cost?

Updated on Apr 23rd, 2021

How Develop an App with AI at Minimal Cost

Leaving behind the importance of bricks and mortars behind, no the apps are becoming the replacement of stores. Business holders are now managing their business while sitting on the couch and holding the smartphone device at their hands. The daily lives are catching the pace with smartphones and here too AI has gained the immense power with its inclusion in daily tasks. Every single step we take is affected by AI and the impression it makes is manifested with the convenience that users enjoy. Today, every single app is powered with AI and companies are looking for developing the app which concretes the advanced technology and offers the most prevalent product.

What is AI?

AI known as artificial intelligence is termed for making the machine capable of doing the tasks that the human mind does. For enabling the systems to behave as human, machine learning is used, which works behind the scene and makes the peripheral to follow the instructions based upon the fed data and pre-defined algorithms. The algorithms are designed in a way to resemble the generalized human experience and intuitive capabilities, which emphasizes saving the time from being engaged in trivial tasks.

AI is a very profound and deep branch of computer science which imitate human behavior. Whenever we talk about AI, ML itself comes into scene and understanding the power of AI and ML is not easy to understand in this short para. However it is an imperative task to go through the power of AI and ML. AI enables a machine to imitate human behavior. The objective is to render machine the same level of intelligence, and articulation as human. Artificial Intelligence involves the data science which assists in collecting and understanding the data and applying the intelligence traits, where the machine learning comes into the scene.

Machine Learning is the pillar for AI which trains the programs and makes powerful enough to make decisions. The programs are fed with a huge amount of data, which is then processed with the help of algorithms.

In fact, AI is not as hype as it seems first to the non-technical person. For a long time, there has been a huge R&D over artificial intelligence and almost every single home appliance we use makes the better utilization of AI. It has become a hot topics in the last decade because of the availability of tools and hardware to perform the action and give a credible output.

Spreading it to a larger scale, the fitness app and other health tracking apps are making our live comfy while introducing use with the easy life. The Voice recognition system is now not just limited to Google, Alexa has revolutionized the market and made our home appliances follow our instructions with our voice. The list is too long and therefore to understand the impact of AI on mobile lest take a look at a few market stats.  

Few Insights : (Stats)

Artificial Intelligence

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How AI is powering the mobile application?

Artificial Intelligence encompasses few subfields, which includes Machine learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Robotics, and General Intelligence. Let’s take a look at how AI is influencing the mobile application and making it a more powerful device for human. }

Offering personalized content: Offering personalized content is a crucial marketing step for any business. The businesses are leaving no stone unturned in reading the user’s behavior and sentiment. The marketing department of the companies are pitching the customers with the data of their searches and social media behavior and this is possible only with the AI. The deep observation of the client’s decisions is embedded into the algorithms for getting the insight and trends of the market to make personalized marketing strategies for a particular chunk of divided customer data.

Here Machine learning plays a very assistive role, where it filters the large chunks of data and output the clever resolution. This way businesses can dissect the user tendency to opt for the things and figure out the probable choices depending over the past shopping experiences. Offering the personalized products and services is the most crucial and important steps for any business and AI helps by allowing to focus on the targeted audience as per the location, inclination, behavioral patterns, and cultural changes. The personalization increases brand recognition and drives revenue.

Increased productivity: AI increases the ability of application and it more productive. The most innovative Microsoft 365 is the best example, how users are leveraging the AI for easing the tasks and make them too quick. Streamlining the business process has become too easy with Microsoft 365 where the email responses have brought the revolution. Down the line, Delve encourages users to slice the unmanaged data and scan the most important one out of them. There are several more likely tools which have powered mobile apps too.

Internet of Things:  Alexa has created a huge revolution, all is the result of AI. The mobile application is infiltrating our daily lifestyles and pushing us towards the world where the tasks would require the least human endeavor. You simply need to utter a few common commands and the smart home devices start working. In a similar fashion, the healthcare apps also use cognitive technology and keep track of our activity ever minute, This way these mobile apps, tracks our sleeping routine and recommends the healthy lifestyle.

The best example of apps pushing the IOT in our daily lives is Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Cortana etc. Siri changes the voice into content whereas Google Assistant recommends the options as per the history.

Reasoning abilities: Problem-solving requires reasoning capabilities, which is highly used in critical application and market predictions. Business trends change as per the global market and therefore, it is essential for discovering the probable trends in advance and plan out the strategies beforehand. The GPS navigation apps are using AI in finding the shortest routes and checking the traffic conditions to reach the destination asap.

Image recognition systems: There has been great work going over the image recognition technology for enabling the superhuman capabilities for the machine. The digital images are being used in utilizing the maladies, identify vehicle license plates and recognizing the faces. ALongside, the digital payment transfer machines are using IR   for recognizing the QR code. Mobile apps are also with the finger sensor and face recognition technologies which were once limited just to the forensic personnel.

Mobile App Development

Tips for reducing the cost of mobile app with Artificial Intelligence

The talk of cheap development in the fast pacing world seems like a true joke. Yes, it might be a joke for you, but actually, it works. The AI app helps in a way to make the existing application capable of saving a huge amount of time and money, which itself entitles for the increased revenue. AI enables organizations to expand with very less effort over trivial tasks A survey of .1600 executives pointed to the power of AI to be more than the cost-cutting machine and replacement of employees. In fact, it empowers the employees to make more mature decisions and work with the powerful tools driving the great force for marketing and other productive tasks. The time-saving influences the performance of employees in a positive way and results in revenue generation through more acute strategies and pervasive efforts that work globally as per the personalized strategies for customers. However, for reducing the cost of AI development, here are a few important tips:

Document the requirements: The difference between a good product and a great product is perfect for very minute detailing. When it comes to development, the smallest details creates a wonderful difference. You want to develop a mobile app, there it is essential to document the detail and explaining the developer, your objective. The verbal explanation is easy but not sufficient. You must structure the application requirement and give a rough estimate for your desired product to the development team. This way the development team can decide where to use the AI tool and where it is necessary to integrate the AI APIs.  

Plus, segregate the features into two columns, “Must have” and “Good to have”. This way you can eliminate the features which are not useful for the core functionality, thus reducing the cost.

Outsourcing: Setting up the infrastructure, managing the development team and accessing the global talent pool is not an easy task for the non-technical companies. Therefore, outsourcing app development tasks is a savage for non-technical companies. In addition to cost-saving, it cuts the overhead of additional tasks and saves time.

MVP releases: The best method to save costs and check the validity of the product is MVP. The minimum viable product (MVP) is the way to introduce the product in multiple versions. This way the businesses keep the check over the feedback of the products and keep revising the product. The multiple launches reduce the one time cost and risk of losing the investment.

How Matellio can assist you?

The influence of AI on mobile apps has spurred the industry to newer heights. Now, hardly any app works without the part of AI in it. Therefore, companies are investing a huge amount in building powerful applications. If you are looking for building the AI enable mobile application, it is must to partner with a credible mobile application development company like Matellio. It has experienced development team which works over every minute details for making the perfect and productive application. An AI app can really create a significant difference in your business.


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