How to Develop an Event Venue Booking App Like Peerspace?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

event venue booking app development

Finding a perfect venue these days with all necessary amenities is like finding a needle in the stack of hay. You can try the old-fashioned way of calling the broker, but the venues always lack something; either you have to settle for less or let it go and keep the hunt alive. Since Airbnb came into existence, the idea of renting places on a decent charge came to light, and people appreciated the same. With growing technologies and ideas, now you can rent any venue that perfectly fits your requirements, just with a click with the help of event venue booking apps.

The demand for these peer-to-peer booking apps skyrocketed with their launch as they delivered the features designed to fit their users’ needs. A rapid increase in demand led to an increase in booking app developments, and new apps were launched in the market with extended features and functions. The global market valuation of booking apps is relatively high as compared to other apps of the genre. If you want to develop an event venue booking app like Peerspace and start your venue booking business, we have got every detail you will need. Let’s start with a brief introduction to the most trending event booking app; Peerspace.

What is Peerspace App?    

Peerspace can be best described as an online peer-to-peer platform for booking venues for various kinds of events. The app’s concept is based on finding the best venues across the country that have all the amenities as per the nature of the event. The app was launched in the year 2014 by Rony Chammas and Matt Bendett. The app has a simple operation process, it acts as a marketplace for venues, and any business or any individual can list their venue for people to rent.

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Let’s understand it with an example, say you have a property that can host a corporate event and has a capacity of 2oo people. You just have to enlist the property on the app with all the necessary details. The businesses or individuals with the exact requirements for organizing an event will contact you and book the venue from you. Yes, it’s as simple as that; no hassle booking.

There are various renting models available on the platform; it allows you to rent a place for a shorter or longer period of time. For shorter renting hours, the users are generally charged by the hour. However, it is not mandatory that the space would only be used for a business event; you can organize a variety of things there; once you rent a place, the platform delivers you a license that has all the list of events that can be organized at that venue legally.

Market Opinion and Benefits of Event Venue Booking App Development    

Since the internet penetration rate increased all around the world, people are aware of the things that technology can do for them, which also includes booking a venue online. These apps offer a wide range of options and various filters to find a perfect venue, significantly enhancing the popularity and number of downloads on the App store. The global market of the booking app genre stood at a valuation of 175.8 million US dollars in the year 2017. It has been projected by various market companies that it will cross the valuation of 194.3 million US dollars by the year 2025; that’s a CAGR of 14.4 percent. If you are thinking of investing in an event venue booking app development, this may be the right time.

Apart from an impressive financial portfolio, booking app development has many advantages that contribute to its popularity. Here are some of the benefits of booking app development.

1. 24×7 Availability:   

When you invest in an application or software, your business is open for customers round the clock. It simply means more business; customers love those businesses that are available for them anytime.

2. Easy Payments:  

When dealing online, you don’t have to worry about the payments; users will pay online, unlike traditional methods, where you have to keep showing the venue to the other customers even after getting a verbal confirmation. Even if the online venue booking is cancelled, you still get the cancellation charge.

3. Fewer Questions:   

Unlike the earlier day, you don’t have to keep answering questions of the customers to give details about various venues. Now you can simply integrate a chatbot in your booking app that will answer the questions of the users 24×7.

4. Sell Add-ons:  

With booking apps, you don’t have to worry about the booking of your venues. Instead, you can focus all your time on maximizing the profit; you can sell ad-on services with venue bookings.

5. Intelligent Insights:   

With a robust event venue booking app, you get to analyze the performance of the business and get valuable insights to increase the overall performance in terms of revenues and user counts.

Development Process of An Event Venue Booking App like Peerspace    

When developing a peer-to-peer marketplace for event venues, you need to take into account the expectations of both the parties; the renter and the venue owner. Peerspace has gathered a huge crowd as its user base by delivering some essential and advanced features that help users in booking event venues smoothly. You can easily develop a booking app just like Peerspace. Fo this you must have a little result-oriented planning and a reliable app development company by your side. The development timeline for mobile app development is quite simple than you think. Gather the facts, plan your way, and you are good to go.

Market Research     

Any app development process, regardless of the genre, starts with in-depth research of the market for various facts that help in curating a perfect blueprint for the overall process. You have to know about the market trends and other facts about your genre to curate a successful marketing strategy to make your app popular. Finding the competitors should be a priority; find out their business strategy and the features delivered in their app. While you are at it, find out the technology their platform uses.

Your major focus for this research should be the target users, understand their expectations from a new event venue booking app. Fulfilling their expectations will take your app a lot further in terms of revenues. Now, you can either perform this research by yourself or outsource the task to a marketing company that excels in the same. However, some marketing websites on the web can offer you a great deal and a ton of useful insights about a particular genre.

Creating a Plan     

The most important step after the research part is making a plan. It can be extremely beneficial because you will have a clear idea about the processes to complete and other factors associated with the app, such as budget, team requirements, and much more. Creating a plan with lots of intelligent insights becomes extremely easy. You have all the data from that market research; join the dots and form a plan which makes your app stand out from the crowd. There are a number of factors to plan in the mobile app development process, such as features, tech stack, and more.

Event Venue Booking App Features

Features to Consider     

Features are an important part of any app, especially when it involves renting event venues. Users want to receive their desired services in the shortest time possible. Integrate a set of features that reflects the values of the app. Peerspace app has a minimalistic design, but it delivers various useful features related to the advertised service on the platform. Here are some of the important features, apart from the common features such as signup, account, etc., that should be considered while developing a booking app.

Renter Panel Features    
  • Booking History: Allow users to check their past venue bookings on the app.
  • Advanced Search: Allows users to search for the perfect venue for their event as per the type of the event.
  • Filters: Allow users to filter the venues based on various parameters such as location, area, rent, property type, and much more.
  • Chat/Call: Allow users to connect with the customer service or the owner of the venue in case of any issue.
  • Venue Booking: Allow users to select the venue of their choice and book it at their convenience.
  • Concierge Service: Allow users to guide through the process in case of any issue and file complaints.
  • In-built Payments: Allow users to pay the booking amount or the full amount while finalizing a venue.
Venue Owner’s Panel Features    
  • List Amenities: Allow property owners to list out the amenities that come with the venue when someone books the same.
  • Listing: Allow venue owners to list their properties on the platform along with photos and a list of amenities for better conversion.
  • Allowed Activities: Allow property owners to enlist the activities for which their venue can be used.
  • Analytics: Allow the venue owners to find out the performance of a particular venue.
  • Chat/call: Allow owners to consult the users or the customer service in case of any issue.
Admin Panel Features    
  • Manage Booking: Allow admins to match the booking guidelines with the user’s requirements and accept or decline the booking. On the other hand, it also allows them to accept or decline the approval for a particular venue listing.
  • Analytics: Allow admins to get the exact status of the business performance and promote venues that are more in demand.
  • Manage Users: Allow admins to add/delete users on the platform.

Tech Stack to consider     

If you want your app to perform extremely well and deliver a soothing browsing experience to the users, then a robust tech stack is mandatory. A booking app like Peerspace has a simple tech stack that helps it in delivering a flawless performance. Here are some technologies that should be considered while developing an event venue booking app.

For Application and Data

  • js
  • React
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Bootstrap
  • Clojure

For Utilities

  • Google Analytics
  • Elasticsearch
  • Mixpanel
  • Mandrill
  • Segment
  • KISSmetrics

For DevOps

  • Docker
  • Bugsnag

For Business Tools

  • G Suite

Design and Testing     

The last and most important phase of any development process is design and testing. Your app should not complicate its generic task by confusing users in a complex design. Always go for a minimalistic design with a dual-color pattern. It has been finding in a study that users are more attracted to apps that have fewer colors on them. For instance, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You will need a team of mobile app developers with significant skills. Ask your app designer to curate a design that matches your values and awe the users at the same time.

The next step is testing; always test your project before rolling it out to the public; it’s the golden rule of the mobile app development process. Hire a team of a proficient development team that should consist of a project manager, developers, UI/UX designer, QA, testing engineers, and business analyst. Ask the testers to follow the best industrial practices to test your app to get rid of all the errors and bugs. Once you have eliminated all the errors, your booking app is ready to launch.

event venue booking app

Ready to Develop Your Event Venue Booking App?    

When you are planning an event, there are a ton of things to take care of; event venue booking apps take off the venue finding task off the list. People across the country are using these apps and are finding it quite useful as it delivers a solution to a major problem. It has benefitted users from all sectors, corporates, health workers, artists, etc. The booking app for venues has a promising future as many property owners realize its value and are preparing their properties to list on these platforms. If you are ready to get ahead of the competition by developing a robust booking app, we have the perfect solution for you.

The team of proficient developers and experts at Matellio have developed several event venues booking apps with excellent ratings and reviews in the market. Our highly skilled team consists of experienced personnel with a zeal to create something unique and robust. Talk to our experts about your new idea over a 30-min free consultation call. Fill the form now!

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