How to Develop Apps like Soundcloud ?

Updated on Dec 18th, 2023

With the incessant growth and compatible ecosystem of the mobile industry, lionized every trend in different categories. Some apps experience increase in their potential user base and the rest lost their existing audience. Today every mobile app development company toils to influence the user experience through developing different mobile applications. Here, they adroitly form space in your device through Soundcloud, music streaming apps. It provides an aesthetic mobile user experience listening to music and defines its fundamental objectivity for the user.

What is SoundCloud? How does it work?

SoundCloud is a comprehensive mobile application that streamlines the entire process of sound recording and uploading, where they can be stored online. Once a user signs up, it makes him eligible to upload their sounds and the only equipment they require a mobile device with an enabled microphone. Users can seamlessly categorize their created sounds by specifying the type of sound effect, work in progress, spoken, live, loop, remix, original, etc, by indicating the genre, adding tags and uploading a corresponding image. Furthermore, Sounds can be organized into setlists, and marked as public or private, and are represented by visual waveforms. If a listener likes to respond to a sound, they can ‘like’ or share the sound on various social media platforms. They can also click on an exact point in the sound where they want to leave a comment. So, when anyone listens to a sound, the comment would pop up at a specific point in the waveform where each comment was left.

How to make apps like Soundcloud?

Undoubtedly, software development has never been a straightforward task and requires a consistent and motivated contribution until the end. The development of prominent mobile apps like YouTube,  Vimeo,  daily motion, etc proves the gradual process of app development. Ideally, Soundcloud app also offers a convenient design and better user experience, that eventually interprets a need to understand it’s integrated features:

  • Personal Account

    Similar to other music streaming app, the user can easily log in or sign up through their social media accounts or email ID. In other words, the foremost step to allow the user to keep their musical experience enriched is to allow them easy access to the app by eliminating gratuitous taps. So you should also reckon the users’ convenience to create their readiness for login.

  • Online and Offline Listening

    The cherished and bolstered up mobile app development makes it possible for every mobile app development company to develop remarkable apps. Today, modern streaming technologies offer users to listen to music both online and offline with no performance deterioration. It becomes an undetachable feature of contemporary music streaming apps, so before diving in for apps like sound cloud, jot it down to inbuilt in your app.

  • Content Search and Filter

    Once the user logged in, the key feature that accelerates the entire functioning is the search and filter functionality.  The search bar and filter option enable them to search the specific artists, tracks, and albums they want to listen. Since it makes it so convenient for the user to either search their specific artist, song, etc or add filter like popularity, genre, etc, you need to inbuilt that essential feature in your app.

  • Playlists: Create, Rearrange, Share

    Usually, the people possess their love for some songs and they want to listen to the same music over and over. So, the Soundcloud provides a custom playlist where they can listen and rearrange to their favorite music and able to share it. The users can publish or share their custom playlists among their beloved ones. More importantly, the playlist sharing option would optimize its role as a content booster for your app. It allows user-made material to the app, which weighs more value than machine-generated ones.

  • Audio Feed

    Sometimes,  users get narked with their music and explore a new genre or artist to revitalize their listening experience. Soundcloud apps suggest music or some artists that the user might like and that vanishes off the unwanted vacuum between their music and app. So you should develop a robust recommendation system that frequently offers more similar music or artists as in case of apps like YouTube,  to what they are currently listening to.

  • Similar Tracks

    It provides automatic streaming of similar tracks once their playlist stops. It’s one of the most effective features that stands you alone amongst other competitive platforms. Furthermore, the adroit music streaming app development would possibly mitigate the inconvenience and probability of losing potential users. So the app comprising “similar track” function will make them feel pleased and able to discover new music within the app.

  • Follow Artists and Friends

    The user can easily follow their favorite artist or friends music using Sound cloud platform. They visit their feed page to know what’s new and from there, they can instantaneously follow or like their relevant interest. Furthermore,  it simplifies the users content discovery and offers similar like music, artist, gender, etc to the user. It would be an indisputable benefit due to the advancement in current mobile technologies. So, in the current scenario, it is mandatory to make the users free to follow their interests in music streaming apps.

  • Event Calendar

    The best way to surmount probabilities of detachments, event calendar ensures an opportunity to remain social. The continuous update over the discussion board will intimate users to leave comments and communicate in your application. Moreover, it would be incredible for artists to mark dates in the calendar and invites audience coverage. It increases the ideal user base and viability of your app with enriched listening to the music experience.

Why Matellio is a credible partner?

Since one can’t uproot the fact that developing an app similar to the sound cloud for business requires appropriate music streaming app development company. The app needs to be integrated with complicated components to stay upbeat and complete with the existing apps in the market. For the successful app, you need to partner with a reliable and experienced development company. Matellio ensures the fast response over the service requests and the same promptness is followed in the app development. The team of a full-stack developer in Matellio is capable to handle any level of a project which is why it is considered among the best mobile development company.

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