How to develop apps like UberEats?

Updated on Dec 15th, 2023

How to develop an app like UberEats?

Today people are so busy in their working schedule, sometimes they don’t even find a time to even change it. They prefer services which are convenient and economical for them. So, in reality, it’s a need of the time that they must have freedom of choice, adaptable services with less complexity. Now suppose you have been watching a football match, too excited about that last goal and don’t want to leave your couch even for a second. On the next second, you wish your favorite food and with just at the touch of a button it is delivered to you. Here an ideal service of food delivery comes as Uber Eats.

After founding Uber in 2009 their founder launched the uber FRESH service in 2014 in Santa Monica, California which was renamed in 2015 as UberEats. Now the uberEats possess its presence in more than 70 cities across 24 countries. What’s exciting about this is that UberEats is constantly growing at a rapid rate which is shown by its unique users.

How Uber Started?

At the initial stage, the service was available for a time slot for lunch with a different meal on each day and refreshed every week. It offered on-demand delivery to your home or office. It connected local restaurants and food to the customer.UberEats has delivered even toothpaste and cold medicine as a pilot project. According to data it is noted that 20 percent of the population uses Food delivery app once in a week

How Uber Eat works?

Uber offers you to order your meal online and get it delivered at your doorstep. It shows the menu of partnered restaurants, local food vendors, etc. After placing your order they pick up the food from there and delivers it to your place. The whole process remains cashless because all payment is made through also provides delivery for a restaurant who don’t have their own delivery system. UberEats works on dual role: UberEats works as an aggregator and as a delivery agent. On one hand, it offers the traditional food delivery models like other apps, while on another hand, it also provides the delivery service for restaurant who don’t have their own driver.

What is UberEats Food delivery model?

UberEats chose food delivery platform with the logistic support system. It supported the partnered local restaurants with logistics support with heaps of benefits. They make them free from scheduling timely delivery, maintaining delivery personnel, arranging Delivery vehicles, etc. It offered logistics service for those small restaurants who do not have their resources for the delivery system.

UberEats features

Tailored recommendation: Once you logged in it makes you able to see popular restaurants in a particular category of your area. Apart from this, it shows the recommendation based on your last ordered food. It provides you nearby restaurants by tracking your GPS location, the user can easily find what they want.

Filtering your order: It allows you to filter your items in order from selected restaurants. At the same time, the feature of filtering restaurants by their food price, dietary, time makes it so easy for the user to get dish information and right food at delivery. As a result, a user has what they desire it so specifically.

Customization of delivery: After ordering food the order will be delivered to your desired location. Need not to be bothered about the place of delivery, you can customize it easily. No matter where you are either in a mall, school, office, entertainment park, etc you will be delivered your order. A user can also give some specific instructions about location or delivery.

Tracking of order: It’s quite interesting to note that now you can track your order where it is and how much time it will take? You can track every step of your order or in other words, you are able to get real-time information about your order. The whole process from preparation to delivery can be tracked through GPS.

Order Scheduling: It makes you able to get your order delivered at your convenience. The User can schedule the delivery of an  order at any time.The time of delivery is scheduled by user even its an order for a day after tomorrow.

Referral Code: The user gets a referral code for their account and invite a new user through that code.Every new user who signs up through your referral code will get rs50 off on their first 3 orders and you will also get a discount on your orders.

App version as per the requirement:

The special thing about the food delivery app development is that you have to build few different version as per the requirements of the company: It plays three different roles through three different interfaces of the app to well collaborate the process.

Consumer Version: This version is available to download for Consumers where they can order foods and check the menu. It has the following features:

  • User Login: The signing up of customer makes an important foundation of a meaningful bond.It enables him to create a username, password and to add payment source. Moreover, the user can add their profile photo, food preferences, favorites etc. The login can be through social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Searching restaurant: The user is offered data of recommended or opted restaurants so that they order their food. By locating restaurant nearby, it makes user able to access to information about deals, prices, meals etc.they can filter their choices through locality, names or dishes.
  • Order Placing: The User can add, remove or edit their desired dishes to their delivery cart with a  summary before finalizing the order also with an option of cancel. The order can be canceled anytime if the user wants to skip his order or something goes wrong.
  • Payment: Now it comes to the actual business where orders get paid. The payment gateway offers the user to pay for their finalized order. It’s an important aspect which requires safety and hassle-free processing.
  • Tracking the Order: The user can’t wait in the anxiety of guessing where it would be, after finalizing the order. It allows them to track their order from restaurant to their location whether its park, office, home or even crossroad of your street.
  • Review: It’s a place where the user reviews or comments about their experience. It might be about the timely delivery of food or too salty food. They can rate the restaurant, their dishes, and the delivery personnel. This way app also works as a food delivery guide.

App for Delivery Personnel:

  • Profile registration: The delivery person needs to register themselves by their version of app. It may be done through email address, mobile number or social media account. It is required to fill some additional information for proper functioning. The option of password recovery is also enabled.
  • Order management: IT allows them access to the information like order size, pick up location and drop locations, etc. The delivery personnel can approve or disapprove the request for delivery.
  • Real-time information: The delivery personnel can update their status about accepted order. It may be approved or disapproved, order picked or order delivered.

Partner restaurant :

  • Registration: The partnered restaurant needs to register themselves by using an email address or contact number and create a password. They get access to the admin panel and becomes able to manage the whole process from receiving the order to delivering it. It enables them to manage changes in the information about a restaurant like the price of meals, dishes, discounts, etc.
  • Content Management: It gives them access to update information about the name of the restaurant, contact, time, contact, etc. They can also add or update photos of restaurant or dishes. The changes in the price of dishes, or descriptions are also possible.
  • Order Management: The partnered restaurant can view their detailed order and update the consumers about its approval or disapproval. They become ready to manage this leg of the process so actively.
  • Payment: Once the consumer confirms the delivery of order the payment is released to the restaurant. The fairly secure payment gateway makes the app more reliable which you must pay attention over while developing an app like UberEats.

How does Food delivery app Uber Eats make money?

The ecosystem of Uber Eats works on 3 sided marketplace business. The information given below shows the flow of revenue in the ecosystem of Uber Eats:

  • It charges a standard delivery fee from the customer. The delivery fee is not related to the value of order but it varies according to the market condition. It may charge between $1 to $5 for order delivery from the customer.
  • It takes way 15% to 40% from partnered restaurant on every order. It’s a recurring revenue model where UberEats determines the rate of commission according to the nature of the market.
  • It also offers paid advertising and marketing facilities to their partnered restaurants through brand campaigns, email marketing, and social marketing.

Let’s build something great together!

Cross Update:

Recently, Apple announced Apple Pay for Uber and UberEats. Previously, Uber has integrated Venmo into their app which around 6 million payment were registered. The specialty of this app is, that you can use Venmo when you want to share the ride cost and food cost separately among the friends

Wrapping up the discussion:

The online food delivery app development is too popular nowadays and going great guns. For achieving the higher success ration like UberEats, GrubHub etc, you need to go through the market and do some thorough research. Above, we have tried to share an idea of how the app works and its components. The revenue model of the app must be solid and should not contain any loopholes for users. Additionally, first, you need to put preference to the food which is ordered most. The market has great opportunities and it is always open, Have a great fly.

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