Empowering Intelligent Solutions through Rock-solid IoT Application Development
Empowering Intelligent Solutions through Rock-solid IoT Application Development
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IoT App Development Services

Board Prototyping

Matellio holds extensive e xpertise in using third-party IoT boards enabling them to build a prototype for your next IoT project swiftly. We utilize microcontroller-based boards, system o n chipboards, and single-board computers to foster rapid IoT prototype building. These prototypes have the potential to support various network interfaces including Wi-Fi, cellular, and Ethernet and offer highly protected device interaction through advanced APIs and secure gateways.

Platform Prototyping

Team Matellio uses third party preconfigured platforms for integration in your existing business systems . Our open and flexible solutions help you interact devices and prototypes through the advanced platform prototyping to accelerate the IoT project development. While eliminating TCO, these prototypes enable you to get the best out of your data and process and put them to use for your growth.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

  • Programming for IoT devices
  • Customising legacy IoT apps
  • UI/UX design for IoT applications
  • IoT mobile app development
  • Creating smart device networks
  • Gateway development for IoT network
  • Applications to connect cloud and IoT devices
  • Backend solutions for IoT architecture
Our Expertise

Predix is General Electric's software platform for the collection and analysis of data from industrial machines. Predix provides an ideal way for the devices, data, and users to interact. It fosters some of the innovative industrial-scale analytics for asset performance management (APM) and operation optimization. HPE application developed at Matellio can collect data from various sensors installed in different portions of industrial machinery and display it over a web/ mobile interface. The edge part installed on the machine collected the real-time data and pushed it to the Predix cloud.

A Siemens product, Mindsphere is a cloud-based, open operating system for IoT. It connects to your product, systems, and machines to help you harness the potential of data generate by IoT using state-of-the-art analytics. It utilizes Siemens’ open platform-as-a-service (PaaS) capabilities and AWS cloud services to deliver a wide array of connectivity protocol choices, industry applications, and a top-notch development environment. Mindsphere allows you to associate real things with the digital world by enabling advanced industrial applications that have the potential to augment business growth.

At Matellio, we consider the UX and UI design as an integral part of our software development process. Our in-house design team is expert at advanced tools and techniques to render engaging user experience with ease of use. With the systematic process, we take pride in pioneering some of the well-known tools such as Qt to deliver user-centric designs. One of the applications developed by Matellio in QT Framework, CellCon Qtfig, is being used to manage virtualization of various hardware devices and cell configuration

Mendix is at the forefront of model-driven software development. It is considered as one of the fastest and easiest platforms that enables innovation in terms of enhanced, rapid Mobile and Web App Development. It is an application platform that provides an extensive, integrated set of tools that caters to the entire development lifecycle. With Mendix, developers get an opportunity to enhance their application development process reduce the risks, and easily customize the business processes to the industry requirements.

Matellio Advantage

Explore the wide-ranging advantages that encourage worldwide clients to choose our IoT app development services.

Expert and certified IoT app developers

Dedicated resources for every project

Seamless IoT integration

Systematic approach

Strong focus onUI/ UX

Flexible engagement models


Round the clock support

On-time and cost-effective development

OurKey Offerings

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loT in Healthcare

Key Tech Expertise

Embedded C

Eclipse Kura



Bluetooth/ BLE


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Project Management & Bug Tracking Tools

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